Monday, May 4, 2015

There must be a severe lack of talent to do ads anymore


Maybe its because I give attention to media things more than the casual TV viewer or something, but I’m seeing all too many repeat or at least the same people pitching products and services on TV.

Take for instance, CenturyLink, has this one with some guy asks how long it would take to download a movie with a 1gig speed/bandwidth connection. About as fast as he eats a cookie, which is sped up quite a bit, but the same portrayed CenturyLink tech, is the same guy trying to find a good buy on a used car on a CarMax ad. Of course if you look elsewhere you see quite a few unemployed actors doing ads or voiceovers. For instance we have rather still hot looking Jennifer Garner doing ads for a credit card company. Of course there’s the dude overdubbing on the Arby’s ads, saying We have the Meats. Terrible writing for that ad btw. But its Darth Vader himself. Of course there’s the VW car ad, using good ole Waylon’s song as a music bed. First the song and the ad does not connect. Plus I’ll bet you lunch, that VW or its ad agency isn’t paying royalty fees to Shooter or Jessie . But here’s what kicks me in the groin, and see it a lot, how come, all too many hot filly's will show off their legs and other body parts on Facebook and Pinterest, but few will dress in rather conservative threads to photograph with a warbird(military aircraft) or a classy toew truck? As an example, the Knytes through its production subsidiary HazzardAyre Media, pays on average $100.00 per on camera hour. Yet finding suitable or at least uninhibited gals to enhance or visual productions. Or and I think this goes hand in hand, you pitch to a gal in church that she could do such a task at church you get a serious, look of not here, yet at the local stake center a daughter, of one of the most influential LDS families in Evanston can dance and prance in front of the public in a For Broadway play. Really?

Bottom line? Don’t say ya’ll don’t cause I know ya’ll do.

TV is in trouble money wise anyway. Most advertisers have cut way back in how much they spend on TV ads. The show they support must be a grand gig, for them to spend big money. Even this years Super Bowl had some serious lack of production quality.

However, I take my hat off to Google, they are running an ad for one of its advanced apps for smartphones , and its very simple, very clean and gets to the heart of the product without sex, or crap. Of course in the other lane, you have DirecTV running the ads, with the blonde on the horse that talks like Mr. Ed. Guess when consumer advocates cried like Coyotes about Rob Lowe, DirecTV did a change. Yet in either case they miss the boat.

Is there a solution? Yes, and I’ll chat about that in a later entry here to HazzardAyre.

Now closing, and while not on topic there’s much changing in the workings of both the Knytes as well as my own company.

You may have noticed that there is a new title cover page on our blog. That predominately focus’ on my company HazzardAyre Aviation. With some slight resistance the Knytes granted me the ability to use that, to get me back into the air as well as on it. As you know or maybe not, AyreWolf for all intents and purposes, has been sold to my cousin Gordon, out of Alaska. But I’m not allowing the ability to get wind under my wings, either. So with the $7.2, million, paid out every two years at $600K we are recreating my half of the company as HazzardAyre Aviation which will become a major supporter and sponsor of both the Knytes as well as the AyreWolvez. Now as far as Highway Hooker Toewing, while the terms are quite innocent in the usage here. Highway is okay, Hooker isn’t as widely accepted by a rather conservative LDS dominated client base and population. After doing some research and all, the company will go by the handle of SteeleEagle Toewing, west of Burley to the Oregon line. While RodeWolf Toewing will be us east of Burley into Utah as well as here in Evanston.

More L8R this evening.


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