Thursday, May 7, 2015

End of the day, Sorry but due to circumstances beyond my control The Knytes call Evanston quits


wolf at sunsetThe end of the day concludes that as much as I’d like it, Due to Circumstances and idiotic junk, The Knytes-of-Anarchy is pulling the plug on Evanston and moving things back into Idaho, at least eastern Idaho, Montpelier Idaho to be exact. This works out great for me since its not that far of a trek to move stuff, and two most of my own kin folk live in and around Grace/Soda Springs, Idaho. So we at least the club is outta here. Thanks to Daniela of CenturyLink and all, but there’s not enough of a return on the investment to make Evanston worth the stress, as soon as my car(General JaxSon) is repaired and rear main on the truck, my butt is adios, it’s the third strike on Evanston, and I’m all struck out. I don’t like leaving things undone or anything, but there is the want versus the need. Evanston is drowning in its own conceit and I don’t plan on drowning with it. I’m outta here.

The moving all of the radio werx and all, the money spent on infrastructure and the rest has just been too much, much of it has came out of my pocket, and with rent as high as a cats ass, friends, I do not need this, nor can I like it, so I’m outta here.

Thanks to Bishop Hiatt of the Uinta View Ward here, for helping through fast offerings on rent and equipment recovery, Thank to the Yellow Creek Ward for help getting out of Yellow Creek Estates, but at that point the bright option would have been just go back to Woods Cross, not the other way around. Which is why I tried to just keep things there, pay up back rent and again stay there. But Brandon and all said no, so I moved it all. The Snow storm that stalled me here in the first place was not a good omen, it was Heavenly Father asking are you sure you want to be here? The con job on that trailer at Yellow Creek Estates, that should be condemned , the hassle with NGL and all the rest. Now that the Knytes are moving and closing this charter of the club, I’m saying I too need to say adios.

So thanks to all who tried to help, but there’s just not enough gumballs in the gumball machine to make it worth the stress the, stubbornness the bassackwards mentality and many more things including the frigid cold, deep snow. Sure its going to be a real Beetch to be in Idaho, it too is no Shangri-La but, at least when money is tight I can drive a spud truck during planting and harvest. So I said rather than bring LexiBelle to me, I go home to LexiBelle. Enuff said.


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1 Thessalonians 5:16-18“Rejoice always, pray continually, give thanks in all circumstances; for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.”

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