Monday, May 4, 2015

Making decisions is Tuff, but you have to do so sometimes


COLONELS PHOOTENOTESAs I get ready to hit the rack so I can be awake to deliver to you another AyreWolfFM/HazzardAyre radio show at 06:00 I am being true to myself in telling you that my mind has been made up, to move Northwest of Evanston here about 125 miles, to Bear Lake Idaho, and get me going towing again, plus flying, as a hangar space was found there so I’m going to be hunting down places to live there. The car will get repaired here in Evanston over at Chads, likewise after get LiL Wolf repaired there as well. Bear Lake Idaho is only an hour or less drive from Evanston. I will also do the club’s office at the 5th floor of the Wells Fargo building where HazzardAyre/AyreWolfFM will be, but there has been too much hurt in this town for me to have to live in it every day.

This is not to say that I will not honor my commitment to help clean the meeting house here where my old Ward is, but after the way I was treated last Sunday, I’m making my appearance there very limited. Some other things like when the Bishop is not there, I’m treated worse than the Wolf in amongst the sheep. Brother Reed, is the only one outside of the Bishop who genuinely shakes my hand and welcomes me there. But I can’t even be called on to give an opening or closing prayer. It’s at a point that while I know the teachings of the LDS denomination is true and real, it’s the body that does the teaching that I have trouble with and have an internal conflict with. From the time I made a name mistake to looking at ones daughter as a potential poster girl for the web site, its not said, but I think the feeling is mutual, that I just no longer go to that Ward, it’s just too much judgmental.

Now to bring this into focus, as an example. In Ogden at the Sullivan Hollow Ward, I was much as I am today. The Ward there knew I drank, chewed and all, yet never were they too busy or too stuffy to come over to the house. My Home teacher who used to live here in Evanston, BTW, came to the house many times, but never said much in the way of criticism of me drinking Jack on my front step, working on my truck with Skoal in my mouth, and the hands that shook mine were real and loving. Oh yes the Bishop there, helped me a lot through church funds, mostly for rent after I got hoodwinked over a roommate who never paid any rent, nor utilities. The last one though, I got a $150.00 deposit, from so at least I got that. but expenses were too much so I had to relocate. But one of the most heart breaking times was having to leave that Ward and I fought hard to stay there, but the greedy landlord, got too bullheaded so I had to go. I forgive all even him, as I know Heavenly Father will fix that hurt. But outside of two not of the Bishopric, and the Bishopric here, few others even acknowledge that I’m alive, much less care, so why bother. None of them even brought anything over for my birthday, Easter nothing. Not even a visit on that Monday the 27th did they even come over to say Happy Birthday. NONE OF THEM!! So I’ll take my sacrament here at home, read my Book of Mormon, and my bible home alone, and just go back to being just me on two wheels or being just me the pilot. Heavenly Father did not say, you can preach my words, but only after you progress through a misguided system of requirements. Bottom line I don’t have to go to this Ward much any more and by the end of July, I wont at all, since I’ll be 125 miles away from here. Again, I’m sure the feelings are mutual.

I came to Evanston to do one thing, to give birth to a radio/TV station. Not to toew, not to trick out Harley’s , and not to fly, but to create a radio/tv station. So I’ll fulfill that task, but anything else, naw its just not here.

As far as the social thing here. There’s a single mother just about my age with two daughters whom one just got baptized last Saturday. She’s not a Victoria’s Secret model, but she’s pretty. When I heard her testimony last Sunday, I could feel the loneliness in her heart and words, couldn’t the powers that be of the Ward here, done something to help in at least introduction and maybe help with a match making? The list goes on, but my advancement into Heaven, I feel is no longer dependent on me going to a Church Ward, that wouldn’t care much if I dropped over and died, much less come to the funeral.

Besides, being in Bancroft Idaho, means I can go see my son on a regular basis, as well as spend at least some holidays with my own kin folk in nearby Grace/Thatcher Idaho.

Catch ya’ll on the bounce around, good numbers to ya’ll


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Quote of the Day:
Hurry! I never hurry. I have no time to hurry.
--Igor Stravinsky
Philippians 4:6-7“Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.”

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