Friday, May 29, 2015

Beth Ann of CSC Talk Radio says it best educate and activate

Beth Ann says it best educate and activate. Most Southeners know the stories and rebel history on what really happened in the war of nothern invasion.  But few Northeners many who have southern roots like me, don't really know their southern heritage. Back in late 2007 when I was searching for a political party to belong to, when I caught the glimpse of some guy named Stephen Monk. Through many emails, and the reformation of the Knytes, the so called President which I found later was not the President of the SOCV, none the less a working organization to further the cause. Now our emplem remotely resembled ours here in the Knytes,> However it was not to duplicate SOCV's logo, as we had this one for over 20 years since 1981.    What we did do is form an active political Party ratified by the Idaho, Utah and Wyoming Legislatures to allow candidates for public offivce organize under the United Confederate States Party.  We elected a police chief although he got to sick to finish his term, but he was elected under the UCSA banner. But in 2012 I got a nasty letter from the SOCV that said cease and quit using the emblem, as it fringed on copyright so we did and redid ours like this
 Which is what we wear on our cuts, and wearables as well as all of our members display this logo on our rides. All the while we have been begging the SOCV to let us set a charter of the SOCV in Idaho, Utah and Wyoming. Of the two, many do not remember nor care too, that the towns of Dixie, Atalanta Idaho are from southern roots, More over and the Confederate Star Silver Mine just outsifde of Featherville Idaho. Yet when we have tried to build an SOCV Much more later friends I need sleep my eyes are all over the place.