Monday, May 4, 2015

Demographics are changing, are you ready for it?


Who is it that figures up how and where to place advertising on TV anymore? Points of Direct sale are one thing, but I wonder why they place them where they do. Consider the old Victorian nucleus family. Used to be mom stayed home with the kids, so TV ad agencies placed ads for detergents, and female oriented products during the day. A mix of ads directed towards men were on Saturday’s and Sunday’s usually within sports events, like football, and motorsports. Times have changed and so has the viewing public. The Demographics, are now more men at home, more women out on the job, so why doesn’t these ad gurus figure out, that there is just so many ads still directed to women run during the day, that would be better ran as a mix during Saturday and Sunday sports. How about a beer ad, or car part ad during the week day? Likewise, place that diamond ad on during a sportscast? Instead all too many ads for suing drug companies that screw the pooch on some medicine, or getting a quik loan from some predatory lender? First of all and another reason Idaho excels is the Idaho Attorney General several years ago, pulled the plug on tort claims , likewise predominately scrubbed predatory lenders from Idaho. Yes there are some but much more heavily monitored. False claims are usually followed by a agent of the AG’s office paying a visit. I’m getting off course. Of course certain ads will not run during prime time, like those for Viagra, but its okay to run an ad, for womens vaginal cleansing products during afternoon, when kids are watching TV cartoons, you see ads for feminine products to baby sitting referral services. While the ads are questionable, the idiots placing those ads, must be outright stoners. I can see ads for such firms as Angies List both day and night time viewing hours, but I’m tired of seeing female stuff on during the days and few at evening viewing hours. Men stay home, tend kids, do what was once a wife’s chores. How about targeting the male viewers a bit. But that would mean an overhaul of mindsets on Madison Avenue and change there is rare. Used to be that TV ad agencies were on target, and TV programmers knew how to place ads, as well as shows. Here’s an example, and why these things are often cancelled long before they should be. Highway Thru Hell a TV show series on the Weather Channel about going towing in Canada. But I have yet to see an ad on there for tow truck equipment, the truck, the tow body, winches, and accessories. Plus you rarely see a fuel additive, or any kind of truck fix it products. When the History channel ran Ice Road Truckers(IRT), did you ever see an ad for a truck? No not a Chevy or Ford, but an ad for a new Peterbilt, Kenworth or a trailer? No. Did you see ads for truck custom shops, anything relating to trucks or trucking? No. I used to get the same story from KSL, radio. When they ran overnight the RoadGang(now the Dave Nemo Show) there was not if any ads for the local truck service centers, truck stops, etc. Yet they sat right on the center of trucking in the Mountain West region. They would say, we can’t make it pay, my response was and is to many of them, did they look to the program content and targeted audience, rather than just the area citifieds? No they didn’t. Of course our sister radio show did, and is why for 25 plus years Dixie Diesel Trucker Radio ran at a stallions pace, while others were drowning. DDTRN, did many things right and why DDTRN still is part of the HazzardAyre Family. But I ask myself, and I ask many ad gurus, why they keep missing the shot? Just like METV, which I watch daily, but especially on Sunday’s, on there on Sunday’s at 6:00PM(18:00 Hours) is the albeit over dramatized but BlackSheep Squadron the TV show based on the legendary combat squadron of WWII, aka VMF 214. Do you ever see, on there ads for military branches like Army, Navy, Marines? How about Veterans needs and concerns, this is where those ads for LifeAlert would fit, since many military members would benefit from these products. More over what about flying clubs, aircraft , pilot training and recertification? No. Even when the Dukes of Hazzard ran, did you see then as well as now, ads for car parts, wheels, engines, additives? No, but you see how to con a woman into getting in the sack by buying her a diamond, or some stinky perfume. Look I’m no frigging genius here, but hey if I can figure this out so should be the ability that these people in TV stations and ad agencies should be able to as well.

BTW; Dixie Diesel Trucker Radio Network and the show itself, celebrates it 35th anniversary next Friday. Likewise an entire new form for the program and a online stream will be available.

Radio has been bitching about, getting more OTA(over the air) Radio back into the car, I have an idea, lets get more OTA radio back into the truck cab.

One TV Network that rather obscure gets it right. Rural TV or RFDTV based now out of Nashville, Tennessee Does farm oriented and rural programming. Guess what, there’s ads on there for farm equipment, saddles, bridles, fertilizers and so on. If a tiny network like RFDTV can get it right, how come these bigger TV networks and stations can’t?


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