Friday, May 22, 2015

What drove me back to radio

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When I start having days like today where technical problems with equipment, where I’m in such a place without resources for replacement parts, I think my where did the days of just plain good old fashioned trucking and towing with the wind in my hair, out in the expanses of the Mountain West go? Then I remember that one early morning just outside of the town of Spencer Idaho. That was the trip that had me crapping my britches and doing mucho praying.

The trip didn’t start any different, and had we been loaded it wouldn’t have been as bad. But up to Wisdom Montana just over the Idaho/Montana border, we went. When we started seeing freezing drizzle in Salmon Idaho, after eating a good meal, when I say we I mean 3 trucks that were owned by Circle 4 Cattle Company of Jerome/Gooding Idaho. There was myself, Stuttering Mel, YellowJacket and RoyBear. As we started up that fearsome two mile highway with switchbacks that would make a snake jealous it decided to snow. And I MEAN SNOW, like 2-1/2 to 3 inches an hour. Even with chains it was a go a bit, back down and thrust again. By the time we reached the town of Spencer, after blowing out the diaphragm of the injector on Mel and I’s truck, getting stuck 6 times loading, we pulled into a LDS church parking lot on a Saturday night no less, knowing that church members would be there by 9:00AM, it was on that morning, with the truck idling to keep warm, on a lonely AM radio in that old Peterbilt, there came the soothing sounds of the Mormon Tabernacle Choir. I then thought how can I bring this to the working trucker? I then fell back into the mindset of building the ultimate truckers radio network, throughout the Mountain West to bring Heavenly Father and the teachings of Jesus Christ into the cabs of working truckers everywhere in our region. Not on one big watt station that had its problems of fading in and out, but on stragically placed small 20,000 watt or less AM and FM stations where able . So just shy of things breaking Hazzard County, I met with the then RoadMasters Association members, aka now the Rode Knytes Association, and the Long Haul Trucker Radio Network, was born. After the Hazzard County thing and just after the Highway Hooker Radio Network branched out The Dixie Diesel Trucker Network brought the sounds of God, and Jesus along with southern bred rebel born fight the system into thousands of truck cabs across the region. The original founding sponsor of the network was Long Haul Jeans company, the other one and don’t ask why, but the second big sponsor was Leggs Hosiery Company.

That’s how I got back into radio, but there are days like today that I’d love to just fire up a rig and just go truck it.

HazzardAyre is the next phaze of Dixie Diesel in fact the mothership now of Dixie Diesel/Maximum Overdrive Radio.



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