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colonels journalSo there I was having a great dream about my younger days in Hazzard, skipping rocks across Hazzard Creek, and catching frogs by the bank thereof, and I remembered the days of at Mothers Day I’d take my farm hand money and take mom to eat. Now Mom knew that I didn’t make much then maybe netting $40.00 to $75.00 so she’d choose going to the Artic Circle(AC) drive inn over in the neighboring town of Buhl. So I got a hankering for a burger and fries at AC. When I realized I was in Evanston Wyoming, and as usual here, no AC, here. Granted I can understand that there is no Olive Garden, no Outback Steak House, or even a Red Robin , here but no AC? For those from back east and those who love fry sauce, that is mostly mustard, ketchup and mayo whipped together, was invented by Artic Circle along with the great confection from Utah, Green Jello, and with Evanston being 80% LDS you’d think there’d be an AC here, but no. No AC in Evanston. That really bytes, when you can’t even go to an AC, to renew memories on Mothers Day.

When it comes to my mom, there is no finer example of the greatest of Mom’s anywhere. Many say so, and while others are nice well and good, my mom took on the status, of the Mom most would like to be. Very self educated, read most everything that was written as far as any book, magazine, newspaper and oh the medical books. Guess that comes from being an Navy Nurse, but the farm was where Mom was most at peace. My mom would feed the chickens, ducks and just about every form of wild avian bird on the continent . We had em all, even those damn peacocks that would keep me awake all night with their squawking. I mean these damn things would squawk at any movement in or around the house. My mom sanded , Varathained and sanded again every single door in the big house we built there, and there were 18 of them. Which made me sad the last time, I visited there a few years ago. The new people had used them in the old Garage. To many of you that Garage was where the first prototype of the famed General Lee was built, back then the car was based on a 69 Chevy Caprice, that we painted John Deere Orange/Yellow since that was all we had. The car ran the number 69, which is still registered with NASCAR for DIXIE/DEERE Racing, for us and the Knytes, but I’m getting off course.

During her professional career, mom designed the swept back wings for the F-111-A Fighter, that USAF flew and still use on two of its aircraft along with the Navy and USMC aircraft. Mom was on the design crew in fact team leader on the landing gear on the C5-A Galaxy. But Mom’s heart belonged to the farm, and of course the Confederacy. Being Born in Gilmer Texas, in 1921. Mom did her part as a Navy Nurse and before that as a WASP. I don’t know how many of my kin folk, and even the entire community of the Magic and Hazzard Valley of Idaho, was financially provided for and large mega thousands of dollars enhanced by Mom, Mom had a heart, which in my view all too many took advantage of. But her focus was on me. Between Mom and Dad I don’t think I missed anything or wanted for one damn thing. Don’t get me wrong, mom was a severe discipline Mom. If I did something deserving a swat on the butt , I got it, and at times so bad I couldn’t sit for weeks, but I got the message. As I grew older and did not want to get out of bed to go to school or do chores, Mom discovered those electric cattle prodders. I’d say I’m not getting up, under the bed clothes I’d feel that probe and to say it quick I WAS out of bed pronto.

I’m very sure that both the Trustee’s of the Montgomery Foundation are being punished by my Mom for forcing me out of that house on the hill in Hazzard, a condition that should never have happened. Granted it was out in the middle of nowhere, and yes Internet amongst other things would be a challenge there. But I loved that place, where all you heard at night was the whine from those big rig tires on the big road on US 30 across the Snake River, and the cooing of morning doves, and of course those damn quails. Mom loved those damn birds. She’d no more allow someone to hunt on our place and I remember that sawed off shotgun, being put on two hunters that tried to hunt those quail, Mom just stood there looking like Dirty Harry(Clint Eastwood) thinking, go ahead make my day.

I’m getting weepy eyed here so I’ll close, but there will be no mom and hardly any Mom in the Mountain West, that upheld the standards, of Mom like mine, and even fewer that could uphold the standard of being Mrs. Montgomery, like my mom.

Now if Evanston could just get an Artic Circle here.


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