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Years ago when AyreWolfFM and Dixie Diesel the predecessor of HazzardAyre was just a freshling, the thought doing a sex talk show got right on our front HUD, and became a target of our radar. So after looking into the many voicetrack offerings I stumbled on one from Ottawa Canada, called Sex With Sue. Now Sex with Sue is a 60 second tid bit of serious sex advice, of course Sue also does a call in show. After arrangements were made and btw, we are still the exclusive radio network in the US, carrying her show. I suggested she do something quite racy, after she actually answered the on going question of why of all the parts of a human female that I find desirable is her nyloned toes and feet, Sue did what I requested. She got a pair of stockings, panty hose and some very hot pink tights, wore them very well, containing her smells and all, put them in a big envelope along with her weekly show on cd, a few pics and her New York Times best seller book , Quivering Jello and mailed them via snail mail. I must say, when I dug these out of my station mail box and unwrapped the envelope, I knew that Sue was the kind of host you could depend on. She did as requested, and those hose samples were the talk of the station for years to come, one pair got snitched by some gal in Gooding, Idaho. The panty part of the PantyHose she sent became my steering wheel cover, that way I felt I was gripping her hips everyday in ye old LexiBelle, but it wasn’t just the hose, it was somebody who cared about her stations that aired her shows. From this I always tell most of those wanting to be an in studio on air anchor or co-anchor to send me or wear and donate her fully stenched hose to the studio. Why? I saw this at a bikers bar in Idaho , Bliss Idaho btw, that is called Angels and Outlaws. In there, every hot female that enters thereupon, donates some piece of underwear, bra, panties or nylons, fully soiled where they are displayed on the ceiling and other places where things can be vertically hung. Since we became and still are the only radio show for those that tow, we thought combine the words toe and tow into one word something one of my interns thought of, Emme who became our in studio sex therapist . From that toe kissing and the rest became the normal, in the station and on remotes. I first got into this in 1978, when I saw a yellow page ad, that said the Star Garage does not want your arms or legs just your tows. Of course the introductory of all things Hazzard County and the ultimate set of legs in America at the time, Daisy daisysweet DaisyDuke. The reason she wore nylons was censorship from CBS, as just her bare legs were seen as far too racy for primetime domestic TV. So we followed suit, after all a company called Cooter’s Toewing COOTERS JACKET ART 1as well as the shop becoming the original true to life version of the on screen shop of crazy Cooter, The Hazzard County Garage,HCG BILLBOARD sniffing Stink toes in nylon hose became a testing feature that I still use today, for new hire women anchors. Reason? If a gal is rebel enough to come into the studio, and/or office for an interview if during that interview without 80 questions and urging, if she just unwraps her nyloned feet and sezz here’s my smelly toes in hose, I know just about any other request and assignment will not be out of the normal to her. Plus her just wearing nylons to the interview, means she knows how to follow instructions and that means she can follow stage and other on camera directions. In closing for the night, if a business associate, or someone attempting to get the clubs cash , sends me in the snail mail, her stinky hose, that means she really wants our business and she will be there if we need her.

Last here and I’ll follow up on this in the AM, but this coming Wednesday, is the last LIVE episode of LateNight with David Letterman on CBS. Two things come up here, first what will CBS replace or who will CBS replace him with? And two, there goes the last long running late night TV show with the original host. Late night TV has just gotten worse, of course I wasn’t much of a fan, but the few times I did watch, was when Katy Perry was on there, who by the way ALWAYS wears nylons on her legs on TV. As well as in her videos. Here’s the finish line , got the pic from our CenturyLink rep in Lost Wages, by cell phone, just wished she’d have sent it in my email, so I could really see it, and two if she wants to get my attention, send a pic of her toes in nylon hose, more over send me via snail mail fully soiled nylons she wore. Still didn’t hear from Mark today, don’t quite understand why, but hey just another example of the I don’t care Etown, attitude.


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