Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Knytes Scroll #9 FCC Land Grab


Beth Ann on CSC Talk Radio was on a subject of the EPA land grab and taking away water rights. This is the fear we here every day, somebody taking away our rights to be individuals and caring for our families. So with that in mind, let’s explore another bunch of land grabs, more on the realm of air grabs.

Back in 2005 Under President Bush by the way, got the FCC to start sniffing around to get more radio spectrum, to enable our local police and emergency first responders better communications. Okay fine on its face, but then came the promise of a Federally funded and supported free fast bandwidth Internet of course monitored closely by the Feds. It was under the great Patriot Act. then a few enterprising zealots at Verizon and A.T.&.T. wanted more spectrum for cell phone communications. That fracas kicked the idea of the free internet project for rural America in the head but that dang Cell phone thing pushed some buttons. So the FCC that is an agency that is really off step and out of touch and so damn political that it stinks, started telling TV stations we just have to go digital. Killing analog TV signals. Now everyone had to go out and buy NEW digital capable TV’s, the only protection was if you had satellite or cable as most of the set top boxes had built in digital to analog converters in them. Or at least they did for a time. Some area LPTV stations with analog capabilities were able to broadcast into areas where people that had no ability to just run out and buy new digital TV’s. The analog stations lived, but short lives. Then came a new idea, lets downsize the FCC, in some of our minds this was a great idea, Uncle Obama was off our shoulders. Not so fast there Bucko, now the idea is to migrate AM stations, many who serve small rural towns and farm areas into a digital system, and hand off the AM band as you and I know it to the FM’s, many of which do not live or work, or give a care of the areas they are snuffing out. Two years ago the FCC opened up a very narrow filing window for low power FM’s to get Construction permits and licenses. This was a great idea, until you started seeing the favoritism of the FCC to grant licenses to minority, religious and native American applicants. More over to grant licenses to schools, and universities. If you were anyone or a group just slightly out of that perimeter you were just SOL, and Heavens sake if you were a group of military aviators fighting range fires saving some celebrities homes in Sun Valley Idaho, and couldn’t file to be able to get a filing extension. Nope, no way. Now there’s the problem of the downsizing and closing of FCC field offices across the nation, and concentrate efforts and resources in BIG metro areas. Forget rural areas, forget the fact that many of these pirate stations do a better job than the big radio companies like Cumulus and IHeart. IHeart is a fancy name for what was known as Clear Channel, which owns the Premier Radio network that among others rebroadcasts such shows as Rush Limbaugh and Coast to Coast AM. Now I can see some problems, pirates will be targeted by the so called LEGAL stations, and reported, fined and most will shut down for a time. But here’s the problem, most of those fully LEGAL licensed stations wont hesitate for one moment of upping power not legally, for over powering the air waves and fringing on each other. If Beth Ann and CSC Talk Radio wants to do a show this would be a subject I’d love to comment on and most likely affect those very stations that carry her show over the air. Some of us like HazzardAyre and others got lucky and by the very thinnest of our pubic hairs got legal , but what about the many low watt stations that can’t get licenses because of the restrictions that are levied on them by these big conglomerate radio broadcasting companies, but still deliver local news and information that the bigger well deep pocketed station groups don’t care about? Beth Ann and CSC Talk Radio needs to jump on this topic.

Okay, I’m still under the weather health wise so no HazzardAyre or anything on tonight but I will give it my best to be on Thursday morning. If your wondering, the only way we can get a signal up is at night when the bandwidth is better. Hey its rural America and a tiny cable internet company called ALLWest that has our nuts in a vise. However there are changes coming with the move of the studio into the Wells Fargo building and CenturyLink to give us 1gig, air time.

This is a factor of our times, the entire nation for two decades has had our freedom in a ball and chain. There is a solution that solution has this flag on it>c1unlike it should be like this>the way it ought 2b in my opinion, if there’s open signal space in rural America aka free air space, that is not on the open radar of the FCC why shouldn’t someone that wants to go legal not be able to do so?

More on Thursdays show, heard on www.livestream.com/hazzardayre BTW still looking for someone to do our formal website up, still looking.


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