Sunday, May 31, 2015

Post Phootenotes

I had two more things to say, One came from a person who's wife the congrgational song director today, that was mad about me not standing and singing the Star Spangled Banner song, but did she take the time to talk to me about her anger, should she not forgive such, considering it is inside the house of Heavenly Father? No. Last but not least and this should have been in at least the announcements, not one thing mentioned about Elder Tom Perry of the top Apostles passing away, or funeral services or anything on the matter. A bit self centered don't you think? Naw if the Ward or the stake can't even honor the top brass of their own, do I need to be there? Maybe this church is the dreaded church that is spoken of in The Book Of Mormon in 1st Nephi. Maybe the denominations own ancestor leaders were trying to tell these people of today something. Practice what you preach or shut up about the few faults of others. Oh and in the D&C Part 89, that is leaned on so much, it does not say anything about smoking or chewing or brew. It does say use of tobacco is for sick livestock, and wyld animals. Further it says don't consume hot drink, it does not say one thing about coffee or tea, just not to drink it hot. Coffee is a veg plant a BEAN, its BEAN juice. Tea, is good for you as it warts off many illness's , and what revelation says, don't drink wine in sacrament, as the word was crossed out and replaced by water, and now not even in the new text. God said not to add, nor take away from scriptures. Something here is beginning to stink like a barn yard and it ain't me. Yes its very much a time to reignite the power and justice of the Amalgamated Church of Dixie. I'm being shown that same vision that Joseph Smith was shown in New York so many years ago, The LDS church has become corrupted. It needs a kick in its complacency.