Sunday, May 24, 2015

That one good looking blonde with those deep red lips


We Have all seen her that Blonde in the black and white photo crouching. The lady is in black & white, but her lips are colored deep red and her nails in black, who is she?

If you use the free edition of either Yahoo or Hotmail, you see her, in the side bar of the email program. It’s some sort of scam, and while I’d never click on it to see the offer, I often wonder, just who the heck she is, and does she even know she’s being featured in the ad?

She kind of looks like one of those refuge children from one of those foreign aid outfits, except she’s obviously American or at least Anglo Saxon, and urban.

Now you may say, yea but you use off line gals in your pictographs. True, but each one knows we are and we pay VERY DEEP for permission to use their images.

Used to be you could just feel free for image theft, and few if anyone knew much less cared. Facebook , Stumbleupon, and others quickly changed that. Instantly people know your swiping their mugs, and using it as image graphs. And they do sue. Fortunately we haven’t been, but the same people are located and compensated. At least here at HazzardAyre/Southern-Steele Media. However Not everybody is that honest. Guess our rebel roots show more than most admit.

Which brings me to a subject on subjects that need to be addressed. While HazzardAyre and all the channels we do on Livestream, are known to club members, few others have no idea they are there, or if its worth your time to look in on them. So again with summer hopefully getting here soon, our plans are to go on a TV media blitz and get the word out, about us who get the word out. But TV ad’s are not the only road we are going down here. Everything from T shirts to sweats, to copies of our old shows on cassette, to newspaper ads. Except for the Uinta County Herald, as they pretty much told me to get lost. That being said, we can be heard anywhere a good solid internet connection can be made, so why not advertise in many markets and even in a few trade and enthusiasts publication. The only hurdle? Getting a honey or two in great threads, nothing cheap nor trashy, more like classy and clean, to pose with a truck , Harley and yes even a tow truck, and warbird aircraft to enhance the ad. Maybe we’ll get lucky to find someone who can voice the TV ad, past that its only visual. We can’t yet pay a bunch of money, but it’d be a way for a few teens or even young adult women to make a few extra dollars.

More on the guy who woke me up with his mother Sunday morning at 08:00 and our final run at all things Evanston, next entry.

Until Monday morning at 09:00 when we’ll do a day long Highway Hooker Radio marathon, see you all on the stream radio.



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Imagination is everything. It is the preview of life's coming attractions.
--Albert Einstein
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