Friday, May 8, 2015

Is it the drugs your taking or are you that stupid to begin with?


Here we have Evanston Wyoming, that still is very confused as to its place on Earth. Don’t get me wrong , just like elsewhere, even Hazzard you have assholes, and good people, and at times you have a combination of both an asshole and a good person, usually that comes as a religious fanatic such as a member of an LDS Ward’s Bishopric, or one of those teachers, but I’m getting off course here so lets retune to the common vector here.

Evanston in reality sits on the state line of both Utah and Wyoming. Think of Evanston as the little kid, on the street in a rather large city. On one hand its very tempted to go in and look at the go-go dancing saloons, as Evanston has a few along with Off-track betting and Wyo Downs, yet in reality Evanston still holds onto a slight tether to Salt Lake City, and of course Metro Utah. Evanston for as long as I can remember and I have resided in as lived in the area since 1997 and have seen much come and go. Evanston yearns to be the Wyoming lone cowboy thing yet also holds on for dear life as Utah’s best kept secret. Look at just the utilities? Electric power here? Rocky Mountain Power(UTAH COMPANY) natural gas for heat, Questar(UTAH COMPANY) Cable/Internet, AllWest (UTAH COMPANY) So is it in Utah or are we in Wyoming? I think of looking at state line drawings I looked at during the engineering work for HazzardAyre Radio here. What I saw was the maps of where the state borders was at, and it looked like some drunk guy took a Crayola Crayon and drew it. Randolph to Woodruff is pretty straight but then it jigs and jags, around Evanston until becoming somewhat straight again towards Vernal Utah. Really? Why not just let Utah either annex Evanston, or lets allow Evanston to be Wyoming. And put up the gates and say this is Wyoming, Utah go home. I want to see on our cable TV system at least one channel from either Casper or Cheyenne , with WYOMING NEWS, not what’s going on in Salt Lake City. I want to pay my utilities to a Wyoming utility company, both gas and power, not a Utah company, See where I’m going here? There’s many on our city council that says they want progress here, even one that wants to see Evanston become another Park City Utah. Why does Evanston love Utah and Salt Lake City so much? Of course some of this stems to the LDS connection. But likewise the church is everywhere, even back to Twin Falls, Idaho where I was raised but you don’t see Twin Falls nursing off of Metro Utah’s hind teat like Evanston does. Just this last week I talked at church no less, but talked to a person there about doing old style radio plays. Years ago, before the invent of TV and even before TV was here in Evanston, that you got your entertainment from RADIO. You gathered around the old Victrola or RCA, radio, hear those tubes in there heat, and listen to the Lone Ranger, Fiber Magee and Molly, and even the mysteries of THE SHADOW. That’s just what you did. Now what if, HazzardAyre Radio took you back to that time? Lets say we get in a larger studio, and do up taped radio dramas, written by and acted with local High school and other drama departments? Then aired them, as Hazzard Radio Theater? That’s what I call community involvement and saying we are just as good as anything coming out of Utah. Think I’m grabbing a piece of star lite? Think this way, KMGR out of Spring City Utah, does just that, and people really gather in the audience to watch the recording of radio dramas, put on by locals there? This even got a bit of KSL TV ink, the other night. I also thought, what if the residents of Evanston and of course Wyoming were cut off from Utah. Let’s say that at about Castle Rock I-80 got blocked to the point where this city couldn’t be as easily accessed to Metro Utah? My whole rant here is this, this city is Wyoming, not Utah, or if we want to be Utah, lets let Utah annex the town of Evanston, and enjoy that, its called make up your mind.



Quote of the Day:
Some people regard discipline as a chore. For me, it is a kind of order that sets me free to fly.
--Julie Andrews
Colossians 4:5-6“Be wise in the way you act toward outsiders; make the most of every opportunity. Let your conversation be always full of grace, seasoned with salt, so that you may know how to answer everyone.”

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