Wednesday, May 20, 2015

This is not a Cookie Cutter gig

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The one thing HazzardAyre isn’t, is cookie cutter or another copy of some distant memory of some distant time of radio. In fact one of the things that makes our critics and others so upset is they can’t catorgize us. We’re not AC, we’re no talk, we’re not disco, rock nor anything that can put in a tiny corner and say this is them. We’re all over the place, music as well as style. So We suggest a new pigeon hole for them, we are simply Rebel Confederate Radio. Period. That just about sums it up. We are full throttle, fight the system radio.

But how long we’ll be in grand old Evanston is still up in the air, which is what I tried to explain countless times to our sweet sugar babe at CenturyLink. It’s not for the lack of the cause, its for the lack of finding, albeit 90% female in studio co anchors or hosts if you will here in Evanston. Not That Twin Falls or immediate area or even big city Salt Lake City was any picinic , but at least we’d get SOMEBODY in a skirt and hose and heels to show up. Here? Nothing. So to you Daniela , it might be a bit premature to file any paperwork with your company CenturyLink, it might be better if ya’ll waited a month or so. Reason we just might have to relocate this gig back into the mothership in Burley or Twin Falls Idaho.

Last night got a bit of a up lift from a gal in Colorado or wherever the 303 area code is. Seemed groovy enough, but I think she might be a bit too shy for HazzardAyre, SAMCRO RADIO, Maximum Overdrive or Highway Hooker Radio. As far as AyreWolfFM ? I’m leaving that open for a freshly discharged Marine lady to fill that co host(Anchor) spot. Preferably an Marine Aviator(PILOT).

Wrapping this up. I watched the final monolog of David Letterman’s show. For me and this might be a bit harsh, but thank goodness for us your gone Dave. I never really got into that show. I’ve only watched it all the way through 4 times in the time he’s been on the air. The ones with Katy Perry, The one with Howard Stern. One with Blonde and the one with Pink Floyd. The rest of it I couldn’t give a rats butt for. The only reason and I know this from the person himself, that Stern did Letterman was in protest with and about his treatment at WNBC NYC. Past that he didn’t care much for old and I mean OLD Dave.

See you all in the afternoon, I’m now going on our local air here in Wyoming.


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