Wednesday, May 20, 2015

The intimacy of radio


I’m always surprised to see the responses, the few that there are to our on air co-anchor openings here at HazzardAyre Radio. I always wonder if I put in our wording of the ads , Southern bred biker kountry gal needed to co-host(Anchor) radical, rebel radio show. Maybe that would clear up the confusion. Maybe then and most likely only then would we get people walking in with the aptitude as well as attitude as well as extraverted personality to be in a 10X10 studio for 6 long hours of off the wall full throttle radio. Yet a few read the ad, look up grand old Evanston and think tiny town and a medium market. Thing is few realize going on the air with me, means a wide array of potential future opportunities either in our broadcast area as well as others, and many while they try to copy HazzardAyre, never quite duplicate it. Never will we be way over the top, never will I be as smutty as Stern, I’m more of a kountry fied high octane tow trucker turned radio person.

Some ask how the two really go together. I simply say in reply, that much of what is now HazzardAyre really started on a 50 watt LPFM, just outside of the small town of Hagerman Idaho in 1975. Shortly after the roots of the Knytes were in its infancy, the frustration of that all too many long haul truckers had radio shows and such for them, but us in towing had no real radio or media voice except for a few trade magazines. So in 1984 after becoming legal, the original call letter KTOW or KAY TOW FM 105.7 went on the air. The focal show was named after my towing company Highway Hooker Toewing, we combined the two words TOW and TOE on purpose. Reason being even legendary radio people doing us liners and intros , never could pronounce right the word TOW. They always pronounced it like COW, not TOE. So out of frustration an intern of mine said just scrunch the words together. Okay, in 2012 we had to sell the call letters to another station in Colorado. And we went on the air with KDXC or KAY, DIX, C(see) . Which we still run on today in Idaho, here in Wyoming there’s new call letters but I don’t usually utter those on the blog, only on the air. After we started doing Highway Hooker Radio, there came a show aimed at the heavy duty tow jocks out there, and so Heavy Hooker Radio was born. Not only did the tow truckers dig on what we were doing so did the over the road truckers. So in 1991 we launched Dixie Diesel Trucker Radio, and just made Heavy Hooker Radio part of that. It was much easier to publicize Dixie Diesel than most things Hooker as not everybody gets the connection between a lady of the night and the cb slang term for tow truck. I’m not the only one that brought this up and use it an example>happy hookerothers have too. Getting back on course. In 1981 the Hazzard thing bit me and bit me hard. While we touring our General Lee Dodge Charger, about the 2nd night at the all inclusive Salt Lake City AutoRama I conceded that I did not look like Bo or Luke Duke nor did my side kick, but I did resemble very closely the small town tow trucker of Hazzard County Crazy Cooter , hey you be the judge even looking at us now>two cooters kinda romanticSo rather than go ape stuff over ye ole General I figured why not exploit the Hazzard County Garage thing and build the ultimate super toew truck of ye ole Cooter, hence LexiBelle>lexi in green minilexiso that’s that on that.

So the Intimacy of radio. Radio is very intimate. Your inside a small box under the pillow, inside the truck cab, in your wives bedrooms, showers and whew, pee ewe even the restroom. Your where ever your listener may happen to be. For me it’s the one time I can truly be me. I’m not towing, or romancing farmers in a helicopter spraying their fields. I’m inside my control room studio, all cuddled up with many of you relating anything and everything that comes to mind from relationship advice to questions of sexual healing to the latest 411 on the trucking and towing industries. This kind of intimacy scares the crap out of most female co anchors, after all few are Robin Quivers of Howard Stern fame, I’ve only had two that I really flowed with. One was my Robin in Rupert in 1992 and Erin our Nurse GoodBody, on our station in Gooding Idaho. Robin went on to be a network exec at NBC Radio and the other is a PSR Head shrink in Twin Falls. I still keep in touch with both. Few will do this>alasweet toewsor this>just me and erinor even this>happytoesbut to have a comedic side kick in the studio would be great that didn’t have the frustrating super reserved attitude.

In closing, we’ll not be on air again tonight at least LIVE locally and not on Livestream, as I’m still working on the tragedy that took ten of our MC’s members in that battle in Waco Texas over the weekend. I’ll be on though Thursday night into Friday morning.


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