Sunday, May 24, 2015

The List keeps growing and we keep going

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I’m always amazed at how much we are growing here at HazzardAyre Radio. What started out as a mere smidgen of an idea in 2010 has grown into nearly a full entity of its own.

But it was only two years ago when we finally got the correct instruction of how to go to a stream, rather than just meandering over Terrestrial radio. Terrestrial radio is not bad, it gets to the spear point, but if your one of our Warriors member on duty on station half way around the world, your not going to be able to tune in as you would on a world wide streaming service like we have now.

So that you know where to find us.

Here’s a list.

KDXC FM 105.7 Buhl Idaho

KNAK AM 1240/FM 105.3 Woodruff Utah/Evanston Wyoming

We are the home of southern fried internet and over the air over the road and in the air radio.



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