Sunday, May 24, 2015

So I went back to church, now kinda wishd I hadn’t

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So I decided ah what the Heavens I’ll go back to church. Now b4 some of ya’ll think that I’m bad mouthing the denomination any don’t. I have one of the best if not thee best now Bishops that I have ever had. His basic cabinet aka the Bishopric are great people, but that’s except for one Family the McFadden family, the rest of many there are real jerx and about as inviting as cobra snakes. So I went to sacrament meeting, renewed my promises and honor to Heavenly Father, and who was to speak ? A young lady there that I truly am sorry I offended along with her immediate family, it was not done in meanness or any thing, and I’d love to be able to apologize to her, maybe the Bishop can arrange that. So this same young lady gave a fantastic talk, and I never was a bit bored. She got to the matter quite well , was very articulate, I wish I could hire her, she’d make a great on air talent.

Then came one of our area ward Missionaries. About as bored as I could be, I went to sleep several times. People who just run long sentences and just drone on its like, add some humor and something uplifting.

Then the next speaker got up, and while not as bad, nearly put me out into never, never land.

So that was over, on the way out, I was kind of ushered to class. The teacher and all is fairly good, but outside of maybe two or 3 in that class I feel about as welcome as the sheep, I know in a way that I am, but still a bit of tolerance is needed here.

Priesthood, meeting. I stayed long enough for opening excersizes, but left fairly early. In all cases, outside of Brother Larson and a very fine few in there I again felt like the lone Coyote in the heard of Buffalo. I don’t even get asked to say an opening prayer, no matter what meeting of the church it is.

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