Friday, May 29, 2015

After Show

After the show I cruised over to the mothership page and saw that guy named Beaver Dick there finding fault on my show. It had to do with again , the nylon thing. Now perhaps I'm in the wrong market for such things, but its along the lines of what Howard Stern might do, but a bit less octane. So what? Not everyone is going to dig what we do, and they'll be a few that will bark like a poodle when we begin airing Sue Rogers program, Sexty Hour talking about things in a clinical mode but talking explicit sexual concerns. No wonder that years ago, when Stern did his syndicated show and we offered to run it, that all too many at Sterns home 20, said a medium sized station like ours running Stern in the Mountain West(Mormon) Market couldn't buy the kind of publicity that such a show airing here would generate. Now I'm not saying one needs to be gross altogether about the carnal adventures of humans however if we want to do a comedy bit relating to such things, whether its sniffing a gals pantyed behind to see if there is a similar scent as would be of a female wolf say, or seeing how long a guy can kiss a woman's toes in nylon hose, then while a bit off plumb, I say , so what, grow the hell up, enjoy the comedy of such things and quit your bitching Beaver Dick, anyone who uses that as a screen name ought to remember the parable of Jesus when he spoke, saying let he that is without sin cast the first stone. But too, if your bitching about me its taking the pressure off of someone else. Copy? (that means do you understand?) If your not mature and open minded for such hi jinx then maybe your not open minded to be an employee on air of HazzardAyre, just sayin. Much work to do today, a full 5 hours of HazzardAyre Friday into Saturday morning, which will kick off a marathon of some of our older shows, that we have done in the past, as well as now. We will end the marathon, at 11:00 Hours Sunday morning and resume at 19:00 hours Sunday into Monday morning.
Until then TaTa.