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I wonder sometimes if the people who rent apartments across from me in the Washakta Apartments, that there’s a hungry wolf watching over them from a second story office apartment complex doing all nyte radio? If they did would they cover their windows on the west side more or the meth addict women over there would open them up more to show what few attributes they have? Does make one wonder don’t it?

Alrighty then. There’s a tale to tell here so bare it with me, oh please bare it. Back when through many events and culminating with the death of my Dad, in 1978, I had come home on the first family furlough that I got from the UCSMC and even though still with my head in the clouds training to fly, I knew that I would have no chance at steady flying in civilian life at least then and more over in Hazzard Idaho. So I opted to long haul trucking, at least I had that thought. However during the semi civilian transition from Marine life into civilian life, I was building hot rods like there was no tomorrow. Thing was I got tired of having my friend up at the I-80 Texaco drag the bone stripped hulks that I built into customs. Of course my moms COPD was worsening and that meant going from Active duty to Reserve duty was required to be able to be close to Hazzard in case Mom needed me for something. During this time a hot rod pal in Twin Falls Idaho who ran Valley Towing and Radiator the best place to take a leak, out on south Park street, there had a slightly aged 75 Chevy 1 ton with a Holmes 500 on back. Then came that early morning that I saw her, in here dawn breaking splendor. White vapor from her stacks, chicken lights all a glow, she took my breath away. So I talked to Dave he agreed to sell her, as he was buying a first edition wheel lift, Dodge, so on April 15th 1978 that truck came home with me to Hazzard. $5,000.00 out of my Moms savings, another $3,000.00 from my Marine pay and she lived in Hazzard. I had several names for my starting company, but one early morning walking home from the mail box up that 1/4 mile of that dirt road I started thumbing through that months edition of the original Overdrive Magazine that had a wrecker of the month in it, in that issue, was a pearl white 75 Peterbilt rig called the Happy Hooker. Hooker being trucker slang for tow truck. Of course this was a idea moment, but it is not the entire story. A real tow brother in Boise Tommy Thompson of TNT Towing there had some T shirts done up stressing on the idea his rigs could tow anything, in so doing he came up with a tag slogan line that read our Hookers can Handle anything. Then came the day when fetching a mini van on I-84 at MP 162, this freight hauler said over the CB there’s a hooker on the side of the road. The terms and all got my wheels in my head spinning. So I scratched out the name D.K. (Diesel Kid-my then cb handle) Towing and renamed the company Highway Hooker Toewing mis-spelling tow as toew on purpose. That ran until the mid 80’s until I found Hazzard County. Now with much of the Hazzard thing starting to wean out of me the decision to rework everything back to much of what we started with began to emerge from the ashes, like a rising Phoenix and so Highway Hooker Toewing is going to be the company name from hence forth. Yes all things Hazzard is retained, through Hazzard County Choppers my Harley shop, and of course Dixie Diesel Shop, but there’s been too much fighting between the right and left coasts of thing Hazzard Garage and all that I tearfully relinquish and retreat and work things back to what I started, not some distant TV show.

I pulled back from this rename back in 2005 when a small tiny town 65 miles north of Evanston’s Police chief and all made such a fuss over the company name. Even though one word with two meanings ours again being trucker slang for tow truck, was misunderstood, and even though the towns two biggest employers being OTR truck stops, with cb’s chattering all the time, the tiny 504 population of only 5 being none LDS and the rest being all LDS , said not in our town. With everything that happened then I should have sued the city government over all of that, but hey let things be what they are and forgive. But LDS or not , Highway Hooker Toewing will regain its prominence again.

Okay then, if your going to name a company that just yearns to lean towards the word Hooker and its second meaning why not play on that other meaning? So repaint the trucks , and go bazooka over the two meanings and blend them together. My first computer on then Win95 Hotmail email address and still is , Okay then moving on.

Highway Hooker Toewing is going to be my attempt to get back to my toew roots. As such there’s our radio show that I started as part of the then KTOW our stations original legal call letters, called Highway Hooker Radio heard on . The legend continues.

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One way to stop a runaway horse is to bet on him.
--Jeffrey Bernard
Zephaniah 3:17“The LORD your God is with you, the Mighty Warrior who saves. He will take great delight in you; in his love he will no longer rebuke you, but will rejoice over you with singing.””

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