Monday, May 11, 2015

Your life may be changing overnight


If your like me a disabled veteran from any branch of military service, and you think you VA, and Social Security benefits will remain as they are after the next elections, Think again. The wagons are already getting into a circle, to reduce those benefits, just about if not every Republican in the running is preaching reductions in entitlement funding. Your benefits will get reduced at least $100.00 to $150.00 a month, if not more. You might be able to pay a rent for a shabby residence, but you wont have much if anything left over. Oh sure the Mexicali’s especially the female near pregnant Mexicali’s will be okay, but if you’re a reassigned Marine (Marines never retire, just get reassigned) thinking what you get now is going to be what you get come 2017, think again. Even the grand old Hillary is aiming to lower entitlements, and scrub many health plans. For me its self protection as well as self preservation that I’m looking at finding ways to take what few abilities I have left to be able to make a reasonable living. Oh sure there are those that are comfortable right now, who will not get off their butts and even try to engage in an enterprise or some kind of off record income generation, they think they can live in the low income apartments get aid for utilities, and only the women of our population have an edge, they can hustle some guy, get pregnant and he’ll be paying through the nose for the rest of his life. Some call em Cougars, I call em Pariahs , the eat at the bottom, only going to the surface when they find fresh meat, take their fill, and then dumping the guy, only to knowing that his child support money will be that extra money. Trust me guys they’re out there. Last November I was pushed just shy of a boot on my butt out of a nice facility in Woods Cross. Its not the people who owned the joint, as I was dumb to trust in them, as well as a shyster in Ogden that rented me a run down duplex style apartment there in Ogden. The reason I rented the office? Get on air talent especially of the female gender. It wasn’t a he & She thing, but what worked for Stern and Robin Quivers I thought would work for us. But hey little Red Ryding Hood, didn’t want to enter the domicile of this Big bawd Wolf, so an inexpensive office/studio was needed. So I rented it. Thinking that I had the support of a roommate, to help pay bills, and all I felt safe in doing so. But while they had money to pay for $6.00 a cup coffee, everyday, I was going to the area Bishop to get help with rent and utilities. After I got rid of one, I got another who did the same thing. To the point I ended up living in that office/studio. The owners of the Office/studio or at least the complex it was in , said no to overnight residence there although I couldn’t see any difference between my living there and being on air 24/7, the female on air talent help still never came, guess I was shopping in an area, that was not ready or willing to make that kind of a jump, but they will try out for being a Dallas cowboy Cheerleader. Or working at a strip bar. Why? Any way I got pushed out of the office. The smart thing would have been to rent a room in Tooele, and commute from there to Woods Cross everyday and keep things together there. But nope, I got wind of a failing if not completely defunct AM radio station that went under, and the two signals for FM out of Woodruff,. So I moved to Evanston Wyoming. I got here, got conned into what was advertised as an apartment with all things paid, only to find it was a trailer, coupled with another trailer out in the middle of bum screwed Wyoming. After freezing to death nearly twice, I got what I thought was help out of a wireless Internet company here. But hey never say that their front counter girl is cute enough to be on a fashion magazine, or that she had poise and all to be Miss America, shit they get all pissed off, cut you off at the end of December even though you paid for the service, and all and wont even come to the talking table. Strike one. Now I had all intents of going back to Utah then, but hey the 30 plus below zero, froze up LiL Wolf, so had to get that thawed out and went and fetched General JaxSon. Only to find the repairs I had paid dearly for were not done in fact made worse. Law suit pending. So I was stuck. So had a great lady here at the Wentworth that fought for me to get me in here. I’m okay now and only by the help of my local LDS Ward have I been able to partly recover. But that help is over I have to start looking at just who is really going to get behind me and join in, or how many are just giving lip service and just dancing around. Face it, many yap about how bad this town and immediate area needs a good hometown radio station, yet the few that say they’ll help or support it, are no where to be found when the time comes to roll up their sleeves. As far as the Knytes, their opinion is cut tail and get out of here, which I’m seriously working at. But here’s why. The mere $1,100.00 a month between my Marine pension and SSI, will not cut it, if entitlement and other things are reduced. More over the verse in 1st Timothy that says those who do not work should not eat. Applies. I do not have a last name like Welling, or Hutchinson, or some old money deep pocket family creed under me here. So I have to carve out what few scraps I can get. I’m way too wyld and all for here. Now sure , I’m used to small town cliquishness, and clannish attitudes. I have lived really lived in all kinds of small rural towns in Idaho, yet none of them equal this this one in a push to arms length, feelings that I get here. That said I hate just dumping this, and my fight for the underdog which is Evanston is usual, but my patience and affection is wearing thin. Why? Because I know that come 2017, my income will be nearly cut in half, by forces beyond my control, that $1,100.00 will be cut to just about $733.00 or less. I want to be where I’m towing and building Harley’s again, and at least able to go buy a cup of Coffee at the Depot Grill again. Plus of course making good money on the radio, more over fighting for the preservation of the core value of the Knytes, the restoration as well as preservation of our Dixie way of life.



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