Friday, May 15, 2015

Just like bad ladies underwear the sneak up and attack web marketers


So yesterday on my part day off, I was surfing the cyber highway, and tapped on this thing on LinkedIn about a pro business directory. I thought it was something else, so during my lunch today I get this call from New York City from some outfit wanting more 411 on HazzardAyre, and of course this old Wolf here. So I gave her the 411, but then she started cruising down this side road, mentioning that we have a platinum plan and a gold plan, I knew that somewhere this was going to be one of those things that was going to cost money, along the lines of $1,000.00 . It’s like what my XYL Janice came up with years ago about her everyday panties, she said they were like Apache’s they sneak up and attack. Why not just come out and tell it straight? Just say , saw you were interested in our listing, and here’s what its going to cost and give you the prosumer the chance to opt in or opt out. That way you can be aware that this is going to cost money. The webmarketer went on about how this listing included direct links to some of the top people in our industry some 500,000 strong etc , etc. But for $1,000.00 I better get more than a listing. watch and see if they don’t try again, I also knew this smelled bad when I explained that for me to spend that kind of money I needed to consult my other half, the price went down to $288.00 really? Naw that’s deceptive advertising and not something I want to participate in. I have been doing marketing for some 43 years, and no where on our radio network, nor our upcoming TV project will I allow products or services on our network that is not v100% real or true. If we find that the claims are not accurate that advertiser is gone and banned from our website, as well as on the radio network, no matter how much money they spend or promise to spend. Maybe that’s why we have been on the air and on our own network combined since 1970.

Okay then, as I figured and its real to the quick, apparently Mark, was not in tune or on the right frequency for our broadcasting plans here in ETown, so its still the ball is in play, but I’m looking at a different ball park, Burley, via Malta, via Wendover then back to Woodruff here. I ain’t going to chase tail. Just ain’t going to happen, hell even Twin Falls and Burley at least has the big box stores etc to at least give us a fighting chance. One more month and the Wolf-Pack including myself is outta here, tired of playing this game.

I will say though, even with Nate and a few others jawing that towing in ETown here is a lost cause, have gotten 5 calls so far by listing us on Yelp, there might be something to this. More at 11:00PM on my radio show. Had to scrub this morning, as I came down with stomach poisoning , ate something bad from Wally’s Burgers here in ETown, so about the time I was to go on air I was so damn sick, I stayed on the crapper, slept against the wall and found my bed at 10:00 hours and barely got awake at 14:30. So if my insides hold together , I’ll be on Livestream at 23:00.

See you on the radio

Stay Tuned


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