Wednesday, May 27, 2015

From the WTF files

WTF is wrong with the town of Evanston? Let me count them, but too its location is great for a otr truckers radio station. Which is why we're here. At least one of the reasons. Forces beyond my control though make the decision one that I would not do again, but since I'm here plan is to build some things together to kick some serious butt. After all why let a few detractors and people too stuck up to see their feet to spite their nose, So should we give up? No, just give em the middle finger and keep building this media company. Along the way running in the back ground we'll keep rebuilding Hazzard County Choppers, Highway Hooker Toewing and maybe eventually AyreWolf Aviation into HazzardAyre Aviation. How do we do this? Hire outside the area for things like models for the site, and ads in magazines etc. The building blocks are here, we just need to assemble the parts. So what that a few arrogant and ignorant people bumped me off a free classified ad page on Facebook, more over who really cares if someone walked in my door here at the Kat House, where your Cat diesel is massaged to its energetic self, but if someone to show up and was fully trained, hot looking and able to jump on air, I'd most likely fall over dead with a corinary. The thing is that ain't going to happen, so why try? The thing is once a few here see a few outside the area talent filming a TV ad here and air in Metro Utah, on their TV's, bet your next tank of diesel the ones that gave us the thumb, will be ripping my doors off the hinges just to get a sniff of an employment opening here. Any mile more this afternoon, see ya'll on the radio, on