Sunday, May 31, 2015

the little engine that could, did and still doing it

Say what you will, the Knytes and HazzardAyre Radio has survived 4 Presidents, socioeconomic problems, cultural barriers, and Obamanomics, but HazzardAyre Radio still is the one mini online streaming radio network that is still solvent, still running and still making money. 
Say what you will about the Knytes of Anarchy, but from our roots as a young adult to modern rebel gear head club, again still writing the book on how a rebel gearhead group is to be ran and is. Bucking LDS and other barriers, we still get the job done somehow. Maybe that's why so many dislike us so bad. Their disbelief, that causes green jealousy that creates some measure of hate, when they come back and ask us to take them in with open arms, and say, okay so what you cost us thousands of dollars. There's one pic that says it all in being a resident of Evanston Wyoming if your not a original native here, its this>
 but time they say heals wounds, but even bad wounds still scratch and leaves bitter scars, but we keep doing it. There's a thing that is and is fact, there's do or don't no in between. We never are in between. Any mile, have an entry that goes, Help from everywhere else, except where you want to have help from.
Church time,