Wednesday, May 27, 2015

It gets to you after awhile

It's all about the money, noticed my ads on that free classified ads page that some nut from Evanston here, put up. Got a couple of leeds from it for new hires, but right now I really don't care. I'm just in the mode of get my rides good, and get my wolf-pack and myself to where there isn't as many closed stubborn minds as here. We see. Since the fartknocker who said he was going to rent us office space and all for HazzardAyre Radio decided to back out and wont even call, I say what the hell, just get at going toewing here, as far as HazzardAyre do it right from the house here, why go to the expense of the deal with CenturyLink, and all the rest? Hire some pro models from Urban take some pics for the print ads, and piss on the rest, who cares? 
I have had it, they'll be back and eventually on the back of LexiBelle then the tune will change.

btw; the formal blog is now at