Thursday, May 14, 2015

Knytes High Council Meeting last night


I can’t believe that here it is the middle of May and I’m running the heater rather than the AC. Seems too cold, which considering last nights High Council meeting with most of us showing up in cages(cars), rather than on two wheels led to some of the conversation.

Thank goodness there’s the meeting room here at the Wentworth, and all, trouble is, no soda pop, in the pop machine, about 70% of the buy out of there has came from me, btw.

Okay so lets get to business and not keep dancing around here.

On the radio station, it’ll go, but as a remote sub-station of what we construct in Utah. Now before ya’ll start bitching the relocation wont hit until late August or September, about as long as it’ll take to get the General JaxSon back together, but once done and living quarters are found I’m outta here. Not going to go through another sub zero winter here. The last one nearly cost me LiL Wolf, not going to happen this winter if I can avoid it. Likewise if your crabbing aren’t we going in reverse here? The thing is as most of ya’ll have heard, Miller Motorsports has decided not to renew their race track located between Tooele and Grantsville Utah. Now imagine if, next spring that track belonged to the Knytes-of-Anarchy, imagine that track becoming a NASCAR road course track, as we had that idea for that very spot long before Larry H, got ahold of it. Now then we build two studios, one in or near our old place in Woods Cross, and one in Tooele(there’s a license to be bought there) as well as bounced the signal out of Wendover Utah. Now then on my end rebuild HCC(HCCLOGO1) there in Tooele, and set up operation of Cooter’s A1 Toewing there, and it’s a no brainer. The other thing is the infrastructure here in Etown. Sure we could attempt to buy out AllWest, and rebuild that system, invest in CenturyLink to go a 1gig connection at $1,100.00 a month, and that would be okay, except you might and this is stretching it a bit, for the current rates we charge for advertising, we’d just break even and a smidge of cash to go into the stash. Question is why? When we can build a operation where all of that is currently set up, and be billing just for the radio station $300,000.00 a month, minimum in income generation. Add to that a place where we could stage any number of Knytes events at the race track from DukesFest West, to our mini SAMCRO rally each year. By now you are seeing the picture. That’s why I set up my AllWest account to a business account, and if all goes well be moving my gear to the Wells Fargo building come the first week of June. Let’s face it we made a bad move in haste to Etown, and I alone have paid the price very dearly, but rather than look at the could haves, should haves and what knott, I say, look to the future and get the majority of the Wolf Pack and the Knytes outta here, where the seeds of our prosperity will not only germinate, but give us a harvest. To our lady at CenturyLink, this is what has caused the delay, the need to have a better return on our investment has to be seen, long before we contract for a 12,000.00 carrier. Since that’s not seen immediately if at all, we are going with AllWest, but thanks for trying.



Quote of the Day:
I got a new keyboard!
Psalm 139:13-14“For you created my inmost being; you knit me together in my mother’s womb. I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well.”

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