Tuesday, May 5, 2015

The inmates are ruling the community

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It’s not the relaxing kind, but its movement none the less. I think and even that is somewhat hypothetical , but I think the radio werx is on its steps forward. I have gotten two people here that were part of the original radio station here in Evanston , helping, so I think progress is in motion.

Think I found an engine for 250 for Gen JaxSon so this might just smooth out, a bit. Don’t get me wrong my head and sails are still pointed northwest of here 125 miles, but a Confederate Marine does not know the word retreat or defeat. We don’t quit, its what I call Hazzard County tenacity, and a bit of Hazzard County Enginuity. Remember I came here to build a radio/tv station for the Knytes/AyreWolvez, not to go toew or build Harley’s nor to fly. There is a serious need for and a cry for a solid radio station here in Evanston, and I’d like to say I made a bad decision that turned into manure in 2006 into a silk gown in 2015. In other words reversed a bad into good.

I guess many people didn’t get the message, or ignored it, as all too many were in favor of reopening Lotty’s here and replacing that with the Reaper. Thing is for one thing to happen the radio station is paramount. The club will not back the bar without the radio station in place. Quite frankly, radio is a place to let yourself be silly, and earn a paycheck, when many work with the sweat off their brow, and make much less. For me both are a path to get off SSI, and earn my way. Maybe buy a house here, build a shop and plant my ass somewhere. Evanston itself is not a bad place albeit the inmates at the State Hospital here I think invades and rules the community. Tried to open the can of worms at the court house on the radio buy, and you’d think I’d have dressed in a pink too-too, or something, its was so quiet you could have heard a pin drop. Got in touch with a few people involved in the original station here and many want it back on, so while our FM goes up, we tread to gain traction on the action of the AM.



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