Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Touchy subject and how radio pays

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All the way from Hazzard Idaho I’m already getting calls. Seems as though the radio ads running on Maximum Overdrive Radio is already netting calls from all parts. That’s the 7th call I’ve gotten. Between the radio ads and the yelp ad that’s free by the way, we are knocking em down, just shows what a GOOD radio ad effort gets you.

Of course I know that not everybody takes the risks we do.

Example, wrote a piece and emailed it to Beth Ann at CSC Talk Radio concerning the FCC air(land) Grab. Few radio talk shows will address this as it bites at the very heels that makes them a living. No don’t yap about the big conglomerate radio station organizations, no don’t do that, but we will. We here at all parts of HazzardAyre Radio are not governed by stock holders and fussy advertisers, only people my staff needs to fuss with is the members of a military aviator / trucker/gear head / biker club. Past that it’s a pretty much a free for all.

BTW the only radio stations in Idaho, Wyoming and Utah airing Beth Ann’s show CsC Talk Radio is ours, maybe she ought to jump in and do a suggested topic, from one of those who feeds her,

Stay tuned CsC Talk Radio is coming up at the top of the hour.


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