Thursday, May 28, 2015

Funny now that I'm not using Bloggr as much most of my other programs work better

Funny now that I was forced to move most of my blogs from Blogger to Word Press now that it seems that WLW, and I ain't talkin the radio station in Louisiana and Blogger aka Google are feuding that many of my other not Google dependent programs work better. Could it be embeded programs from Google under Blogger that when not using Blogger things run smooth. I find my upload times from WLW are faster with Word Press, I find my home page loads faster with Word Press, so my advice to the forelorn Blogger blogees do the migration to Word Press. 
More on air over night. As far as what I did today, absolutely nothing I am catching up on my sleep , I'm catching up on my TV, and I'm catching my trains of thought, that I was too tired to run after before. I usually take Thursdays off anyway, but haven't done. And now that the club is putting all the Heavy lifting on my shoulders now that I have attained Charter President of the Knytes my time is going to be precious at least personal time, so I take Thursday's off.
I have an idea though, after many thousands of Blogger users move off Blogger to Word Press, and cancell out their AD sense accounts and such around the globe, Google and Microsoft might want to come to the talking table again. Resolve this problem and get on with life.