Saturday, May 23, 2015

Another show done, now ready for bed, yea right?

HAZZARDAYRE BANNER NEWryders on the storm

Another AyreWolf Radio show done and aired. Took long enough. Had a malfunction in the inline settings, on ye ole computer, but some on the fly engineering and it seems to work okay, I feel proud of myself when I can figure these things out. There just are times, when you need to use your cranium a bit, to get things done. You get to a point where you know there isn’t anyone you can call mid early morning, things go ary and you just have to get your cranium fluids flowing then your okay.

Weather here has been really wet, despite the fact that its only raining on the desert mountain floor, up in the Higher Uinta mountains and one peak at 9000 feet above sea level, where as Brian and I were working in our transmitter shack, it decided to snow. The freezing drizzle getting up there made the venture tricky but we’re getting closer to launching the radio station over the air in two months, so its getting exciting.

Still haven’t heard from Infogenix or anybody on building the stations web site and all that goes with it, but got in touch with the friendly folks, that rebuilt Beth Ann of CsC Talk Radio’s site and did the streaming set up, so hope to have it all together for the launch in August. Our FM will be banging on the doors and from the dash boards of truck cabs at a whopping 250k watts, our AM will be knocking as loud at 25k from here which means a bunch of prep work and good hiring.

The latter remains a mystery, one applicant suggested raising the bar, which I would if we could just get someone in the studio that’s worth it. So far that hasn’t happened. It’s one thing to get applicant requests for more exploration on the matter, by email and such, but no phone call, and not being already local to just walk in and do edgy , racy, total off the wall fight the system radio is tough. More over if your looking for a female sidekick. It makes for very long days, but at least we’re getting there. Shows are airing on Livestream for now, so hey we are on the way again.



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