Saturday, May 30, 2015

I hate being stood up, it pisses me off but I don't get mad I get even

I hate being stood up. I didn't dig it in High School, and I damn well don't like it now. In Hazzard , when I got stood up, it only cost me a lay in ye ole Gen Lee(yes I had one let it go for stupidity) in Evanston being stood up on auditioning or interviewing for a spot on the AyreWolf ATeam

cost's the club and in the long run, me. However the difference? When I was at Hazzard High, there was no LexiBelle
today there is, and usually as high and mighty some say they are, they all eventually end up on the back of LexiBelle, and that usually means their green goes in my jeans, and if its somebody who stood me up, well, the green, get's more from them, hey pay back is a real bitch. The question I have is simple, if you don't want the job, hey its easy , pick up the damn phone, use an email even a Facebook IM, but just say I thought about it, don't want it, good damn luck. Don't keep someone on the wait, if your not serious. Why bother me and all if your just tire kicking? It's easy to understand , I need a wyld ass'd biker babe that wants pay to be on radio. No more , certainly not less. It's that damn simple. In the words of an old TV ad, You can let ME pay you now, or YOU can pay ME a helluva lot later. Get the shop today, go get LexiBelle next weekend, then its bust some moves on the groove of a town that has had its ass up its head for way too long.
Keep it wheels turning
Good numbers to ya,'