Monday, May 11, 2015

More Puzzlement from Evanston

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So near the condition of starvation I decided to take some of the plundering's from last night, oh didn’t tell you, about 22:30 hours Highway Hooker Toewing got from a auto club its first call. So after making $2,500.00 it was celebration time this evening, except no place to celebrate. First thought, Legal Tender, a Steak, brew and spuds. Guess what? Legal has no top sirloin, drank one beer, thought the old log lodge might be open, nope, they’re closed. So bought some groceries from Wal-Mart, and came home. But hey the fun is not done yet, went to the soda machine here at the Wentworth, no COKE, it’s empty again. Didn’t they just fill that a week ago? If so they didn’t stock much. Must think the LDS bunch here at the Wentworth don’t drink COKE, they smoke and sniff enuff of it, but no drinky.

But did learn something on the way to the Log Lodge, a shop, near where Nate and I opened our first is open. Now think, if the crew of all things wyld Hazzard, were to open Hazzard County Kustoms here, along with Highway Hooker Toewing where we could house all our trucks, including our heavies, I can nearly tell you this, first my fixing my rides would be done much faster, two; we’d put virtually every damn shop including Nate’ current one out of business so fast that it would be greased lightning. Don’t worry Nate I ain’t aiming at coming after you, but if we open with our equipment and techs, with the lowest labor rates in three states, can you say virtual take over?

What I can tell you is this, the village of Evanston best be kissing our butts, and sucking us off on a regular basis, as we might just be the only economic force to save its broken down town. Can’t get a steak and brew, can’t find anyone to get off their ass to fix my car, and still I can’t get even a few of the so called interested parties on the radio station to get on the damn phone to call me back. I’m not pissed I’m bewildered , I can see ones resistance, but hey, we are the only ones in this town with venture capital, and we’d just assoon spend it on ourselves. Maybe we open a brothel(that’s still legal here by the way) Those that did not want to work for us or were hesitant to, might want to rethink, of course the application interview is going to be a bit more shall we say physical?

I just wonder how long it’ll be before we change the towns name from Evanston to Dixie?

Stay tuned

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