Sunday, May 10, 2015

Where Is Hazzard Idaho?


So much to tell so little time. Hazzard Idaho is a mythical place located between Hagerman and West Point Idaho, just off of U.S.-30. Hazzard became Hazzard in the spring of 1982, shortly after a few enterprising youth then as a crew of the REAL , Hazzard County Garage in the real Hazzard Idaho, decided to create a small rural gear heads old nostalgia based hot rod club, in 1980.

Hazzard became a real small town of then 125 people as part of a referendum that passed the Idaho Legislature, in the fall of 1981 and city hall was located at 3006 National Fish Hatchery Road. The road became Deere Creek road several years later. Hazzard Idaho, is home to Shady Grove Dairy Farms, Sandy Farms, Rangen Trout Farm and that’s a short list. The town boasts 250 people today.

That’s the story of Hazzard Idaho.

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