Friday, May 15, 2015

Where the Wolf began

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The Wolf thing that is just me all the way through started pretty much as a child. Raised up with a Step Brother in Vietnam and being nearly the sole son of only three in the family, I was an outcast to most kids my age, I was mostly comfortable around the adults that frequented our home. Dad had the USAF and USMC people over, as well as those who supported the Montgomery Foundation plus the formation of the Flying J empire, I just hung with adults. I learned. Had more support with those in the bad kids than I ever had with the, LDS goodie two shoes back stabbing snot flowing youth of our neighborhood. I was in view Sheldon Cooper of Big Bang Theory fame, only I wore a leather jacket, rode a stretched fork bike, and eventually a Suzuki MT50J Trailhopper to school. A youth with much intelligence that got bored quickly with peers and normal schooling. Some called me gifted, I called it outer limit intelligence having to be with Tehran education institutions. The opening of my love of broadcasting started when I turned 7. Won this chance to be on the Fireman Frank Show on then KCPX CH 4, in Salt Lake City on Social Hall Avenue. In that studio was the great KCPX AM 1320 with such legendary radio people as Skinny Johnny Mitchel, Lynn Leman and others. So I went to the taping of the Fireman Frank Show. In between takes, I started wandering around. Found the main studio of KCPX radio, Wooly Waldron, said you think you can do this? I said I could. He let me do a newscast. I was good, in short from age 7 to the year we moved to Idaho, I was a 7 year old kid on the radio overnights weekends on KCPX. It wasn’t until age 13 that through many channels I got to go to the NAB show. One of radios ultimate ratical personalities was there. Robert Smith, who many of you know as WolfMan Jack. We got to talking somehow during a lunch break, and I went that summer to Hollywood to a understudy program WolfMan put on. The Wolf byte had bitten. Since my style of radio from 1974 to 1984 was bent on trucking and over the road radio, but never found a suitable on air handle. In 1998 I got a job at Deseret Transportation, changing tires, on the LDS Church’s big trucks. My supervisor, pegged it down quite firmly, I was he said the wolf in amongst the sheep. So the Rode Wolf handle was created, complete with my trademark done by myself wolf howl. it wasn’t until 2001, when I got back into flying and being organizing President of what is now the AyreWolvez, I said I’ll just R&R(Remove and Replace) Rode for Ayre, and AyreWolf became the on radio handle ever since. That’s how that happened.

Our SOA story next entry.


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Ecclesiastes 11:5“As you do not know the path of the wind, or how the body is formed in a mother’s womb, so you cannot understand the work of God, the Maker of all things.”

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