Monday, May 25, 2015

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oNE OF THE THINGS that I gleaned from yesterday’s talk in Sacrament meeting from Alexis was that to find and attain the best fruit, you have to be willing to reach the top fruit at the top , rather than the bottom of the tree. What she forgot to mention was the fruit at the bottom, much less that which has fallen on the ground, while still eatable still has many worm holes and might be a bit off flavor. But its still good fruit, just not as appealing. What I found very interesting was the fact that she based her talk on the attaining a husband or at least a super jock for a hubby. Her credentials were pretty superficial. Based on looks and an intense , very deep and always full bank account, and the gifts, mostly of a material nature. Bottom line, Alexis’s best pick for a guy, is not one with a heart, very deep love for Heavenly Father, following the gospel, with a open kind loving nature. Nope as long as it was a Missionary, with a big bank account, and looked like Sylvester Stallion she would be happy. I hate to inform her, that the wash board six pack abs turn into a pot belly, religious underwear in essence very holey and very worn out elastic, and as far as she? After she gets older after ten children and her looks fade, better have a much deeper love for each other or what will be is a divorce, dissolvent of her Temple promises to her husband if she even gets married in the Temple. I’m sorry I hate to be critical here, but if I’m made out to being the very mirror image of Lucifer in our ward a few casting stones should ought look in the mirror.

However and this relates, to that. HazzardAyre Radio and its 4 siblings needs FEMALE in studio, Co Anchors, our standards are high, and requires a near if not exact look of a HeeHaw honey. Anything shy of that just will not be hired. Sounds like I’m yapping like Alexis , don’t it? But dig this and the two working at Wal-Mart, never thought I’d say this, but there are sweet things honeys working at Wal-Mart. One who is married is no HeeHaw honey, but has a bubbling personality, and could make a great in studio co anchor. The other even with more metal on her teeth than the grill of a 51 Merc, has a package. Then over at Rips, there’s a gal that not only could go on air, with me, but if she wanted to, could move in. She’s just got that extraverted personality, that just gives you the wind under your wings. I go past 10 other stores just to go to Rips for fuel just to see her. She gave me her phone number, but I had a brain vapor lock and now can’t find it.

Any mile, so sure having a super hottie in studio to co habitate with me on air would bee keen. However the right personality inside a well kept package can also make a great co anchor.

Sorry we couldn’t do our Memorial Day, HazzardAyre/Highway Hooker Radio Marathon. Something to do with bad bandwidth, and other tech problems, that can’t be cured on a day that many don’t go to work. However we’ll make up for it on the 4th of July.

Starting Saturday into Monday we’ll do or attempt to do a AyreWolf/Samcro Radio Marathon, with many of our older award winning shows, tune into, either , or Starting Friday night at 23:00 Hours.


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