Tuesday, May 12, 2015

We’re on the air, well sort of:

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So why, FLAMING HAZZARDFYRE AYRE? HazzardAyre Radio is more, much more than the only voice online streaming radio and over the air radio dedicated to the true history of the Dixie nation. HazzardAyre Radio is the voice of all military aviators and Marine/Navy aviation. HazzardAyre Radio is the voice and music of the Interstate highway, HazzardAyre Radio is the only NPR(National Public Radio) network station between Salt Lake City Utah and Laramie Wyoming. HazzardAyre Radio is the voice and ears of The wyngz outverted and of course the lonely tow truck owner operator. This is HazzardAyre Radio. Now that you know what we are lets clear the mud a bit from our windshield. 11 years ago, a competing online network came on , claiming to be the online radio source for the southern movement. Ray did a really good job, but his time and energy not too mention his financial resources dwindled a bit, and as of March 31st 2015, Dixie Broadcasting ceased running. 15 years ago, a budding online radio program started as warbird radio. Matt tried hard to give us his all but again, took a powder and outside of a little bit of archiving no warbird radio. But who is on the air still? HazzardAyre Radio. Now HazzardAyre was blessed by both the Knytes as well and more importantly Heavenly Father. In fact Heavenly Father gave me the name one night as I went to bed, beat and wondering, in Buhl Idaho in 2011. How to blend the two concepts of all things Hazzard County without so much Dukes, and military aviation especially the experimental The Lady 1625681_599311583496423_1920870493_nfrom which I get my on air handle AyreWolf and the Ayre of HazzardAyre. When all of a sudden through the midst of the middle of the nyte, like a shot of Uncle Jessie’s shine, there it was, just as radiant as Daisy Duke’s legs, HazzardAyre.

HazzardAyre began as the written publication published and distributed everywhere in the Magic Valley which includes, Buhl, Twin Falls , Jerome, Shoshone, area of Idaho, that Monkey Bizzness/Hazzard Gazzette was found. When all of a sudden I got a check, wasn’t much, some $1,500.00 of an interest payment on the Montgomery Foundation, but money none the same. So over to Radio Shack in Twin Falls Idaho, I went, and after some $1,100.00 was spent, HazzardAyre Radio premiered in the summer of 2012. Now distributed to 2,000 radio stations across the United States and Canada, Australia and over the Armed Forces Radio Network, HazzardAyre Radio is everywhere. And now headquartered here in Evanston Wyoming, and about to go fully over the air on our own signal both AM as well as FM. HazzardAyre continues to grow, but its not been easy, but I’m resting easier knowing that the fruit and a harvest is about to come from all of the seed planting, tilling and cultivating this beauty called HazzardAyre.

Yes we arewe're on the airThis is:FLAMING HAZZARDFYRE AYREr2d2

Stay Tuned;retro-usb-mic


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