Sunday, May 31, 2015

Everywhere else except the Church or my Ward of the Church

I wont call this the last train to Clarksville, but I will say its going to be one long, very long time before I go back to Church again. Today just tipped the ice burg, but then perhaps that was many outside of our Bishop wanted to happen. While Bishop Hiatt and all were very good to me and assisted me in rescuing the radio gear and all, and outside of about two, others, you'd think I was wearing the horns of Lucifer there. Not for me. The ice tip, was they began the last hymn if you want to call it that, and I want to make myself perfectly clear here. I have both the globe and anchor from the USMC, but I also have my heart in Dixie. That being that and after what I have seen in public areas of how they treat military retirees any more, Vietnam, not well, WWII just being honored and the mid easter crews coming home, Instead of having agencies to help with job training, housing assistance, bill pay off services, to rectify the past bills of military called overseas, only to come home to find they can't get basic things like Internet or cable TV because somewhere before they left to serve they had a past due bill. Really? Where you going to pay that? AllWest or Comcast of Bagdad? CenturyLink of Iraq? no way, some said have somebody back home pay them for you. Really? What if there is no one back home to pay that for you? No body, but oh yes salute a nation that sent you in harms way, but keeps giving it to you in thr rear for being slightly in the arears. I used to be the most patriotic person in this nation, I strapped on a AV8 and flew into harms way, only in essence being vtold to go away. Heck the damn Canadians treat their returning military better. Now then the southern states make it priority number one. Plus they honor both sides of the war of northern invasion. At national events they'll sing the old Star Spangled Banner, but they'll also either before or right after will sing the Dixie National anthem as well. All I ask is for equal treatment. Equal honor. Yankees military have marked graves with known names on them, there's still too many graves of our southern brethren from a state of war, with Name Unknown if there is even a headstone. Or a grave. In most cases, Confederate brethren are walked over , and shopping malls now cover their remains. This is not right, and until its made right I will not stand up for the pledge, nor will I sing the Star Spangled Banner, hey I fought for the right to, or not to salute old glory, has any of them at church done that? But the bitterness does not sit there. No, No matter anything that has been needed I have not been asked. I'm a person that needs to be utilized and to serve, not just be a mere spectator. But no you have to be called. What if Jesus or Heavenly Father is calling, but the block is from some very short sighted, stubborn bullheaded so well to do's  so smug and so stuck up, that I've not even been asked to say an opening or closing prayer, be it for class's or services. I'm done. Time to relight the fire of the Amalgamated Church of Dixie in Evanston Wyoming. So yes I'll help clean the church in repayment of help for helpi9ng with rents, utility bills and rescuing the gear for HazzardAyre, but I'll be John Brown before I'll step inside that Church Ward again for services. I'm going to see the Bishop, to see if I can get a transfer into another Ward, like the YellowCreek Ward. I really liked them.