Wednesday, May 13, 2015

But they try really hard


Paying more for less, is not something we want to do. It’s not wise business sense or procedure. Yet even signing up for an upgrade to 100mbps yesterday, I thought that I’d get a bit faster upload speed. Yet its still not quite there, Barely touching 3mbps. The lady this morning said in the best case scenario. But if signing up for an upgrade, didn’t she think that might not get there? Sure download bandwidth speed is good, but considering I need to upload a streaming radio station that needs a minimum and even then its problematic at 5mbps, I should be cranking to at least 15mbps, wouldn’t ya’ll think? The service I have is an outfit out of Kamas Utah, called AllWest , a great little rural based telecom, that started in Randolph, Utah years ago. Thing is I see a company suffering that does not really know if even it should, admit its going broke or barely treading water. My question is this, if they are having troubles, why don’t some of their executives sit down with me and the Knytes and chat about us buying the system? Considering just last year, and this year doesn’t look any worse, but last year we brought in a revenue stream of just over $250,million. This year from all our outside enterprises, we expect a revenue generation of just under $300,million. Surely plenty enough to buy all of AllWest out and rebuild the system to modern speeds and do it without the need to give excuses as to why this or that can’t be had. Its not just Internet, even AllWest’ cable TV offerings are slim. Instead of all these high school channels, how about bringing back Viacom’ channels, Spike TV, CMT, VH1 and of course MTV. Of course such channels as BBC, Esquire, and so on would be great change of environment. At a time when many are cutting the cord and going to such places as Net Flix , Hulu, and such, these still viable cable companies need to step up their game. Don’t ya’ll think.

So here's the thing. Called last night when my best Internet upload was at 3.25 mbps, when I asked them should not my upload be faster? Of course they shook me off to their tech people. Who, said unplug the modem and so on. Which I did. So then since this will be the clubs deal when I move everything at the end of the month to the Wells Fargo building and I relocate my bones back into Idaho, this will be ran by someone else. Hopefully Mark, but anymile there will be a new Capo here running things, as such I escalated my account to a business class. So the lady calls to confirm this. Okay fine. Then I’m on the commode and I get a phone call on my cell. So I finish up in the indoor latrine, and answer the phone, but only to find someone had called, and next came the knock on the door, right in the middle of me doing production. Now if being slow was just one computer like my laptop I’d say its me, but both the laptop and big Birtha, my trusty win7 Dell, being too slow? No it’s them. So the tech comes in, swaps out the coax, same results, fast download, slow upload. Might be why nobody else has done an Internet Radio station here, ya’ll think? Then I find that CenturyLink, says they can rip me fast speed once we get in town. Okay fine, they say 1gig, there if I crank out $1,100.00 a month. Even though the club owns the license to this radio station, and I do it as a courtesy duty for the club without pay, btw, and even though the club might be inclined to do this up at $1,100.00 they need to keep costs down while we build an audience here. One of CenturyLink’ people said that Imus could charge because he has a better pipeline, for his recorded archived shows. Sure he can, he makes several million on air per morning. The club, barely scratches $300,000.00 a month and that’s if we can stay on air consistently. Which is why I’m busting my hump to find a solution that’s cost effective, yet gets-r-done.

Not bad mouthing AllWest, they are good up to a point, their two honeys here at the Evanston who are leaving us, soon, knows what their doing. But even they agree, there’s a need for improvement. I can count 2,000 in my LDS Ward, that has said quite emphatically they would pay more for both cable and Internet if it were improved. My advice, AllWest its time to improve the system, or sell it to someone who can.

Yes Allwest isn’t the best, but they do try real hard. Same thing as asking for calves from a steer, true that steer will try real hard, but there’s little to no juice, to produce a calf. Maybe its time to grab the bull by the horns.



Quote of the Day:
It is better to suffer wrong than to do it, and happier to be sometimes cheated than not to trust
--Samuel Johnson
Proverbs 31:30“Charm is deceptive, and beauty is fleeting; but a woman who fears the LORD is to be praised.”

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