Monday, May 25, 2015

Its not an equal playing field but then the genders are not equal either

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The Gender roles and pay for those roles are still different.

Recently I came across a news story that went something along the lines of women in Hollywood are still not given the respect either in the entertainment TV/FILM/Music nor the equal pay or opportunities much less casting than that of their male counterparts. The ACLU apparently is looking into a law suit, to equalize the playing field and pay scale. Is this difference due to breaking still that big glass ceiling ? Or is it that many women don’t aspire nor try to get to that level?

As I was just recently looking over the ad agencies to get some sort of TV and print exposure on all things HazzardAyre Radio, etc. I noticed that what few women that were on several of the sites of those agencies, were in mostly assistant or clerical jobs. Not much into the creative nor producing areas. Does that mean women are not as equally creative, or is it rather that women will not produce the Sexual or at least the babe on page ads etc, that men might do? On radio outside of 3 that I know of off hand Gina at KBAR in Burley, Robin Quivers, Howard Stern’ sidekick and Beth Ann of Common Sense or CSC Talk Radio. Of course there are many others that can hold their own so this must in major markets not be a factor, but in mini and very religious conservative circles that inequality is near epidemic.

But not just in media.

I have seen the inequality in such areas such as Real Estate, Insurance sales, and others. The roles are that the women do the treeing of the customer, but the men of an agency are the ones that finalize most if not everything. The duties of motherhood, tending to and of and for children, keeping a house or home, the feeding of her male other, yes I believe that marriage should be only between man and woman, not queer with queer. Its not good, I also believe in not mixing races in marriage either, as each race has its own culture and should not be mixed. Children suffer the worst, becoming mongrel mutts, rather than pure bred . Dig where I’m going there? Sorry slightly askew of topic.

Of course race even if its not openly practiced gender bias, as well as race comes into play. Example, most companies will hire an oriental lady for a more intellectual position while if its eye candy the company wants to be the first greet at the reception desk, will be a blonde , blue eye’d super babe, rather than the nerdy looking gal in the glasses. Although I can say the latter can be hotter than a methane powered fuel altered at a dragstrip if you turn her loose out of that subdued attire. Remember the hot librarian?

Of course while not fair there’s certain positions that are better off with at least a moderate level of eye candy upkeep, than others.

Here’s an example, Robin Quivers who I hold as a very professional and able person in this broadcast industry. Robin is not what what you would call a super model. However her wit , her look although not outwardly so, but she keeps herself up. Which enhances Stern’ image. Stern is good, but never would have become what he is without her. Of course us male corpuscles need to at least show some level of eye candy or at least a look that does not fully disgusts , the audience, especially if the radio show is looking to go both visual as well as audio(radio). Just like yesterday, and even the day before(Saturday). This local guy, calls wants to be an on air person. When he walked in I thought this ain’t going to work well but if he has a voice we’ll try. Not even an air check cd, no portfolio, nothing. Strike one; then he suggests his mother. If you wanted to cast Granny from the Beverly Hillbillies , maybe, but for our gig, never. Especially when it became neither could stand to be around bikers nor truckers, I thought this is a disaster. At least he saw that and left.

Now finally on the Evanston duration. With as much as needs to be done and while I’m no big fan of this, still the rigs need tweaked, Highway Hooker Toewing is getting called more 10 calls just over the weekend, all thankfully from our listing on Yelp, Hazzard County Choppers just about to open, and of course HazzardAyre Radio, and all the channels relating to thereof, needs to be completed. Rather than pull up stakes and all , the idea is to establish sub studios in metro Utah, Metro Idaho, and further west near more urban Wyoming, and voice track the rest. So for at least a year and to be patient until the first $600k from the partial sale of AyreWolf Aviation that will soon run in Idaho and Utah as HazzardAyre Aviation btw, then make the choice for the HQ depending on the results of the tests of the sub studios. Rather than pulling up stakes and uprooting things. Right now I have a great place to live, my expenses are not too high, and there’s a few dollars turning over. Although I’ll need to pitch the concept of my Bishop getting the Ward/Church to cover June’s house rent, so I can pay for the new engine for my Subaru, but it’s the absolute last time I’ll ask for that, as , of July, we’ll be opening Hazzard County Choppers, LexiBelle(My toew truck>lexi in green mini going from this>lexi in green mini to this>lexi) will be much prettier, and of course HazzardAyre Radio, and its siblings getting more popular, more ad money. Thus I’ll still be on our own, and not having to lean on anybody. The name of my truck in case you were curious, comes from two sources. The first from a great looking gal that used to work at Rupe’s Burgers in Blackfoot Idaho in 1988 or so. She and I got tight one night in my truck behind the Albertson’s Food store there. The other half is split between being a southern belle, but more so that Belle was the other half of the aircraft Col. Greg(Pappy) Boyington flew with the 214 aka BlackSheep, his bird was named LuciBelle, mine truck LexiBelle.

Any mile gotta get ready for the HazzardAyre/HighwayHooker Radio marathon, starting at 15:00 hours today.

But in closing can women gain the equality they desire? I say yes, but only if they are willing to take the risks and make the effort men do.



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