Sunday, June 30, 2013

All that can be said is yep.


Normally on the night before pay day from our state’s charity funds I’m all a twitterpaited since the anticipation of the good old $50.00 means some fuel in the truck, and all. Also this time of month I usually have more money in my pocket, but this month not so much.

First there was the mess over Nancy’ Durango, that cost me a suspension from A1 for 2-1/2 weeks, means no free gas from the company tank. Then there was the mass exodus from the original location of our station in Buhl over the weekend. We found another place withi9n the block so its possible to save it, my question right now is do I and even the club want to.

The overwhelmingly thumbs up to save it from members says try , so I’m going to give it my best, but I’m still going to take a month off to recuperate.

So I sent out a distress call, to Rick, no money , Ricky forgot his check on Friday, so then dropped a bur under the blankets of both Pastor Bacon, and Nancy.

$10.00 , of which yes I know I still owe Bacon $10.00 already, but he’d have had it bright early in the morning. Nancy not being able to help, I understand, even if she had the $10.00 how would she get it to me? Her Durango is still dead, and hubby not home means no ride, but I now know the thing is, don’t depend on Church or church officials for anything. It may not be written, but the thing of 1st Timothy that says he that does not work shall not eat, is true enough, but I been working. As far as flying, now that there is the doctors report on me being diabetic, means I need to get a waiver from the FAA, before I can fly again, so no money coming from that. Radio station taking a time out means no money, and toew truck still needing fixed means no toew money, so I have to rely for a few months on what SSI and Idaho peels out.

Is there answer to the problem? Yes , but it all boils down to relocation to the Pocatello area. Namely Power County. But that’s 9 months out, pending a new payee, and so on. So what do I do? Build on what we been building, but there are folks that are barking that they don’t want to see HazzardAyre and KDXB go dark, even on a short term, my suggestion,to them, want to see this garden bloom, like many on TV church shows, how about partnering with us, so we can make this even better, so we can get our ministry up and going, so that hundreds if not thousands of long haul truckers, and gear heads and just those with southern blood in their veins can hear the words of that being spoken of the grace and love of Jesus Christ . That is HazzardAyre. We truly need your help out there.

I’d write more , but this house is so dang hot I can’t stand it, so gotta go, I’ll try to get something up Monday morning after I go see the Doc in Buhl.

But hey Bryan and Nancy could still use a help up here tonight.

L8R Ya’ll

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Quote of the Day:
Intelligence without ambition is a bird without wings.
--C. Archie Danielson
Romans 12:3“[Humble Service in the Body of Christ] For by the grace given me I say to every one of you: Do not think of yourself more highly than you ought, but rather think of yourself with sober judgment, in accordance with the faith God has distributed to each of you.”

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Wyld Free and Cautious

HHPN HEDDER2wyldnfree

Sunday, sitting at the Wolf’s Lair trying to make sense out of last week and life in general.

Got a email, from Nancy, saying she has had crapaplenty in her world as well. The only thing I can say, is if I could help, I would, but no can find shop I can afford to go out on my own, trying to figure out if I even want or need to do anything in the valley , and just kick back, take a long hiatus and just enjoy life, no toew, no radio, no bike, no club, just kick back, God and I and let life go by enough to get the Wolf-Pack together enough to get out of here and be gone permanently. Just as I felt in Burley, I’m looking into having my birthplace changed. I do not want one damn thing that say’s I’m now or ever have been anything Idaho, or at least this half of Idaho.

Yesterday I gave this problem of the radio station over to God, and figure if he wants it here now, he’ll put the tools in my hands. If not there’ll be somebody with that $200K in their pocket that shows up, buys the license, frequency, and CP. Then I can truly say goodbye Tragic Valley.

Of course been staying inside until, 22:00 hours, by then I can open the front door as the AC here don’t work, and Charlie isn’t in a big hurry to fix it. But I’m looking at RedFish Lake next week, with a fishin pole, no computer and only a member or two of the club, but not here.

Then saw a posting by Tammy, great, except didn’t she toss me to the wind, I always wonder, about some of these gals. They are either married or good as well as. Yet they circle the old Wolf. I have always said, if a gal, wants me its very simple, Nylons, heels, and ya’ll can get the rest. its how I know that the whomever has listened to me not just heard or read my blogs here, but see life as I do.

Whether it be Nancy, whether its Tammy , no not nose candy Tammy that lead me back here to begin with as far as she is concerned, a 12 gauge is the only forgiveness there. I was making money had a great studio, all the gear, money you name it, then she gets in a pickle with a shade tree guy pal, they get busted in Wyoming for spreading out nose candy, decide to move to Buhl, so I followed thinking the shade tree guy pal was a bro, not guy toy.

But no I thought the Tammy I met online ,I thought was part of a family of which there was a little spitfire hotter than a 2 dollar pistol she was, but was divorced of that person. It, ought to be that if you divorce, give the guy back his name, just like if you buy a car you have to give back the plates, so you don’t get arrested for something they do under your name. So any way I start out the month with the radio gig in limbo, at least as far as the Tragic Valley, more so for me, but I will say that I’m going to be selfish, going to spend money on my rides, my hide(new pants) and me. I’m done with supporting the River in any way, they ain’t even been over. Last week that congregation was out doing odd jobs in a way so they could get a toe in the door to preach. But did they even once, come by the Wolf’s Lair? I had mentioned that I needed help putting in the gas tank on LexiBelle, but no stop, no visit from either pastor No bringing over a can of Skoal, Box of Goody’s or even sending someone over to haul me or offer to haul me to church. Nothing . And I’m supposed to be okay with this? This is a fellowship of our mighty God? Or a socialistic assembly of a selected few that use the word of God for some other purpose. At least the LDS Church sends someone around once in awhile to say howdy and can we do something for you. Not saying snuff of pain med, but they’ll take ya’ll to church, pray with you , I can say right now it wouldn’t take me much to slide back in there, after all I do still hold my priesthood, Guaranteed once I get relocated back down near Pocatello, or immediate area I’m doing that, maybe there is still some ignitable fumes in that gas tank, ya’ll think? Any mile, door closed to hold out the 92 degrees and not caring much about anything beyond that.

From now I on I do for Patrick, somebody beyond the club wants something from me, show me the money or reward, or else keep walking.

L8R Ya’ll

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Quote of the Day:
If you really want to do something, you will find a way. If you don't, you will find an excuse.
Zechariah 14:9“The LORD will be king over the whole earth. On that day there will be one LORD, and his name the only name.”

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Saturday, June 29, 2013

typical but not unexpected

HAZZARDAYRE TAG2 BIGanew phootenotes

So if you have been wondering where I have been over the last few days, understand its not been by choice.

See Thursday after my Physical of which they thing I might be diabetic, found that the lease on the place in Buhl, that we as the club

had on target for HazzardAyre/KDXB was up and would not be renewed, and a pet store of some sort was moving in, so Had to move some radio gear, from Buhl to storage and some to where KDOH (formerly ) KTOW was in West Point.

There are some that may ask why not move the operation next to where the tower is, problem is, nobody in the Internet world has ran a line to where the transmitter/Tower is. So the signal has to be microwaved to the Transmitter site. Thing is there has to be an internet accessible site in between, which is what the little hut in Buhl was doing.

I have two choices under the money situation. A move to Buhl, and have both house and station, or completely put the thing in limbo, and say hey it was nice, but three times and your out.

In essence do the show for satellite/ syndication as I’m doing now, get a new Payee, out east, move my butt there, and ultimately sell the signal that we have in Buhl. Considering not being able to find on air help, technical help, and low cost structure to house it in, I’m voting on the satellite/syndication, get a new Payee out around Blackfoot or that area, fix my trucks and get moved, before both the new season of SOA and winter.

The bottom line is, this hurts like loosing a loved one. But if the landlord decided we were not worth it, if we can’t get outside help, no matter gender, and everything else, why even bother?

So I’m on Satellite. That’s all.

This is typical, not unexpected, but considering all I have spent, the club has spent the things I have lost to keep the damn thing on air, and now this, it is , a hurt to think all of this, from the move in mid 2006 from Evanston, to now, I’d have been better off going back to Wyoming, and trust me I’m thinking about it. But thing is all that I have done, was for nothing.

Many decisions will be made in the next 8 weeks, certain founding members will have their membership and all revoked, the direction of both clubs examined, and my place within the club, my mind, and spirit is injured and hurt. Nancy wont come over, can’t get in touch with either pastor, bottom line this place the entire valley is not for me. So for a time HazzardAyre is only on syndicated satellite, blog occasionally, and me if I’m lucky, God, will take me in the night, and I can go home to mom & Dad and no longer worry.

LtR Ya’ll

sign offDXEWYNGS

Quote of the Day:
Every revolution evaporates and leaves behind only the slime of a new bureaucracy.
--Franz Kafka
Psalm 138:8“The LORD will vindicate me; your love, LORD, endures forever— do not abandon the works of your hands.”

Brought to you by Copyright (C) . All Rights Reserved.
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Friday, June 21, 2013

Strange visitor from malware land


Good morning although by the time this gets out it’ll be afternoon, but hey at least I’m able.

If you search for a download of any kind program computer wise and the thing says in the logo CNET, do not,

REPEAT, DO NOT !!!! Download it. I did and nearly lost my entire operating system. Still have a slight bug , but its not catching.

Seems all these fifth world nations and troubled battle areas are looking to kick ass, in the not so obvious ways, instead of guns and bombs, they’re doing it on the over cyber method, one American at a time , so just don’t do it. Find a program you like, go to an area retailer, buy the damn thing in its box, load it that way, do not download.

Then had the Hershey squirts all morning so staying still for a few hours to let that pass.

Finally got me some cheap sneakers, the relief on my feet instead of walking sideways is a great help.

See thing is, I bought some fairly good boots a few years back from Wal-Mart. It was the first year I worked with Charlie. Went out in the snow and wet in a rollback hauling junk. Well not thinking, put these gum rubber based boots on a heat register to get em to dry. Well it melted the damn things and to make it short, been wanting to go get some new shoes ever since, not that money was the problem, but having time. Which I’m taking more of for me, more these days.

See since 1976, 70% of my hours has been devoted to the club in some fashion or another. In that time , I have taken three weeks out for a vacation and out of those one was for the club any way.

Oh sure there has been search after search after search for someone to come in with the same dedication to duty as I have to both the club, the cause of the club and all, to do what I do, but alas there is no one willing to put in the long hours, even at twice what I get money wise to do it. As far as money, I have taken maybe $2000.00 out for expenses, the rest I have done for 35 plus years done this clubs work for zero denarii.

However this last bout involving Nancy and all, I said bullsbreath, it’s time for the rest of this club to step up. After all this is an organization, not just a one man operation, its not a business as such for me, its that of the entire group aka the Hazzard County Syndicate, what we call the Grits Connection, and its time for the rest of the Capos and all to step up. I’m getting older and I need times away. The body tires easier, the mind gets foggy, and I’m tired of getting ill doing so much with little help, that hey , its like I said the rest of you my fellow members to get involved.

Any mile, dubbing and editing tape, then nap so I can be on air tonight, might even go out and get a brew later.

Until then Good Numbers to you and beware of anything with a CNET logo, on it for computer software downloads as they have a bunch of crap including malware that’ll give your computer the shits.

L8R Ya’ll

DDT1sign off

Quote of the Day:
There is no worse lie than a truth misunderstood by those who hear it.
--William James
Psalm 91:1“Whoever dwells in the shelter of the Most High will rest in the shadow of the Almighty.”

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sleeping angel

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Is FamilyNet running out of episodes on its shows?

sundown turnaround

I have said this from the start.

The claims that RFDTV made that FamilyNet would never run reruns, is not factual.

Truth be known, how can you have old shows, that the production companies, studios, and original run networks give you. After that its rerun time. Hopping that people wont think of it.

There is a albeit still low in brilliance a distant star coming from the south to the north. It’s called Confederate Star TV, a satellite/cable network that will launch about this time next year.

Sure there will be the usual run of syndicated program and series’ but you’ll see first run movies, and our own in house produced series’ and specials. LIVE three newscasts, and a true LPTV analog signal here in Idaho as well as Eastern Wendover Utah.

But the question of course comes to mind, is RFDTV who now owns FamilyNet, overwhelmed, or over done here? Did RFDTV bite off more than what they could chew? After all Patrick and his crew has to run RFDTV itself and RuralTV. Might this be why the CoX Cable system across the nation was going to pull Family Net and all from their channel line up?

Hey I’m not ragging here, I like what Patrick is doing, I have made noise to include us in it, but essentially got the>>>AYRE FINGER of course there’s the old shows on Railroads, Tractors, who called that one right? Hmmm? Any mile, the noise I get is we are still to racy. Racy, Too much spice? They run HeeHaw with those gals on there, and they call our concept racy, and with too much spice, that it our inclusion would not be a good fit. Hmmm, why? A show of old yesteryear trucking, the sights of those old truck stops, and trucking’s history. Of course then , you’d be hard pressed not to hear country music on an 8track tape player running, or the infamous Truckin Bozo, Bill Mack, and others keeping us informed and entertained. How about those who trick up these older trucks? Not just the Trick My Truck style, but the father and son projects. Give that an hour or even a half hour fill in that gap between Highway to Heaven and the farm news at our time of 9:30 PM(21:00 Hours) put that out there and watch ad revenue roll in, but hey their ignorance and arrogance means pocket change for us at Dixie Diesel Trucker TV, of course there’s the other questions in programming, with the scream of every Dukes-of-Hazzard fan to see that show back on would quadruple their viewership at FamilyNet/RFDTV, or say put Movin On back to back with say BJ & The Bear. That’d be good TV for Saturday, since there’s only so much MollyB and that Polka crap. See a pattern here?

No worries mates, This is what’s in store for us here at Dixie Diesel Trucker TV, but the final question is, why just us? Why is always us to do this?

L8R Ya’ll

DXEWYNGSsign off

Quote of the Day:
ARH!! I found it!
Mark 8:36“What good is it for someone to gain the whole world, yet forfeit their soul?”

Brought to you by Copyright (C) . All Rights Reserved.
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Why don’t big gigs happen here ? Mainly room.


Maybe it was just that special one of that can’t be duplicated, maybe it was just that it was done in the mid 1970’s, rather than now. During the Ford and Carter Administrations. Who knows, but got a apologetic phone call, from Jackpot, that went, sorry but we looked at this and your event is just to large for our place. Funny, is Filer bigger than Jackpot, even considering we had less motels, yet was able to accommodate 200,000 gear splitters, bikers and CB nuts? Must have, since a gathering of near 50,000 was just too much for dear sweet Jackpot.

The only three things there that attracted us to that spot is simply the ability to gamble, floor shows and a central location with a airport within walking distance.

So now a search for the next SAMCRO MC/UAITA/AyreWolvez reunion/Summit begins.

The only other places that I can think of is either Wendover Nevada, or if we leave off the gambling, Idaho Falls or Pocatello, if you need an example; think Sturgis only 3 times bigger. Including truckers, and vintage warbirds, in one place. Question is can it be done? I say yes. The other locations under consideration is Tooele Utah, so we are doing that. But let’s get off just us.

Boise has places for this kind of shindig, problem is , its too far west and there’d be the shuttling in the air crew. Same goes for Idaho Falls and Pocatello. Tooele looks good, thinking renting Miller Sports park, with the Tooele County Airport next door. Only shuttling we’d need to do is to Salt Lake City for lodging.

Wendover looks good since there is a air power museum there, right where the bird that carried the boom that ended WWII, was centered.

But why is it that our area is timid in investing in a huge convention center here in Twin Falls, Jerome, or even Burley? We could. Granted big events might not hit every year, but when you read of a huge meeting of seminars for business’ and all that are always held elsewhere, and ask why not here, the obvious, no room for it here, or some excuse. Lets bring that revenue here.

Miller had the right idea in building the Idaho Center just outside of Nampa. Could something like that be built here? The discussion comes in where? Twin Falls is stunted as the sewer and water system is tapped out. So what about Jerome? Out by where Flying J is? Out east? How about out where Atomic City is?

When is Idaho going to step up and get in gear?

Aside from that, how about a big concert? Not just the gigs during Fair week, but an investment in the arts, here. I can remember when the Morrison Center was built on the Boise State University campus. One of the head bean counters of the Montgomery Foundation(my mom and dads money) also was the main draftsman for the place. It is state of the art. With a band floor that sinks on hydraulics to stage level or below stage level. The sound waves just roll in perfect. But why just Boise? Sure Boise has the population, but Twin Falls could do this, why haven't we? Ballet’ , plays, theater, Lets do this here.

And since I’m planning on exiting from here soon, many ask, why should or do I care? Because I sadly, but even so I was born here. I want to see the place I was born in and spent 20 years in , be known for something other than taters,fish, and yogurt.

So there’s the answer to the question, why don’t big gigs happen here, no room, and no infrastructure improvements, that would bring them here.

L8R Ya’ll

DXEWYNGSsign off

Quote of the Day:
ARH!! I found it!
Mark 8:36“What good is it for someone to gain the whole world, yet forfeit their soul?”

Brought to you by Copyright (C) . All Rights Reserved.
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When you reach that point, then what?


First of all, when I find out what Brillo padded constrained brainiac woke me up at 23:45 I’m going to remove more than some of those brain cells.

Don’t know who it was, but some person, had to wake me up, now I know its not someone local, because most sane people that know me, knows that on my nights off , that’s it, its my night off, don’t bother me I’m sleeping. Outside of Charlie calling me to go tow, I’m in bed, asleep.

Now then so while I tried to wind down, watched some church shows on NRB and it said there, about all this coming to Jesus, and all that. Which is fine. I hope all on earth do that, question I have is, when you have came to Jesus, ( very long time ago) repented, and everything and your saved, then what do you do, where do you go from there. Just hover?

Nobody ever talks about what you do once you get saved? And I been saved 8 years ago, but so now what do I do? Expose bad churches, bail people from sinking under the weights of bad church bodies? Is that my job? So what do you do?

Then saw this thing from some gal drumming up business by speaking to sinking business owners to help them save their to sinking business’s. First to get to a point to get a free complimentry (which will be a sales pitch) consultation. You have to walk through a field of manure. First fill out the questionnaire,(I did), then fill in the reminder(I did) , but what started me even sniffing around is this, she asked what could be made better with our company ? Change of environment, and location away from idiotic yankee’s) outside of that we are doing good. Money is rolling in. Expansion is looking even better. Having lunch with a potential property owner to place HazzardAyre’ parent company in Twin Falls, all of the operations of the company have done more than well, the companies of the Knytes are exceeding all others of similar types. We have yet to lay anyone off, downgrade, nothing the firms of the Knytes have stayed strong, and look to expand in all their given markets. The economy has not kicked the clubs butt even once. So what do you do when you reach that point?

You don’t get stagnant, or complacent, you stay alert, look to new projects and sink your teeth into fresh meat.

What that is, next entry but I gotta get ready and get to work, see ya’ll in the PM.

L8r Ya’ll

DXEWYNGS sign off

Quote of the Day:
Copy from one, it's plagiarism; copy from two, it's research.
--Wilson Mizner
Mark 8:36“What good is it for someone to gain the whole world, yet forfeit their soul?”

Brought to you by Copyright (C) . All Rights Reserved.

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dxt ad 3

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Stupid is as stupid does, and what about wyld, radical, and out of the box did you not understand?


I just giggle, when I get a reply off of a human resources ad, that says this wasn’t what I was looking at getting into. Simply because somebody forgot to seriously READ THE DAMN AD!! Radical means Manswers type broadcasting with a shot of diesel fuel mixed in country-fied. then I get to thinking of the boys, Jeff, Larry, bill and Ron, did somebody forget they made their careers off, of off the wall, out of the short box comedy, but I’m getting off center.

If some gal in Montana, Oregon, or Canada reads our ads, do they read the ads? Or just the paycheck part? Must just be the checkbook part? Then I need to ask, is off the wall what we call bootleg southern humor only available from or with from our beloved Dixie states? Or might there be at least one or two gals out in the Mountain West or even Hollywierd that wouldn’t mind taking a swing in this batters box.

Granted it might have been the last posting of gals coming for a lap party, that’ just an old mans fantasy, in reality, I want Journalists that can come in piece together material, and render a newscast, with a Naked News style delivery, okay not naked, maybe tight jeans short skirt, biker leather, but hey make it hot and steamy. Is this too much to ask to get delivered? And if others can and we can’t how’d they do it? Especially Spike TV’s old show Manswers, I want to do this kind of TV.

But when someone calls, and calls, or emails and wants in, then you explain it fully, you wonder, did not they read the damn ad in the first place, what part of, WILD, Radical, Rebel, Anti Establishment, TV(Radio) did you not understand?

Bed time, for this 6 wheeled cowboy see ya’ll this eve on the radio.

DXEWYNGS sign off

Quote of the Day:
To educate a person in mind and not in morals is to educate a menace to society.
--Theodore Roosevelt
Ephesians 5:25-26“Husbands, love your wives, just as Christ loved the church and gave himself up for her to make her holy, cleansing her by the washing with water through the word,”

Brought to you by Copyright (C) . All Rights Reserved.
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Some days it’s best to stay in bed, or at least off line

wtf hedder

There are some day’s its just best to stay in Bed, and let the world pass by. No matter what needs done it’ll be there the next day.

It’s obvious, when you wake up to a slight moist feeling under your britches, not quite pissed your pants but just about there. For younger guys this is no problem as ya’ll get older your brain and bladder at times has a slight misconnect and you can end up pissing your bed, especially if you and Prince Bud were very close the night before. The situation gets even worse if you get dreaming about some super babe. Even there no for sure thing. your mind may say go, but your penus may not. Sometimes that little joint that used to be larger than a tree branch, may need some serious talking to , to come out and play, especially when not excersized. Even your pecker needs to be massaged and ya’ll know what I mean regularly or at the moment of fire works all your going to play with is, a sparkler, rather that the M-80 you used to impact with.

Of course not saying we need to have all out porn to get our attention, such weather gals at Natalie Noah at RFDTV, on a poster in front of you in the right outfit should do the deed. Course ya’ll might have a local gal from your fave coffee pot, that has the right smells and all.

Then of course if you have the job of still casting on air projects, and even TV anchors and movies, you really can be objective because now as you look at a prospect talent, your no longer dribbling down your legs, gluing ever leg hair together. Casting guys know exactly what I’m saying and those that say this does not happen to them are lying or have very ugly talent. Or are queer, or all 3.

Although I’m still waiting for the talent like I had once all too many years ago.

This Gal belonged to some off site talent agency. She showed up and could command me like a puppy. The first day she showed on location, hey I was still with Jan, just she was a time off from showing up, but this gal talent shows up and knowing my weakness of a gal in nylons, took matters in hand as well as Linda Lovelace style. Needless to say thyat day was very good . In fact she worked for the company for nearly 10 years before  I had to let her go and only because we moved that op, to Wyoming.

Then came Marie from Tooele Utah. Marie knew very well I was hitched , but would revers nest on my lap every chance she got in the studio on air. Funny that has never happened here in Idaho, or at least Tweaker Flatts, as it is I’d like it to, simply to see if I could.

Then I saw how many no news any more I don’t see on Facebook, but too I’ve whittled down a heap amount of friends and all. There’s some that I just got tired of. All to come to Jesus pages, all the Bike stuff, fine. Of course every once in awhile something from the Castro Agency. Trouble is, apparently his classy broads with or even classier bikes, and rydes wasn’t good enough so he decides to pull out too soon, call it a very serious premature withdrawl. But am heading to Utah just after the 4th to get the talent, set up. But I’m getting to this, I’d give two months guvrmnt money to see and experience some hot gal, to walk up to the door here, in skirt,hose heels, chatting and going for the real thing, my only worry there, is that it’d be so much a shock, I might have a heart attack, but what a way too go.

Any mile have work to do.

L8R Ya’ll

DXEWYNGS sign off

Quote of the Day:
Who in their right mind would ever need more than 640K of RAM!?
--Bill Gates, 1981
Ephesians 5:25-26“Husbands, love your wives, just as Christ loved the church and gave himself up for her to make her holy, cleansing her by the washing with water through the word,”

Brought to you by Copyright (C) . All Rights Reserved.

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