Tuesday, July 30, 2013

She says she don’t but we know that she do

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If one looks in a half dozen trade publications, its few and far between that many will admit, let alone publish news and information on HazzardAyre Radio. The fact that we entered the ears of many of our confederate brethren a bit late might have something to do with it, after all HazzardAyre is a melding of Dixie Diesel Trucker Radio and AyreWolf Radio into a more easily digestible package, but here’s the big one. HazzardAyre does not quit, more over while many of our area broadcasters do not like HazzardAyre or us who produce it, and even going so far as to say they will not say so, they do listen. They do read these blogs and our printed version, and the fact we beat most of them to the line, and have going to refire a full powerhouse of a super station.

I know these other outsiders read and hear. I see slightly tweaked, but still the same things we have said on air are repeated. Or I watch TV news and hear not just locally but on NBC Nightly News, CNN, and even FoX News, I see reports on the same things and even word from word copy being read on that teleprompter , as that of which either myself or one of our producers wrote.

From that midnight meeting in Buhl in the fall of 2009 to now, HazzardAyre has grown into a entity that few will argue against.

I subscribe to this online trade magazine called Talkers Magazine. It’s mostly on Talk radio , hosts etc. Thing is nothing in there about HazzardAyre. So lets attempt at giving some Northern Yankees some insight.

HazzardAyre is a local, as well as nationally syndicated radio show dedicated to the Confederate GearHeads across America. GearHeads for those not of knowing is those who love custom cars,trucks,bikes, and yes restoring vintage military aircraft. Our foundation is dedicated to being the north of the line, voice of the restoration of and honoring of Southern Culture, remembering the battles, and people who have yet to be praised as they fought against northern aggression and suppression. In essence the only both over the air as well as in syndicated form, voice of Dixie. While we share and why they are not spotlighted as well, but we mirror, a entity called Dixie Broadcasting.(www.dixiebroadcasting.com) however while mirroring in some ways, we are originals as well. Nobody is as aggressive about it as we are. In short, HazzardAyre is simply as its founding image is, we are fight the system, anti establishment, anti-conformist, none assimilated southern rebels with a cause, to give people both talk and music radio, as people really want it, without regard to stockholders, regulatory bodies, even some potential advertisers. HazzardAyre has its own Wikipedia page, and we’re not going to retreat.

The big news, is of course the kick off of our , new FM of 250,000 watts out of Buhl, in February 2014. That’s right the Super all Hazzard County style radio station rolls out as simply, K-D-O-H, (Dukes-of-Hazzard) Radio FM 105.7 of Buhl Idaho. Considering our tower location, means that much juice, takes us from Boise to ColdWater Idaho, and from Arco, to Contact Nevada. Because of that we have engaged a talent agency out of Utah that will provide the models for our 2014 Calendar, with a leading photographer that has shot many features for EasyRiders Magazine.

If Talkers Magazine wanted an article, the story of HazzardAyre is one for their eyes, as nobody does radio like HazzardAyre and us in the Knytes-of-Anarchy, stay tuned.

In closing, got a email from some seat cover that I guess applied for one of our Calendar spots. Saying she wanted to be in next years 2015 calendar. To which I said, Cynthia, your welcome to be part of this years, as next years will be strictly to the standards of the talent agency in Utah. The club and staff here at HazzardAyre will have little to do with casting for that, it’ll be call up the agency they send us who and what we want our buddy from EasyRiders comes shoots the thing its over. The open call CraigsList thing is over. The last few auditions and time away from more important duties was simply understanding and accepting that even though there might be some area photo talent here, none want to work with a hot-rod/Biker club.

We just simply ain’t doing that no more.

More on my personal life in the AM edition of HazzardAyre News.

Until Then truck and fly em


Quote of the Day:
True friends stay friends.
Matthew 5:14,16““You are the light of the world. A town built on a hill cannot be hidden. In the same way, let your light shine before others, that they may see your good deeds and glorify your Father in heaven.”

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She say she Don't but we know she do part 1

First off, wanted to do this up on my normal software, but seems like that Windows LiveWriter thing is having its weekly, so decided to save frustration would tell you of the goings on here this way.
Got an email from one of the honeys that had applied here at HazzardAyre for a spot on the calendar. Now understand the Hazzardayre/AyreWolf calendar is always a work of art. The photos that are done are always breathtaking and inspiring. The few gals that do get selected each year are paid for a weekend of work, about what they'd make in 3 months at any other job. Sadly though this year is the last year we will be doing freelance talent recruiting/casting. As of next year the xasting will be done strictly through an agency that we signed a contract as a club with Monday. No more Craigslist, no more going to the Mall, no more strange women at the Lair, nope, the agency gathers the talent together, we pay, they schedule, Doug our new hire from EasyRiders now one of our TV videographers and photo taker, but Doug does the shoot, its done, in the can, which in definition means that the film is in the canister, the term dates back to when pictures and movies were shot on film. 
So I will say to the gal that wants on for next year, Cynthia, if ya'll want in next year, ya'll better be in this years. Next year the club does not have any control over who is cast.
Simply put there are too many stuck up little prick teasers, that say yes, or kick tires that waste our time. So the club said , no more. 
Okay then, I find on a regular basis, words that come from our manual word processor aka typewriter , as well as on air from HazzardAyre Radio. So here's the skivvy. I subscribe online to a trade publication called Talkers Magazine, a thing of the 411 of talk radio. Bottom line there was a blip that asked if you have news, let us know. Okay I is.
There is no show anywhere else, and I mean as no where else on any station in the nation quite like or even like HazzardAyre. HazzardAyre is a production of Confederate Steele Media LLC, HazzardAyre is the melding of Hazzard County(Dixie-Diesel Trucker Radio) and AyreWolf WarByrd Radio into one 6 hour show, that is seconded to no one. HazzardAyre and us who produce it are not concerned with stockholders, regulatory bodies, or even potential advertisers that may be offended. The voice of Dixie and southern rebel culture and preservation of that culture and history, as well as where Gods word is spoken not just heard, is HazzardAyre.
Created in the fall of 2009, humbly in Buhl Idaho, HazzardAyre has grown into an entity that few can but try to argue with. Similar to Dixie Broadcasting,(www.dixiebroadcasting.com) out of Georgia, HazzardAyre is much more aggressive, but HazzardAyre is doing a bunch of strength training. Getting ready, for the launch, of our flagship radio station KDOH(Dukes-Of-Hazzard) FM 105.7 Buhl Idaho. Meaning 250,000 watts of pure confederate rebel radio will blanket Idaho. From Boise to American Falls, From Arco to Malta. The heart of it all? HazzardAyre.
Any way, need to catch some snooze. 
See ya'll in the morning.
L8R Ya'll

Monday, July 29, 2013

I just despise bottle necked yankees.

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So spent all nyte up watching Hulu, and digging on some shows that I think never made it because some idiotic network exec decided to pull the plug long before the series got situated and found its viewers. Shows like the new Knight Rider, with KITT as a Mustang. Not a bad show. Surpasses the original, and whole heap lot sexier. NBC did themselves an injustice by not allowing that to gain at least two more seasons.

So then, went out, drained some oil out of LiL Wolf, seems I had a few more quarts than it needed, runs okay now, but dig this, got approved on the Stang, so might be cooking in a new to me ride.

So with my day going in a good direction get an insurrection by some dillweed questioning my comments on Yahoo, about nylons fucking up fuzz radar. Thing is the concept works. Maybe the butt maggot, is looking at it with moving radar and all, but in my day, nylons of older manufacture had mercury in them, that when allowed to discharge really did a number on fuzz radar at 2 to 3 miles off. Don’t ask me how it works, but it does. I also know about the mercury being added to the dye vats, because when Kellwood Corp, was here in Twin Falls, that made nylons for women that retailed at JC Penny, Kmart and Sears under the Clingon brand , I got to see how they were made, it was a 4-H thing that got me in there. But the I’ll bet hardly dry behind the ears young punk, bottle necked yankee, starts telling me otherwise on something I know, I just have to put em in their place.

Then went to Wal-Mart, got my milk, got up to the check stand , here’s one older lady checking out a string of customers, the lady at the Jewelry department saw I was holding two gallons of cow juice, and checked me out there. Now somewhere before I got there I suppose, someone had pissed her off. I got her to smile, and all, but you could tell some underling employee there had tweaked her crank this morning.

Any way headed to bed for my afternoon nap. See all on the radio l8r tonight.

L8R Ya’ll

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Quote of the Day:
Progress depends on people knowing they'll be able to profit from their ideas.
--Deborah Neville
Psalm 119:93“I will never forget your precepts, for by them you have preserved my life.”

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Sunday, July 28, 2013

Blogger versus WordPress my experiences

Earlier this morning frustraited with the speed of an upload to this blog, I tried using an older account on WordPress. 

Before all of this understand, the best I had was a mere thing on a old now defunct Yahoo program. I got introduced to Blogger by a candidate for the Davis County Commissioners office of Utah.
Since then, I have been a Blogger fan in many ways. 
First Blogger is backed by Google that bought Blogger in 2003. My Gmail account overall is as near bullit proof as can be. And Blogger links together with my LiveWriter , meaning I can carve out things better that way. It looks good and I can add customization to my entry through LiveWriter. However this doesn't seem to be with WordPress. Even after I resigned up with WordPress the damn thing would not let me have access. Bullsbreath. Next , WordPress is its own company although there is noise that Facebook is looking to buy it, maybe some of the now for a cost options will become free if Facebook bought WordPress. 
I have tried em all, Webs.com ,Ning.com, that worked except they decided they needed to charge for their offerings. Bottom line and my choice, even sometimes slow in uploading, even with a few blunders. Overall my choice is still Blogger. The real bottom line, WordPress sucks.
L8R Ya'll

Just what is against the law anymore and how to get rid of Phlem.


So just what is against the law and what is permissible?

Its about blurred any more.

Of course there’s the obvious, and its presumed if you follow the Ten Commandments ya’ll should be okay, right? Really? Not so as much as we’d like to admit. Guys hooking up with and marrying other guys, yuck first, and two its not natural. The human body is made to accommodate the body of the opposite or other gender, not the same one. If you open air preach the lords word, you can be arrested, and especially if you open air preach that it’s a sin to be queer, my are you in for trouble. Its now labeled as a hate crime. Even a church can’t say to a newcomer that they know to be queers, hey Gays are not allowed here. Nope, can you say a picket line and CNN?

Then there is the crime of abortion. I say it’s a crime and is akin to murder. But hey in today’s society its supposed to be okay. If a hospital or private Doctor says no to a gal wanting one, except in the case of saving the mother, and it better be just that, but if that doc or Hospital says no, they can loose federal funds and accreditation.

Few weeks ago, before the Durango incident, Nancy’ kids started warming up to me. No , not that way, but wanted to give hugs and sit next to me on their couch. I shunned those kids away. These days if it ain’t your kid, you don’t dare warm up to any kid or any youth under the legal age, unless its in the direct eye of a Pastor, or their parents, even then its iffy. Being alone in uncomfortable settings is also a condition of the law being iffy. Alone at your home or in say a radio studio. One does not dare. Especially if one is in the same place. Oh yes we see kids going over to visit other kids on the Disney Channel. Like the episode of Shake It Up where the old guy wants to learn to dance, yea right? In that scenario in real life that old guy would be arrested post haste, if not severely questioned. There are other examples, but its one thing on TV, its another in real life, and on another world, the other world is the Tragic Valley of Idaho. As I look back on years gone by I can’t reason why Mom & Dad moved here in 1971. After all we had a really great home, I had friends even one gal who had a crush on me across the street who always wanted to smooch on my covering me with kids style lipstick. If I had known then what I know now, I could have just got out old Herman and said her Vickie, Kiss this.

I was 4.0 GPA, had a internship at the observatory at Hansen Planetarium , had a real girl in Peggy, Follett there, had friends, and was just starting to carve out a future in both broadcasting and the club then there. Although the club then had different foundation. More of scientific exploration that two wheels as in HD or in our case Suzuki. But hey.

I can remember that we came up here for some idiotic visit with my 3rd cousin Kathy’ parents Mick and Dave. The discovery of an old individualistic learning program at Hazzard High that was albeit prehistoric in today’s technology, but was computerized and had gobs of media as in TV and such. Mom & Dad thought and I’m sure that if reason had overcome short term consideration, we’d have stayed put. But nope here we came. From a world of nearly 20,000 even then, of Layton Utah where stores were within walking or bike distance, to a town of maybe 900 where McDonalds was nearly 35 miles away.

The first trip up was filled with disaster, like omens from God that Mom nor Dad wanted to heed. From the old Merc breaking a tie rod on I-15 as if the old Merc was saying I ain’t going and nor should you. But some fixing and off we came. With us dropping the Merc at a friends place in Snowville, to be retrieved later.

Simply put I never wanted to be here then, and I haven’t got much love for it now. Lets face it, Mom & Dad’s custom built home is so far away from me to rebuy that it’s a mission impossible. Most of those I grew up with have moved away from here, some way away from Idaho, with no intentions of coming back, if they do it’d be in one of the states more metro areas like Boise or Idaho Falls, not the damn Tragic Valley. Many of the gifts that Mom & Dad gave as far as boosts in commerce and environmental improvement have long been forgotten, and quite frankly if both on vehicle capability wise or the fact Charlie did not require me to be here to be my SSI Payee, I’d be gone with NO intention EVER to return.

But getting back on track here. Just what is legal, and not so any more? Even loving God, in many’s eyes is against the law. There is no prayer in schools, or many assemblies of Government. Used to be, there was a prayer gave at the beginning and end of City council meetings. No more even in LDS dominated Twin Falls. In God we Trust has been removed from our currency, and hades forbid if you say thanks to God in public. Dig this, two incidences. A young lady sits down, at the food court at the Magic Valley Mall, has her Subway sandwich and all in front of her. Starts to give God thanks for the food, somebody else overheard her, reported her and the lady was ushered out of the Mall. For saying grace on her lunch. First too many nosey people and two; can Mall management say you can’t worship here, even as to blessing your food? Second incident: Young boy at one of the new High Schools here, began his day, with a prayer in class. Teacher sent him to the Principal. End result the kid was suspended. For praying, before class started. Really? Has our society turned that much away from God?

Finally this morning, been having trouble with the phlem issue again, don’t think I have the flu, but here’s one for you. In the time I was in Burley , especially both Heyburn as well as out to the shop, the one redeeming value to both is, even with mice all over, was I had no phlem. Not even the flu. Could it be that Twin Falls has become polluted air quality wise that my weak one lung fills up with gunk? Why is it that if that’s so, and not just me, but why is it that there are no or very few environmental regulations in place for the greater Twin Falls area? Including vehicle emission testing. I ain’t saying Utah is much better, but at least they try to make it where you can breathe down there. Maybe its time our political leaders here need to take a strong look at air quality in the greater Twin Falls/Jerome area.

At 72 degrees, your up to date.

L8R Ya’ll


Quote of the Day:
I detest the man who hides one thing in the depths of his heart and speaks forth another.

Philippians 3:14“I press on toward the goal to win the prize for which God has called me heavenward in Christ Jesus.”

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Two critters don't play well with each other

So been trying to get another entry downloaded that seems to be taking forever, even after restarting my damn computer 3 times, downloading LiveWriter's update,. And its still trying to upload to Blogger.
Guess the idea of making the point of God's discontent of queers is a bit too much or something. Any mile looked into WordPress. Thought was import our blog there, seems to work for some others. Problem is WordPress and Google' Blogger don't play well with each other, in fact don't play at all. Wonder why we need a computer tech here at HazzardAyre? Any mile, so thought is, what constitutes what is and isn't against the law any more? Certainly even in America that has its founding based on freedom of religion and all, one can get arrested for open air preaching. Now I wouldn't do that for a ton of reasons, Mainly cause I'd rather preach on air on HazzardAyre Radio, but, there are those that are good at it. Saw a thing on Wretched TV about a guy getting tagged and caged in San Fransico for doing open air preaching. What caused him to get arrested? Talking about queer marriage. That seems to be a big thing now days. For the life of me really, I can't think of the attraction in any way. A handshake or mild hug with another guy is about as close to that , as I'll get. The thought of having intimate relations with another guy, no way. Yuck. Now then and to each their own, watching two queer women going at it, ain't bad, but even that God did not make people with the idea of them doing each other. Guys do gals, gals do guys, that's it. Even children get mixed signals in a gay marriage environment. Its just not what God had in mind, and none of us are smart enough to second guess God. 
But then one has to be careful in public. Before the Durango fiasco, over at Nancy'. Her kids started warming up to me, No, not that way, but wanting to sit next to me on her couch, hugging and all. I had to push them away. Why? Who knows who comes in sees that and thinks oops pervert or worse. Calls the heat, nope don't want that. You can't be loving too much to kids, as it'll come back to bite you by the ass. 
How about prayer? Used to be city councils and all had prayers at the start of their meetings, this being LDS dominated and all area. Nope none of that any more. Saw a lady in the Magic Valley Mall other day, ordered a sandwich at Subway, had her eats and all. Started to say grace before she ate. Some Mexican fat person, overheard it, protested to Mall management the lady got threw out of the mall, just for saying grace. Then heard of a kid over at the other high school here in twin falls, starts to pray before school started, gets suspended for it. Have we gotten so against God, that this happens? Our nation and society has lost its way there is only two saving graces left, southern culture and God himself. The two are mutually inclusive. 
Any way the other entry pooped out, so I'll post this one, at least I got out what I needed to say. Going to try the other in a few minutes.
L8R Ya'll

The week is over


So went to sleep, didn’t think I was tired, but off to dreamland I went.

I think that gal from Boise who is applying for an internship here at HazzardAyre Radio came down, but don’t know. I got three phone calls right in order, but no return number and no message. So don’t know. If it was her, I did give plenty of notice that if she was coming down to confirm she was coming, she didn’t so , I give up on that.

My only projects right now are my rides, getting my hide to Sturgis next week, and in 8 months, have my six in Eastern Idaho. I was looking at ads in the Morning News of Blackfoot, found a few that made sense, but discovered something else, good old Stan’s in Blackfoot has closed and is up for sale. I can see the Reaper in back, I can see a cafĂ© in front. And I can imagine Knytes Hall in the middle. Of course there would be a need for a radio studio somewhere there, but hey BlackFoot is where LexiBelle got her name from, so this could be cool.

I’m not going to be on air for a few weeks, I need some time off from it. Not taking away from my duties to the club, but my body and mind need time to heal . The mental strain from all that has happened in Twin Falls over the last 8 months , the radio station, recruiting help, from a bunch of prick teasers that had no real intention of delivering on air, or ability to, makes it to where until the FCC grants the refire certificate, I’m kicking back and enjoying life. Do the odd jobs for Charlie that I do, fix my rigs, maybe get the Stang, and just live life a bit. Renew my relationship with Jesus Christ, as far as anything else, putting that off until I get relocated back over yonder in eastern Idaho.

Any way, to Tanya, if you did come down sorry I missed you, but ya’ll should have confirmed you were coming down. If not , I think we’ll move on.

Watching some of Gods TV shows then going back to bed.

See ya’ll Sunday sometime.

L*R Ya’ll


Quote of the Day:
The cynic is his own worst enemy. It requires far less skill to run a wrecking company than it does to be an architect.
--U.S. Andersen
Philippians 3:14“I press on toward the goal to win the prize for which God has called me heavenward in Christ Jesus.”

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Saturday, July 27, 2013

The old Internet please?


I would say the gray mare ain’t what she was, but at least with a mare, if it gets too difficult ya’ll can shoot it and be done with it.

I use our grand Internet for a variety of important and not so much projects and tasks.

The insides of computer tech I’m still feeling my way on most of it. I consult with many pros in the field just about every week.

I was introduced to the Internet, in 1995 somewhere, in Evanston Wyoming, started chatting with some gal on Yahoo, when there still was open chat lines. What happened to that? Was it strictly the threats and all that put that to the skids? I remember at least 20 chat rooms or more I’d visit everyday, usually early in the morning. There were people, at least I think they were people there , that I called friends. The topics varied of course depending on the day but it was cool just to shoot the shit with a bunch of yankees and a few confederates. Got into one on MSN, before that became a paid for thing, in essence we had to pay to chat. I don’t need to spend money or at least that much money to chat, $1.35 at the Depot Grill gets that done.

Then came the free classifieds. The radio net, used to get some really good employees and interns that way, then that too became a paid for gig. Nope not paying for that, if I got to pay going to the local want ad rag . Back then if you searched for something, you most likely found it. The web crawlers usually were quite accurate. True any search then as well as today, meant not finding much if anything older than 1979 , but the little buggers would try. Then came Google, made kazillion bucks with having paid for results pop up, followed by Wikipedia results, and if it just happened to be a theme song of some sort, speaking of which been trying to find the old opening to the Road Gang trucker radio show. Not the version of what was when Charley Douglas hosted it, but Dave Nemo hosted the show. It was catchy and cool, reason for that is to get some outfit we have under contract now, in Fort Worth do something similar. I had that damn thing on cassette, but the tape got caught in a player and got trashed. So started searching, found every damn thing but.

Monday going to get in touch with Nemo himself and see if I can back track that. But it seems the Internet has just about came to a dead end.

I want the old Internet, where 80% of it was free, it was real information not ads, and where people really connected. Of course I want to go back to a lot of things, like when it was man liked woman, married woman. When there was no talk of queers marrying queers. When the Boy Scouts did not allow that, if some other kid tried that in the bunk at camp, a switch blade was applied. Took the want right out of that other kid. Not today, now the troubled Boy Scout environment is where gays get in there. Our morals, have decayed so badly, that there is only God and southern confederacy that’s going to save this nation now. The World itself is in turmoil. I saw this clip on Wretched last night of some gal, doing a mid east version of the MTV show Punked. This guy who was a Jihad was being interviewed by a Jew. seemed innocent until that Muslim bastard found out she was a Jew, then the dude unloaded on her. I mean really? Help us Jesus. More people are turning to Christ than ever before, not because they have all of a sudden gotten a case of Godly love, its because they know as all us Christians always have that the only one that can save us is Jesus Christ. But hey ya’ll can’t say that, and all forbids or maybe it’s the ALA that forbids, any up in the face discussion of gay rights. You start preaching against same gender marriage, and you can be arrested. Two cases in Texas now are being tried, under hate crimes laws. Wasn’t one of the corner stones of our nations founding based on freedom of religion? Pretty soon, I’ll not be able to call the northern aggressors of our southern union Yankees any more. That’ll be a hate crimes violation. Of course saying anything about same gender marriage is one thing, but even worse, one shall not speak of different races marrying. Of course this goes against nature. Often split race marriages end up in bitter divorces over really serious circumstances and kids are the innocent bystanders and victims. A German Shepard does not hitch up to a poodle, Same species, but different critter mix. Certainly you’d never find a Wolf making out with a chi Wawa, even though distant in species, does our canine cousins know more than we? God supposedly made humans to be in charge of the planet to know more than critters, but any more , although I’m on the fence between Darwinism, and creation as its outlined. still God is pee-owed. I don’t want although I most certainly will, but I’m not looking forward to seeing the results when God on his throne finally says, oops that’s enough.

But hey can we have the Old internet back?

As I promised, found an early model F body Stang, that the guy wants $5,000.00 for. It’s in not that bad a shape. Needs some minor rebuilding, but looking to build that into what I will call the Little Lady. Bet ya’ll thought I was going to say Gen Jackson, didn’t ya’ll? Naw, that’s reserved for one of two Chargers I found over near Burley, that I’ll do after the relocate project next year. The Little Lady will be something looking like the big Lady>311821_332889463471971_926533141_n  only on a car rather than a Bell 222A. The dealer says, he can get me financed, we’ll see.

Last here, you might have noticed that my presence on HazzardAyre Radio >hazzardayre radio logo, reason being, until the green light is gave by the FCC there isn’t much more we can do. On air talent recruitment in the area? Yea right, might as well spit in the wind or fart in the wind. Gets as much results. Like some gal from Boise that’s supposed to show up today, no confirmation, hey I’m not waiting around and fussing any more. Just wish all job recruitment went as well and produced the results as our Lair keepin job. That little gal with kids and hubby, showed up, cleaned this place so good you could nearly eat off the floor. If I had that kind of effort on air, and don’t think I wont try to get her over to that, but if she was on radio, with that kind of quality she did on the Lair, shit, I can see Emmy, Grammy , and CMA awards.

So I am busting hump on my trucks, tending to my own company duties, helping Charlie where I can, which puts my too pooped to pop, on air, so I sleep. Allot.

See ya’ll this afternoon on our syndicated edition of HazzardAyre>hazzardayre radio logo

L8R Ya’ll


Quote of the Day:
Always do right. This will gratify some people and astonish the rest.
--Mark Twain
Hebrews 12:1“Therefore, since we are surrounded by such a great cloud of witnesses, let us throw off everything that hinders and the sin that so easily entangles. And let us run with perseverance the race marked out for us,”

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Friday, July 26, 2013

Local sluts.com others wont write this , I will !!

HAZZARDAYRE LOGO 1aw new knyte flyte

Okay your cruising your inbox, you check your spam inbox since some emails that are legit are there, just mislabeled. So you see the site www.localsluts.com so you think , no big deal. First, DON’T CLICK ON IT !!! The site has bots, malware, spyware, and Trojans, and I’m not speaking of your peter covers either. One of our members did stumble into it, took months to get rid of the damn thing.

It’d be great if just one online site promising fast times in the sack, but sadly that ain’t happening. Even with the looseness of todays people, there is no such things as a FREE quick breed.

Saw a thing on Wretched TV that had an out take with some gals from some sorority on some college somewhere. In which these gals had no problem doing the nasty for kicks, wish a few lived here in Twin Falls, and attended CSI. Anymile , the majority of women today are not looking for numbers they’re looking for some guy with dollars that they can exploit , not just sexually , but financially. Find a guy, doink him, get knocked up, then get his money through child support. That’s the way women at least a lot of women make good money. That’s another reason although able, I look poor and drive less than obvious rat rod trucks. But these guys flying around in their diesel Fords and Dodges all chromed out just put a sign on em saying honeys I’m yours for the taking the gals think yep that’s right and really take you. To the cleaners, to court, over divorce, child support. That little letter you get from IDH&W, that says Greetings, ain’t greetings at all, its more like howdy pard, you played, now your going to pay.

Ace Of Spades said it best, the only thing separating a prostitute from a wife is a golden ring.

I read this thing on a out take news source, that there are even women and I couldn’t do this, but women who wait until about the 5th month of pregnancy to establish grounds for Child support, then abort the baby. How can anyone just off some tiny , defenseless human being, a part of God, just to make money from the Welfare system? I can’t fathom abortion in any form. Its not Christian, nor is it human. True Guppies eat their young, but are we tiny fish? Animals in the wild especially Wolvez will not eat the young. If a parent dies, there are many in the pack that raise and care for it. You’d never see a wolf knowingly fatally terminate its pregnancy. Guess wolvez are smarter than humans.

Then some idiotic dillweed on Yahoo, said my comment on using nylon hose to deflect speed radar was wrong. Okay I’m not a engineer of that sort, but years ago since I like the product on women, I looked into other things nylons can be used for. They work well for polishing chrome and sterling silver. In a pinch, on the road your serpentine belt breaks? A nylon tied together will get you to civilization . It does work. I discovered the thing on radar about the late 70’s, cop pulls me over, says, I had you once then you vanished off the radar. I timed it out, at about the time he squeezed the trigger on the speed gun, my gal at the time had just takn off her heel. With some further research, found out the chemical engineers were liquefying mercury in tiny minute particles, and pouring it in with the dye to color nylon hose. Sudden discharge such as taking off a shoe, produced a metallic cloud, unseen by the eye, but enough to deflect the radar signal. The hosiery manufacturers were using the mercury as metal flake to produce a sheen, and some sparkle to the stockings. Of course , lining the underside of your hood also produced the same effect, just as tin foil would, except the metallic effect of the nylon hose would last as long as there was heat under the hood. The engine heat would release the metal flakes,.

Nylon hose works as a strainer on a paint gun cup to remove the dirt and clumps before they get in the paint. They work as a ligament sling in an emergency as well as to cut off the flow of an artery in a wreck involving a major cut. But did this buttwipe on Yahoo, figure that out? Hell no, gotta be a yankee.

Still waiting to hear on my new to me Mustang, although priced out high it has a boss 302 under its Pinto sized hood. Details Saturday.

L8R Ya’ll


Quote of the Day:
It is a great thing to start life with a small number of really good books which are your very own.
--Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
Hebrews 12:1“Therefore, since we are surrounded by such a great cloud of witnesses, let us throw off everything that hinders and the sin that so easily entangles. And let us run with perseverance the race marked out for us,”

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Get it right or quit


Okay so this cat, who does Redneck on Facebook, posts this link to a video of some young gal bungling curling her hair with a curling iron. Thing was, try as I might, I could not load the video from the link, but went to YouTube, and watched it, along with the follow up to the video.

Now understand when it comes to YouTube, I have not the foggiest idea of how to upload a video, to YouTube. Otherwise I’d upload vids of me doing HazzardAyre. But because I don’t I don’t post or do what I can’t. I’ll have more overnight on this, but the fact is, if you can’t do it right don’t do it. As far as Facebook postings, it goes to what my mom said when I was just a wolf pup, its better to let people think your stupid than open mouth and remove all doubt, or in this case stick to posting redneck humor, not videos, you don’t do it well.

Been having continuity issues today on both cell and SpeedConnect. Of course from Idaho Falls here to Twin Falls SpeedConnect’s backbone runs over Syringa’s towers and network, are the two mutually messed up? Today is the only day I been having trouble, but then maybe SpeedConnect and Syringa both are having issues that no one else noticed. Time for my nap, see ya’ll overnight on HazzardAyre. That I do, and do well.

L8R Ya’ll


Quote of the Day:
Vegetarian is an old Indian word meaning bad hunter.
Hebrews 11:1“[Faith in Action] Now faith is confidence in what we hope for and assurance about what we do not see.”

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Can we have English as the main language in this nation?


Called the offices of our people at XM Sirius, back in NYC. Of course had network issues with Syringa, but that’s more than likely a service problem on Syringa’s end. Any mile So there I was trying to get some Hispanic gal, whom most likely has never completed American education, to connect me with the right person. Finally got to them but my the hurdles I had to go through.

Hey America opens its arms, people flood in, and the time we are restructuring immigration issues, the main thing at the top of the list ought to be, if you can’t speak, write, read or fully understand English, stay home in Mexico, or India or where ever until you can.

Now granted trying to understand Southern American talk may be a slight jump, in the understandability department, but my people this is OUR nation.

It does not matter what your trying to do. Call The FCC, as I’ve been doing all day , and attempt to navigate between departments, and the first button is for those speaking Mexican then number two for English. Shouldn’t this be the other way around? In fact shouldn’t American Government agencies require English as the only, I mean ONLY language? It’s not brain surgery here, or perhaps it is.

Speak American or stay home.

L8R Ya’ll


Quote of the Day:
If your number one goal is to make sure that everyone likes and approves of you, then you risk sacrificing your uniqueness and, therefore, your excellence.
Hebrews 11:1“[Faith in Action] Now faith is confidence in what we hope for and assurance about what we do not see.”

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Thursday, July 25, 2013

Shrinks and Tragic Valley

HAZZARDAYRE LOGO 1stinky truth toew notes

So was set to visit with Todd for next to the final time, as he’s moving to Boise, which means a new PSR, more on that in a few, but he had an emergency, so cancelled. Then was set to go see a med expert at this other outfit out on Eastland. The gal I was to see is cool enough, but when it comes to mental health, in Magic Valley is really limited. The only reason I’m even messing with any of them, is to get one, with a real title of Doctor, in their name to write a simple letter to SSI , so I can get my SSI Disability funds in my hands rather than a payee. Then I can unplug myself from this bassackwards valley and into a environment that does not consider pursuing or enhancing a career in the arts, mainly radio, isn’t a wyld notion.

This visit today was called short since Little wolf wouldn’t start, battery kaput, so that’s on a charger should be up in a few, but I really thing that my involvement with The Babbs over on Eastland is most obviously not going to be productive. I have no intention of taking any more meds other than what I’m taking, the damn things have damn near killed me already, and one or two just might be what’s pushing my diabetes. Can’t sleep, when I do sleep have goofy dreams, that wake me up, can’t be productive. It ain’t worth it. I just want a release letter to SSI, that says I can manage my own affairs and be done with it.

Now to that outfit on Eastland that I was to go see. They can’t get me in until the first of September, can you say I’m going over for my paper work before then and saying thanks but no thanks. Guess I’ll just have to wait until I get to eastern Idaho to get the release for SSI.

Between PSR’s, PST’s PT’s and so on , phooey, thing is the entire structure is all screwed up. The methodology behind it all was and is simply, Cousin Bud was appointed Trustee of the Montgomery Foundation long before my Mom & Dad’s death. When Mom died and after the death of the primary Trustee, Cousin Bud, became the person in charge of funds. Mostly because at 24 years old Mom and Dad did not think that I had enough acumen to manage $250, million. Somewhere in 1995 Cousin Bud increased the investment in Flying J that went bankrupt, and then joined Pilot Travel Plazas. Additionally, Bud invested some $60,000.00 into this thing called Metro Securities out of Portland Oregon somewhere. I never knew where the money went or not, nor what we owned , but it was big. In 2005 Cousin Bud, took the last $200K out of our account added it to 2nd Cousin Gordon’s, and created AyreWolf Aviation. With the idea I’d stay in Utah. When that didn’t happen, that put that on somewhat shakey air. But its stayed operational and I get a good check once a year off of that, but the Social Security thing came in when Bud thought, lets take the fact that I have PTSD on a very minor version there of, get me SSI funds so I could at least live. Because Bud had been Trustee of the Foundation he felt he needed to be caretaker of the SSI funds as well, so set up a payee thing. When Cousin Bud , because of his diabetes became unable to manage the SSI funds , I got an outfit out of Blackfoot, to do it, Although she really messed things up, and I’m still climbing out of. If it were not the kindness of the Knytes , I’d have gone bonkers over this months ago. It was by kindness as well that Charlie took over these Payee duties. But like my PSR, I’ve outgrown the Tragic Valley, what I want to do vocationally and all is just not possible in this area. But I’m stuck until I get this SSI money in my hands or at least in the hands that someone, somewhere else can manage it. That’s why I’m still in Twin Falls, not American Falls. That’s why the radio station remains under construction in Buhl, and not yet in Aberdeen.

But that outfit out on Eastland , is not for me. And I informed them of that today. I could get ugly and say their front desk and receptionists need a bunch more education, but hey in this town you hire who you can get, not whose most qualified. As there’s a shortage of anyone or anything qualified to hire for anything in the Magic Valley, including PSR’s and the like. Shute remember how long it took for Alliance to find Todd.

So that’s been my day.

See ya’ll overnight on the radio.



Quote of the Day:
Critics are like eunuchs in a harem. They're there every night, they see it done every night, they see how it should be done every night, but they can't do it themselves
--Brendan Behan--Quoted by Gyles Brandreth in *Theatrical Disasters*
Psalm 119:60“I will hasten and not delay to obey your commands.”

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