Wednesday, July 12, 2017

What I did this evening is really what I moved back to Hazzard for and yes now My General is official he made his first jump

Okay true got a few 
milking machines before the cows, but after scarfing down a grease burger and fries and swallering a MnT Dew, I decided to get a bubble out of the General, so cruised down to Hazzard. Got there pulled into Ziggy's there which used to be the Motor Inn course there ain't been no motel rooms there for a couple of eons. Washed my window and took out of town towards West-Point. Detouring past the old homestead, saw not much going on there, further investigation is needed. Crimson's guy said at dinner that he wanted to have it a sure thing this model stuff Now if someone wanted proof that I and the club is real, all one would need do is go look. Yes that big house was ours, that big fat 300 acres of prime farm land was ours and the money we rather I get from harvest from thereof, is not proof, then short of the return of Jesus, wouldn't prove it. 
So off down the old road, the feeder pipe under the road that still offers just enough lift at 60mph, gave me and Johnny a bit of a uplifting experience. Yes this is Hazzard. Or at least as much of an identical place as what ya'll saw on The Dukes. Hagerman got the nickname Hazzard Idaho in 1984 and like it or not still shows its ready to be rejuvinated again. Coming out of the Quail housing project, was looking elsewhere and if not for Hazzard driving experience the General and us might have been toast. As it is there's some serious black marks on that pavement. Saw the old Boars Nest, it does look nice. 
What I have noticed though is that for all these doubting sisters and upcoming prospects to the Club, if you doubt, lets go look, I'll show you its deffinately worth your time.
So coming home , stopped off at this turn out, shut off the General, popped open a Bud, and Johnny and I looked into the sky, and I remembered, that beyond the Knytes, beyond the tush's for poster pin up girls, and all of that, the cow smells, the hay smells, its this open sky, this is why I moved back to Hazzard.

On the 30 yard line but still have a very long distance to get to the goal line

Last week this time I was all aflutter putting the ad projects in line and life looking good. A person with drive and ability and all in the command seat of the modeling talent recruitment and training, so I could get my body headed into the direction of building bikes and going toewing, but that was last week. Since Sunday that I skipped Church for, some major talent find pow wow's and all and it comes to pass, that about the only talent we have is Crimson. The rest have pretty much bugged out. Now I know that once the locals here see Crimson on billboards just outside of town, and on TV both local as well as on Velocity, on our big rig truck customizing TV show etc, coming direct from here in Wendell, and of course Hazzard, the rest of the hold back honeys will be begging for a spot in our menagerie. As it is guess what ? Its Crimson and I. 
I was naive in thinking that in just what 5 years attitudes and all would change here in our area. More over thinking that just because It's us in both the Knytes and the WolfPack, were the foundation of the casting. Many forgetting there was an era that the clubs and I together could buy and sell the entire county, and many places outside of it. The fact that many fat cows from Governor Otter to The Simplot's gained much of their financial wealth, from the Montgomery Foundation. The growth that this valley has had in the last 15 years or even longer than that came directly and indirectly from the Knytes/WolfPack and or Montgomery Foundation. All these Quick Response Medical Units were started by myself and the Knytes. That fancy ass'd fire station, in Hazzard itself, 80% of the bank on that came from the Montgomery Foundation. The fact that two corrupt politicians  a county tax money bean counter and a real estate broker, stole my home near Hazzard, I have never complaigned about. However there is payment due, and favors that need to be paid up. I'm in this cute little house now, and I ain't going anywhere. This now is my home, but simple things like the radio station, talent agency and promotion gigs for my shop, toew service and yes the Club, need to be honored. So all these stuck up little twats, put away the shield of your so called sweet lies, and put nylons on your thighs and get up here and do photography for the Knytes/WolfPack Guys.

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Bad News and even more crappy news,

Just when you get used to a product and really love it to the obsession stage, corporate bigots pull it from the shelves. Maybe its time for Coke and Pepsi just sell Coke and Pepsi, and no longer sell side drinks, like Mountain Dew, or my precious Dewshine . Heard the news from Pepsi direct, they have pulled it for good. Now this may not be a big thing, but consider this, at the SuperBowl this year when Lady GooGoo, was doing her concert during half time, did you notice in her hand, a bottle of yes you got it, Dewshine. With that kind of gesture that Pepsi, would have woke up there. Considering the bad pr they got over some ill placed TV ads. But nope no more Dewshine. However all is not lost, if more people called Pepsi at 1-800-433-2652 and said they wanted the product back, it'd be back. This is not the first time that I've experienced this. Back in 2004/2005 I was hooked on Mello Yello. A Coke product. All of a sudden no Mello Yello. However one store owned by a former Utah area Coke executive, got my Mello Yello, over in Morgan Utah. I would drive the equal distance of 80 miles, (40 each way) to get my Mello Yello. Maybe that seems extreme but when I want something I will go the distance to get it. Pepsi says Dewshine wasn't selling very well. Duh? Was there ever any kind of ad or promotion push on the sweet beverage? Those long necked glass bottles with that pure necture, was good and not gassy. It didn't taste like anything else. 
HazzardAyre Radio and the Knytes-of-Dixie(aka Iron Knytes Association) are rallying to the cause of bringing this great product back to the shelves. Join with us and help to bring back and preserve Dewshine.
Call Pepsi's corporate offices at 1800-433-2652 tell them you want Dewshine back.
Okay then, the slogan of NAPA know how ought to be NAPA Auto Parts don't know nothing, no how no way. Went to our local NAPA Auto Parts store today for a very inexpensive battery charger, There was one alright, at $138.00 and it wasn't very fancy at all. Drove up the street to Orieley's and guess what? $50.00 and I was on my way, hooked up to the Mini wolf, and getting the job done. Went over to Perkin's Auto shop here, with Nate not being able to get at it, and all so in Mini Wolf goes in there to get the oil leak fixed,(hopefully this time) So I can get at this move thing. 
But hey this is not the only way today my day was messed up.
Went in early this morning as I reported on Wolf With a Blog, to Walmart to buy a battery for LexiBelle. Found the battery, bought it, went out removed and replaced, then trucked into town with the old core, only to find I had to wait damn near a half hour to get waited on. This was a simple core return and a whopping $12.00 . None of the old farts in there trying to be technicians knew how to get me a core return refund, they had to call an assistant manager in to the service desk in Tires& Batteries, and even he had to call a supervisor to take care of me, when I explained that me being retained there for a half hour was costing me business, I told them they could pay me $40.00 or a half hour of my time of $80.00 a tow. The little fart knocker, just brushed me off, but watch who I don't go, to get something simple done. None of those old farts are ever going to get under the hood of anything I own. 
Just complete stupid. Must be that nuclear testing in Nevada years ago, must have effected the gene pool here.
Any mile, call Pepsi and lets at least save Dewshine.

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Bad NEWS: HazzardAyre Radio will be off the air for two weeks, Good News, We'll be back on Mothers Day

The bad news: HazzardAyre Radio will be off the air on until mid May. Seems there is an unsolvable problem with a feedback loop that can't be corrected without a ton of investment in alternate hardware, although the audio works on and others. So May 1st , we'll be cancelling our service with . I will say Spreakers one tech guy tried, but he as admitted was no audio engineer. However the GOOD NEWS, we'll be back on air on both LIVE365, as well as on next month, as well as on at   . As well as on I'll let you know when and where. My expert advice to is, why not put up a notice that says something like this: SPREAKER.COM good for hobbiest podcasters , not for professional use. 
More importantly having contract or at least audio engineers that can solve problems in the pro broadcast field. More over base the blooming company in the United States. Not France.
More details in the morning, but I will say this, we'll keep but only as a severe emergency back up, not for our main source. The work around I found was to do all my shows on tape and music on CD's from an external audio source, and not use Spreakers, playlist on Spreakers console.

Saturday, April 15, 2017

Wanna chase away a bad ghost? Get Adam, and once again back in part on

Wanna chase away a troublesome spirit or ghost? If you live in or near Etown Wyoming, get Adam, my complex managers son, who now pilots a rig for Knight-Swift. That kid can get out his smell purtty sticks and all and the spirits take a long walk elsewhere. See the folks that built the Wentworth Apartments here don't read history, since they missed this, but this entire piece of real estate was once a Native American buriel site as well as where that ancient gold miner lost his wife and son and himself when Butch Cassidy shot him right where the Wentworth now sits. Yes way down deep those bodies reside. Their spirits no longer hide and want revenge. So they learn what they can, by reading and some know how to use a computer since many mornings I walk into the studio and find my trusty old Dell activated. Even after I have completely shut it down. 
Okay then; if ya'll want a real Ghost Buster, call Adam. 
Had to do something I really didn't want to do, but in the thoughts of preservation of all things HazzardAyre Radio I had to. I downloaded and reinstalled my software for . I really didn't want to go back to that platform, but the inability of the tech crew at to solve a troublesome problem involving THEIR software ie their console interlink, the problem is a severe echo, that was costing us audience. So while I'm still there, its do up shows on Livestream, tape them and reair on . I suppose still although the technology should be perfected by now since the idea of a webstream radio station, has been around since 1999,(wish we would have discovered it back then) yet with a half dozen streaming services, the streaming industry is still playing catchup. Don't get me wrong even a good country band has a few clunkers, but if your going to charge for a product it should be ready for primetime rather than a beta product, masking itself as a pro broadcasting streaming service. Read that LIVE 365 is back up, going to look into that on the 1st, when there's cash in our stash. I gave Spreaker until Monday or at least next week to get it together or say good bye to the Knytes and HazzardAyre/KDXD AM KSOA FM. Sure Livestream for the low cost of zero gives me only three hours, but if I can get 3 hours of near no trouble broadcasting online, at least that's 3 hours I can bill. I'd rather enjoy building a 3 hour show that I can air that all can hear without a tech goof up, than having to all the time do engineering and not being able to create. comes with its own interface software console, as long as you don't use the Playlist feature it works fine, but activate that Playlist feature and you might as well be broadcasting from within a metal pipe. 
So find us on all our old Livestream channels as well as still on  
Taking overnight in some resting our sweetheart from Vegas is on her way up here. Can't wait, hope she's wearing stockings. Any way catch all on the radio tonight into Sunday morning.
L8R Aviators.

Thursday, April 13, 2017

When a lady Mormon missionary captivates your mind

This is a subject that most likely hasn't or haven't been wrote or talked about.
While it's not too common for a woman to get the warm fuzzy feelings over a male LDS Missionary, its most likely not discussed when the reverse of that occurs. However I am being compelled to carve this out as I shed my threads and get ready to hit the rack, and unloading a very long day. 
Tuesday afternoon after I ventured over to our property managers office to gripe about the lady unloading her cig smoke, in her domicile, I stumbled upon two of our local residing Missionaries, of two young ladies spreading the gospel, of Jesus Christ, and opening some eyes as to the true faith on this Earth.  Now as it just so happens , one of these Missionaries was pretty much generic looking, but the dark haired one was a more than average in a good way looking Missionary, who had some kind of strawberry, candied perfume on that utterly rose my attention level a few points. Don't know if it was that, or if it wasn't perfume, but that of her hand cream or something, but it sure smelled Heavenly none the less. What bothers me a bit, is the fact that I would even have any kind of romantic or similar feelings of a young lady out, doing the Lords work. Is it wrong that I should have these feelings or since after all Missionaries are human. As such of age and why not have visions? It troubles me that a 59 year old man that is more of a fence sitting Church member to begin with, should be viewing one of these walking angels with a none church eye. Maybe it is the fact that for many years since Janice left me, I have prowled the bad and good lands of the Mountain West alone, and solo, that companionship beyond anything physical is not only welcomed but craved. Given that at least here in Etown there isn't many women to connect with in my age demographic. Most here are burly women, that for climatic conditions gain weight and look like small bears, or are way too old or extremely too young. Now the LDS Church, has problems with the thing of socializing anymore. Once you hit a certain age there are few places to gather fellow LDS members in a way to meet a suitable lady, that is or is near being Temple ready. This was one of the main issues with Shelly and I, she just wasn't in a mindset, to jump in a fire of meeting with Missionaries and becoming a member of the church. This is one of my main requirements of any kind of mating. 
But the question is; and I'm still struggling with this: Is it okay or blaspheme to consider a female Missionary as one to court? 
Okay two more items that have came up.
The Hazzard(aka) Knytes-of-Dixie has considered and mandated me to move over and command the Ayre wing of the organization, aka the AyreWolvez Military Aviation Association. This will not change much of my duties, however my focus will be more on flying rather than the MC as well as the Iron Knytes Association. Bottom line instead of planning biker rallies , I'll be more into producing ayre shows. That is Airshows. 
The last here. I have noticed that there is a terrible echo on our cyber-radio broadcasts. This is something that we are working on. As such , want to welcome our new systems engineer to the WolfPack, his name is Timmy. 
See us on the radio,

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

When your Missionaries smell better than you do and coalition banning together to thwart intellectual thefts on facebook

Early in my years in our Church, the idea of female missionaries was unheard of. I'm sure there was some, but I never knew any different. However here in the Shangrala of ETown Wyoming, we have a set of female Missionaries that of one is a rather super fox. Member or not, there ain't many male corpuscles worth their conoles that would refuse taking lessons from these two especially the curly dark haired one. She did the usual customary hand shake, don't know what bubble gum flavored stuff she had on her hands but dang they sure did smell purrtty, and now my right paw smells flowerly as well. 
Okay then was reading in one of my trade publications, of a coalition getting up some steam out of Washington State, on thwarting the intellectual theft on facebook. 
 Seems some photographers, film studios, models and actors acctress's are bitching about the unauthorized use of their images in and on some questionable pages and posting in some groups. From what I read this coalition is planning a big class action law suit against both facebook for allowing it as well as the individual posters. This coalition is also aiming at Pinterest as well./ Don't own the pic? Didn't create the pic or post, best not post it as the fake news and copyright police are out in droves. They plan on taking down as many sites as they can. As an example; did you notice that if your using Google Chrome, that the old logos at the bottom of your blog posts no longer have the ways to instantly post the your entries? Same with YouTube, if you can't prove you own the content, you'll get tons and tons of warnings to not use copyrighted music. After awhile if you do , you either get banned from YouTube or your content does, or it gets restricted. That's why I don't post our radio shows on YouTube anymore. Even though as a bonefide broadcaster, that pays north of $2,million a year for use fees, still who do you call to say your mistaken? You can't its a big hasstle, so why bother? 
Got in touch with Alesha last night. Don't know if it was a fluke, but she sure has a sweet voice, watch and tune in for her on upcoming HazzardAyre Radio shows. Can't wait till she gets here this weekend. Just hope she smells as sweet as the Missionary. 

Monday, April 3, 2017

Told Facebook to pretty much FO when it comes to any kind of advertising

So there I am surfing over my facebook newsfeed when I find an entry from one of my many blogs. With the concept advertise this. So I attempt to do so. Now apparently this 
 is not allowed, reason gave? Too much Capital letters. However naked pics like this 
 or this 
 is allowed. Too me the latter one is very insulting and something I'd never want my wife nor children to view, yet those ad's are okay but one for HazzardAyre Radio isn't simply because its the home brewed creation logo for our radio gig. Here lately Facebook is becoming more trashy than ever. When I sign up for a bikers group or page, I expect to see photos to a degree of hot female flesh. With that said I'd rather see this 
 or this 
 than this;
 maybe the commy college boys at Facebook ought to be more across the board in their acceptance of ads or logos, if this 
 is accepted and this one isn't 
 maybe it's time to say adios to Facebook? 

Jobs you can do in your underwear I love my lyfe and my wyfe .

Jobs you can do in your underwear. The real term is telecommuting or working from home, but I have the luxury of beingable to do my cyber radio gig from home. And because its radio nobody at least now can see me so I am able to dress down if even dressed and still be productive. Granted it's not for everyone, and having some guest hosts once in a great while, in where we do this show that started in Buhl Idaho, in 2010 with only 10 listeners to well over 28,million via internet over the platform of . We started doing cyber radio over a platform called, which is more for video and TV streaming rather than just audio and radio. I kept the livestream in my lap top, but removed it from our main computer. What I like about Spreaker, is that first the program does not dominate my entire computer. I can be doing a show and cyber surf, at the same time. I do my 5 hours, in the am, and 5 hours just after midnight, mostly because our internet pipeline over AllWest has more bandwidth from midnight to 09:00 AM. So I produce the shows and run them at the before mentioned time. All usually in my underwear or gym shorts. 
Got LexiBelle just about finished. Was working on the rear spotlights and discovered that the mounts were too short against the AeroDynic lightbar, so am researching new mounts then its the headliner, then new rubber, new hood with battle flag, then its rebuilding the tail. Am in the concept of boxing the booms. astroturff on the bed, (saw it done on an old Dodge once) then find a graphic artist to put on my nose art. I call it body art. Similar to that of military combat aircraft of WWII vintage. 
This is my idea just need to find someone that can apply it to a truck via an airbrush. 
 I have some other ideas, the graphic on the doors? 
  Then LexiBelle will be ready for duty and able to perform.
There are the brief minutes that I get to just staring at my lady. There are people that misjudge her in her looks, but to me she is beautiful. I look over her and marvel at her and how much I am getting more in love with her everyday. Granted we have our usual, snarling sessions, but there are deep seeded happenings that come to boil once in awhile, of which I find the best way to deal with that is to just shut up, let her get it out of her system and all gets better. Thing is anyone else that would loose herself like my lady does, sometimes I would have given her the boot the first week she was here. However the love I'm experiencing with her here, plus considering that she has gone without, and has contributed to the Knytes as well as me in keeping the shop and the radio op, over the last year, is just some of the reasons, I just stare at her and tell her often , I love You, because I deeply do love her. Shelly is my love and my mate, and I am not giving her up for nobody or anything. I have someone now that truly loves me, for me and the way I am, and so while many woul not think that my Shelly is beautiful and so it is.
Watched LDS Conference over the weekend . Mostly the basis was not to condemn or put other people down and not get too prideful . It's about time this was disgussed at Conference, addressed to the entire membership of the Church and internalizing the concept. I can't count how many Wards that I have went to, where the flaunti it if you got it weekly presentation was paramount. This kind of a thought pattern over time can make someone think they are not welcome at a Ward rather than saying its not what you wear as God does not really care what you wear but what is in your heart and soul. 
This is Hazzard County, in our part of the world.

Thursday, March 30, 2017

After awhile it grows on you then you want to treasure it

Evanston Wyoming, a place not known for its outside strangers hospitality. However over time if you live here it will grow on you. The people can be somewhat stand offish, and they can be overly protective however it is a pleasant place to hang your hat. Now many of you who read my column and so fourth as well as tunes into my radio show has heard me and read that at times I'd just as soon drop a nuke bomb on our Etown. That said waking up here every morning, viewing open spaces, the crisp near unpolluted air the deer frolicking through the meadows and such makes you appreciate this tiny Wyoming rural town. Not so much for the people, but some assemblence of peace and tranquility. Going out to my shop, where Internet and cable TV is near impossible to get out there you get to view the great exapanse of both the dark sky with the stars, over flying airline planes from KSLU and so on. Its that point you think, instead of bitch elect to fix.
When I was a small WolfPup on the farm, doing chores or just meandering, my Dad taught me a saying that stuck. When pointing at someone else to do something there are three fingers pointing back at you. Why not you(meaning myself) fix the malady that is a problem? Whether that's local politics, regulations, or just ultimate stupidity. Yes even Hazzard once had that stupid streak. Over time, that concept has guided much of what we do in the Knytes-of-Dixie/Iron-Knytes Association  Our organization is not just a thrill seeking fun group. We get in and dig. If it can be fixed, corrected, problems solved you can bet you next pint of NoS Gas that it's the Knytes at the core of whatever it is. Thus the same thing we as a organization are known for is not integrated into Etown. We as an organization, including the Hazzard County Chamber of Commerce, are helping to stimulate that growth and infrastructure improvement. Now sure I had and a minor degree still do have thoughts of home to Idaho, yet I saw some of the ugly side of the Gem State, and it was not a picture I wanted to see twice. Uncle Jessie Duke, probably said it best whilest we were at Hazzard Creek once of a Hazzard County Boy Scout troop camp. Uncle Jessie Duke said, " The field across the road is only greener until you have to mow it" Meaning that other place might look sweet, but dig down a bit and that sweet turns sour. So for the time Etown Wyoming is where I reside along with my bride Shelly.
HazzardAyre/HazzardLyfe Radio will be back on Monday morning at 06:00
Until then



Thursday, March 23, 2017

Just WHY do you like our page or group? and LyfeLessons 101

This happens every now and then, I'll see a notification from facebook, saying someone likes our page or one of our groups. Like HellBilly Truckers amongst others. To which I always ask why? Why do you like our group? Why do you like our page? And do you even have a clue what it is and what its all about? HellBilly Truckers and the published and now nationally distributed magazine of the same name was built on the idea, of a group, that loved old, worn out but still operational over the road trucks, no matter the configuration, make,model, or intended task it was meant to do, if you like old trucks and snazzy road honeys you were welcome. HellBilly Trucker Magazine was also meant to go head to head, or butt to butt as the case may be, with the likes of EasyRiders, Truck Rod, RatRod and similar publications. Plus HellBilly Truckers was to be an addition to HazzardAyre Gazzette the printed newspaper of the greater Twin Falls/Burley/Hazzard Idaho area. 
This was just before KDXB(now KDXZ)FM 105.7 the original flagship station of HazzardAyre Radio went on the air. HellBilly Trucker was conceived to be a good companion to HazzardAyre Radio.
Yet I still wonder why some people looking or trolling through the rest of the manure of facebook, make a piss stop on our pages and groups. Many have never ever contributed one single penny to the causes behind our organizations, I have yet to get an inquiry from any honey to be a photo pin up or anything similar, so why even take a gander at our pages and groups? I have always wondered if there's a way outside of an ad, that you rather our Club could get paid for every new person that clicked and wanted to join our pages and or one of the organization's groups. Or a way to have a big sign that reads; Serious Inquiries Only!! Then only Club members and Club supporters would go there. Everybody else would have to pay a nominal fee to join up. Of course I also have thought of building a Better than Facebook website, designed to being an anti-social site. 
Okay then lyfelessons 101. Two things amongst many that I have learned over the years. First when courting a lady to be your wife and life companion, remember your also courting that lady's family. Be it their Aunt Margie, Mother, Brother all of them. Even if you have no intention of ever meeting them, or you shoot a first warning shot that says leave us alone, they'll still stick their nose in. The only woman that I ever connected with that didn't think I was a wyld anti-social, anti-establishment greaser leadfoot, was Suzi. The rest did, but they all liked me anyway. CiCi's Mom became a bestie, (Best-Friend) Jan's entire family thought I was just enough wyld to be groovy, and oh yes Marla's folks were ready to hand me the key to the city. (Irrigon-Oregon) Even so, they didn't spend their entire day or night digging up bad bones on my or the Club. Yet Shelly's Aunt in Colorado seems to get joy, out of mud slinging. Oh well, guess you have to accept what you can't change.
Another LyfeLesson I learned , don't count on nothing until the contract is signed and key in your hand, and additionally go look at a place that your thinking of moving to, before you commit. If I'd have done that nearly 4 years ago, much more progress on many projects would have been done, and mucho money saved. However the other thing I have learned is simply that if your not looking for it, not depending on it and just go about life everyday, things do pop up. Two places that were taken, one in Twin Falls one in Burley Idaho became untook. So am sending in apps on both, and depending on weather venture over to take a look see if nothing else.
Now then; Someone told me that Shelly's Aunt had suggested that all I was after was Shelly's money. Really? Shelly, doesn't have much more money if any at all, than I do. After all, who has a dry, lit, heated, and comfortable place to reside complete with all creature comforts, from cable tv to albeit slow at times, Internet. And who sleeps in a tent, in a backyard and washes clothes in a bucket? Sure Shelly has helped keep the MC shop running over the last year from her contribution, in repayment to the club for some medical bills here that the club paid for. The other half of that Shelly, got a bit of seed money from some court action involving a cat. But that said, I make my own money and I along with the Club, can make our own way without much if any help from anyone. My entire intentions with Shelly is to gain a life's companion and life partner, not just a bed warmer. Sure Shelly is goofier than a rabbit shot in the ear, so am I, together I do think her and I have a real shot of becoming one helluva couple and rebuild one helluva empire. We don't need outside help. Sure there was a short order embroider that nearly took us to the cleaners and all so sweet covey dovey. When it came down to the put up or shut up point, it was a simple adios. That's why there's a long process of having a woman in the organization as a patched member. Women have their place, business ain't one of those places. 
So in closing if you like one of our pages or groups, how about telling us why, you like our page or group. Or don't ask to join.