Saturday, August 25, 2012

Law Suits everywhere but do you really win?

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Everywhere you read and look anymore there is a law suit.

Forget about workin  for a living its more  like suing for survival.

One of the fellers involved in that sex abuse case with PennState and Sandusky is now suing PennState. Thing is it happened there so must be guilty if nothing more than association.

The Knytes-of-Anarchy are currently involved in three suits, all with heavy price tags. One involves the hiding of the net sales funds of the sale of the Ponderosa Inn here in Burley/Heyburn Idaho. Seems when George and his brother, sold the damn thing leaving off the damn golf course, they forgot to pay my Mom & Dad, thus the Montgomery Trust thus me. A little over $250,million and some public and very important people will be drug over the coals when that goes to trial next year.

There is the suit of the Montgomery Trust against both the joint combination of Flying J Inc. and Pilot Travel Plazas. Seems as though at the point that Transportation Bank, and Flying J , forgot to inform Pilot, about a few of their liabilities, of around just under $250,Million. That should begin pouring money out in February 2013. And finally, the suit between Metro Securities, out of Portland Oregon/Seattle Washington, and the Montgomery Trust/Knytes-of-Anarchy(Hazzard County Knytes). When a few of Metro’s big wigs were caught with their hands in the honey jar, the result was, shareholders, policy holders and more lost money to well over several billion dollars. The Montgomery Trust, lost $350,million. Albeit supposedly going to be repaid, I don’t think I’ll live that long.

Even then the attorneys will dine on the majority of these monies. Hell at $1,000.00 an hour this is going to get expensive.

Talking about law suits, do you think I’d win over suing the Times News for wasting my time, two years ago. Telling me they were going to a story on the club but then never did.

Could I charge them the $50.00 an hour I had to wait for them? Somehow I don’t think so.

I’m resting this weekend kicking back. Ricky called at 00:30 hours on his way to Soda Springs, normally I’dve been in the truck headed to Loves then on in the rig. Thing is no gas in LiL Lexi. So I loose money. Which relates to discussions between myself and the legal crew on suing that CTR Payee services I got. Along with Carey & Adams Realty to name a few. Something smells, here, restricted money flow by CTR, watch and see if by November I haven’t got a new payee. More over watch and see if CTR isn’t putting some money in my pocket, in repayment.

Finally going to see the Sheriff in the morning, about the theft of things on my truck.

Tune in tonight to HazzardAyre, and think this, are kids still as stupid about sex today as we were?

L8R Ya’ll

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Quote of the Day:
I do not agree with a word that you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it.
Psalm 119:165“Great peace have those who love your law, and nothing can make them stumble.”

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But do these women really exist?

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Open your spam inbox anytime and you’ll see one of two ads there. One for a thing called FuckBook, which is a malware spyware Trojan looking for a place to enter YOUR computer. The other is from some outfit that pro claims to have the names, addy’s and all of hot married women that want something on the side of their married life.

Question is, do these women exist? Two do they really exist in our rural area?

If so, why publish the fact. Common sense even Yankee common sense would say that this is not something I would publicize or draw attention to.

Of course this spam mail has all the computer killers in it, thinking some college aged kid or teen looking to score on an older woman and have his Summer of 42 experience, will click on the thing and infect their computer. I don’t think that they’re really going to find some hot hiney.

But again, do these women really exist? Are these women even in rural busy bodied towns like Burley or preytell Hazzard?

The weather guru’s say it’ll be warm today but getting cooler. The meteorologists at Hazzard County University say its that time of year. As the sun moves away from the solar orbit it’ll get cooler. Hey winter be coming.

Talked with Ricky last night, seems as though one of our new probies is also a rumor teller. Seems as though a few probies with keys have been doing some rather hefty lifting. Likewise singing like canaries. Thus Big C, says no money for anybody until we find out who took what.

The other question is what the hell did any of em do to earn a pay check?

This is going to get interesting.

Then people wonder why nobody is hiring, hey has nothing to do with the damn economy, it has to do wit the fact ya’ll can’t afford to trust hardly anybody any more.

I still say hire veterans but even then after a full background check. Some things taught in the military are most often forgotten upon discharge.

Thank Goodness for my unit the VMA214. UCSMC.

L8R Ya’ll

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Quote of the Day:
The wisdom of the wise and the experience of the ages are perpetuated by quotations.
--Benjamin Disraeli
Psalm 119:165“Great peace have those who love your law, and nothing can make them stumble.”

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Friday, August 24, 2012

There ought to be before.

morning java

I know my limits. As both a pilot as well as aviation mechanic I would never attempt to do say transplant a kidney.

I wonder though at more while mundane therapy providers as well as service in general providers and ask why is there not more in a state that needs more due to an aging population? More on the last one in a minute.

Okay, take my PSR, Todd. He comes on board in April 2009, up roots me to Buhl, a place that I could not afford to begin with, as you will see a pattern will emerge.

I get there, in one month I’m so stressed food and money wise I have to near beg. Finally and only by my hand , got together with Ricky and Charlie, but up to that point. Now then just about the time I was on the verge of relocating from Buhl to Burley here, a thing that I’m glad someone snuffed him cause the jackass that conned me to moving here sure as hell deserved it.

In so doing though I was shocked at rental rates here, had two alternatives in Buhl, one being a store front. $125.00 a month plus electricity. Over a few months as it did something better came up but no, already moved into a place in Rupert that was a mouse house, truly. Mice all over, the place was filthy. Even though even nb4 I lost the first shop, I had found a place here for $180.00 a month, which could have provided both a place to sleep as well as shower, again Todd like the place in Buhl, said no. I get to feeling at times like the guy thinks that by keeping my funds low or inaccessible that its safer to the public.

Okay then, Todd’s advice over the last few w3eeks has really gotten under my skin.

First there was the statement by him to both my Counselor, that aircraft pilots only make $50k a year. Excuse me, has this guy really looked? A good Private General Aviation Pilot can make in excess of $150,000.00 a year. Airline pilots making even more. Todd's thing was that Voc-Rehab of Idaho, would not fund when the outcome was less that the funds required to train. Its about equal. But instead of just one opinion, how about a review here? A follow up. This is not Todd’s fault, its that on both runs at Idaho’s Voc Rehab, have turned up no. Apparently there is no money in the till to fund aviation training, yet Idaho has a long history with aviation, and being able to fly in this state can make one a good living. But does this get attention? No.

But for my PSR to say that the costs outweighed the return financially was wrong. There ought to be a longer period of time for one of these PSR’s before they are turned loose.

And finally.

I have chatted about this before , but I’ll do it again.

The need for me to have a payee for my funds extends from the days when my cousin Bud, was the administrator Trustee of the Montgomery Trust. At the time, I admit could not handle money well. Handling the greater half of $600,000.00 is a task. When much of that was lost in two volatile investments that went belly up, Bud enrolled me in Social Security. With the factors of mere PTSD and Migraine headaches.

Bud took over managing money.

When Bud became too ill to do this duty, because of the lack of options I took on the situation of having this outfit called CTR Payee Services in Blackfoot, Idaho.

Over all the person in charge does the job. But not entirely to my satisfaction. Both in the condition of keeping me informed or just simple communications.

Two blunders by the same service, one not completely CTR’s fault but still enough to get me concerned, was the transfer of funds from Bud to the new account in December 2011. After a month and a half, and mostly through Bud and 2nd Cousin Shar, it got done, but not b4 I was without power and water for a weekend. Then came the last of February. I assumed that CTR had paid the cable bill. She didn’t, so I get a shut off notice. Meaning I have to pay the entire thing. Now I’m behind $400.00 and nothing has been paid on it. Where the heck is the money going?

I could go on, but one would thing that in all of the state of Idaho, there would be at least two maybe three other outfits that did SSA Payee services? I’d try doing that except, I’m a beneficiary and thus can’t be my own money manager (yet) which is why I’m going to Counseling and have a PSR so I can document and certify that I’m mentally stable enough to handle my own money.

However that said The Knytes-of-Anarchy is still looking into establishing such a service, sometime after the first of the year.

Again though, how come nobody else does this. What ? $50k a year is not enough? Shoot, $ 4,200.00 to send out checks two weeks of the month is not a bad way of making money.

More L8R

Time for bed.


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Quote of the Day:
We need not all agree, but if we disagree, let us not be disagreeable in our disagreements.
--Martin R. DeHaan
Psalm 116:1-2“I love the LORD, for he heard my voice; he heard my cry for mercy. Because he turned his ear to me, I will call on him as long as I live.”

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Saturday, August 11, 2012

Do you truly have the dedication to be a tow truck operator?

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Many think that the adrenalin rush and all is all there is to toewing. Fact is , that emergency rush is only a minute part of our spectrum.

When the call goes out you have to be ready, and available. If you’re a small to medium company, forget days off, holidays, always dry warm nights and days.

Had a new hire, called him to go on a tow. Thing is both he and his pal were at the ones mothers. Fine, but we had a tow. I grabbed my duds went out did the job. As any good toew owner should and needs to do. Over the last 25 years I can count on one hand the times I have had a true day off. That I did not have toew duty or kept myself in driving response range to answer a toew call. I can also count on one hand the times I have been able to just sit and enjoy a movie in a theater, or a dinner out, without being in a rush or being responded to a toew.

For many of us, its our passion. Mine came at age 15, when I sat in my first tow truck, the cab got bright as any noon day sun, there was absolute silence, except for angel harps, I felt a peace that I had never felt b4, a hand on my shoulder told me where I was at, was just what I should do. Since then towing is all I have and do live for. From the very foundation of the Knytes, to my own life, the basic is simple, it all revolves around one truck, my truck, LexiBelle my tow truck and all that she represents. I have half joked that I’d divorce a woman b4 I’d get rid of LexiBelle. The reality is more accurate than just joking. LexiBelle has been with me for all the times of my life, she was in the parking lot when I had heart surgery, she’s been at all my weddings, she’s been with me in every place I have lived from Hazzard to Provo, to Wyoming , to Boise, back here to Burley. LexiBelle is why Nurse Goodbody, is so dear to me since she helped rescue LexiBelle when an un scrupulous shop owner held her hostage.

The list is long, but for every step, its been LexiBelle there.

So the question is asked again, Do you have the dedication to be a tow truck operator/owner? If not, step aside for those of us who do.

L8R Ya’ll


Quote of the Day:
Encouragement is like a premium gasoline - it helps to take knocks out of living.
Psalm 119:14“I rejoice in following your statutes as one rejoices in great riches.”

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HazzardAyre’ Eyes On America

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This is an election year to be sure, but the one to watch is the next one.

2016 will be a big bang since both parties will be begging for votes. On our local area elections we had two county sheriff’ elections that while volatile to be sure, gave us the same thing, a law enforcement community that orders a business owner to release a car that was put in that business owners possession to repair. Who does this?

Watch here for more on that Sunday here in HazzardAyre.

We are looking at two idiots more in the ego boosting spot rather than looking at obscure issues that someone should have brought up. Like the sell off of broadcast signal airspace to bring about true high speed internet broadband internet. That did not happen, but TV went digital, virtually putting many older elderly fixed income people out of watching TV. Sure there was the big buy of the digital converters, and all but what about millions of older TV’s that had to be replaced , so one could watch digital TV? Add to that radio frequencies that were swallered up, just to accommodate the new broadband program. The only winners here was cell phone companies like Verizon, A.T.&.T. Sprint, and Mobile1. The home computer internet user consumer was screwed. But did you hear one iota from either Presidential candidate about that? Speaking of the Obamastylllyin FCC, what about the new license freeze on TV applications and station licenses? No big talk there. What about the expansion of the AM band of radio. Currently there is the above 1600 area of the AM band nearly unused, at least in Idaho. But can you file for those spots? No. FCC is putting a hold on that. The list goes on, but we are screwed.

Now then Vee-PEE’ The reason the Presidential candidates get these monkey heads as VP running mates is simple. Get someone in there that most American’ hate so nobody will shoot the President. Romney chose Paul Ryan, because no one would want Ryan in as President, Obama chose Biden because no one want Biden as a President should someone succeed in pulling the trigger on Obama. Same thing last election. Same story on Obama, however if in the last election John McCain had won, someone would have shot him, and been better off with the former Governor of Alaska.

I’m not saying axe the President, but maybe the Confederate States Party would be a better choice here.

Not that the CSP got in the game, in fact the CSP never got off a shot much less got off the bench and even got in the game.

We as the modern Confederacy and Southern Movement need to get in gear.

More in the afternoon,

L8R ya’ll


Quote of the Day:
Smooth seas do not make for a skillful sailor.
--African Proverb
Psalm 119:14“I rejoice in following your statutes as one rejoices in great riches.”

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The cyber highway is getting really bumpy

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The Internet in its supposedly upgraded, updated form is really getting stupid and nerve racking. No wonder our youth is pee-owed all the damn time.

Dig this, some dillweed signed up for an account using my original hotmail account. I tried many times to rectify the situation to no avail, so shit, just sue, and that’ll get Facebook’ attention.

The fires on the mountain stopped the radio show dead in our tracks. This time the tower spot was not spared nor was the internet as fluid, so will wait until conditions improve, nothing like having your own damn pipeline.

Talk at ya’ll Saturday, need to drain brain.

L8R Ya’ll

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Quote of the Day:
It is better to fail in originality than to succeed in imitation.
--Herman Melville
Psalm 119:14“I rejoice in following your statutes as one rejoices in great riches.”

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Friday, August 10, 2012

There are Toes and there are Tows the how they blend is Toew.

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There are many who look at me in disgust and ridicule the long time progression if ya’ll want to call it progression, or whatever to find the purrfect set of toes for KTOW and our radio media photo ops.

Understand I did not start this. It was not my invention, but hey if it works why not use it? After all how many just in Idaho here have copied our company names? Think of it, Some jerk weed in Malad Idaho copied both Heavy Hooker Wrecker Service, that what we started with, all the way to both Road Resque Towing, to now BlackSheep Towing in Caldwell. Not to let loose here , even some butt maggot in Nampa copied Iron Eagle XPress. Which is one of the many things I like about Utah. In Utah a name of a company when registered for the whopping sum of $30.00 is protected for up to 5 years. All subsidiaries are also name protected for that same time frame. Here in Idaho, its only for two years. Bull shit. What if you shut down to serve military or church duties? I could sue, but what the hell? We keep what we got, shoot the rest.

Any mile so getting back on the right road here.

I caught this foot toe bug back in about I think 1988 somewhere. Saw this ad in the Yellow Pages for Star Garage(since closed) in Ogden Utah that read , we don’t want your arms and legs , just your tows. Okay so that was the ignition point. The entire thing did not catch fyre until 1997 when I was hammering out reports and went to spell tow, but spelled toe, as the e and w on a typical key board are very close to each other its easy to do. My step son Mike suggested using that with the Daisy Duke look gig we ran in our TV ads for the company, in a symbolical kiss on the toes in that we at Dixie Towing just loves tow(e)s.

Fast forward to 1999 , I barely arrived back home in Hazzard sent off to the production department for Overdrive radio that we co produced and ran on KTOW there for some program liners from legendary DJ and Country star Bill Mack. The liners came back voiced wrong, in that KOTW was mis pronounced K – TOW rhyming with cow rather than toe. So a project was engaged to get the idea across to those mentally challenged that the word is TOW, not COW.

Trust me while it looks better in nylon hose etc, and in experience womens feet , mainly their toes smell differently, even the most angelic gals toes do STINK !!! I have no big thrill of putting lips to toes to proliferate the idea.

Now then beyond me, I first spotted the original publication PhooteNotes in the offices of Tony’ Towing in Murray Utah, of course PhooteNotes evolved into TR FootNotes, and so it goes.

Now then, Confederate Star Media is launching in a few weeks a gig for us who tow called Highway Hooker TV, for those who tow. A TV show not like what you see on Lizard Like or Repo, but a true to life towing show, about us who bust butt , 24/7/365 recovering and coming to the rescue of all who drive, at all hours, in all weather.

Kinda like AG/DAY only instead of farming , we focus on towing. Featuring not only lifestyle, but news of the industry, real tow rescue situations , company stories and yes the Respect Tow Truck Drivers project. Showcasing tow shows, towing associations and getting industry manufactures involved. Of course not to be outdone, or overlooked, I’ll be here weekends on KTOW FM 105.3 Buhl Idaho, doing Highway Hooker Radio, the first, the original and only real radio show for and of going towing. And oh yes too I’d be struck down, if I did not mention this it was in 2009, that one of my interns at one of our station studios in Gooding, suggested combining the words toe and tow together to make sure nobody could mistake the word. So tow + toe = TOEW. Thank you Emme.

Now to wrap this up, I wonder how hard it’ll be to get Amanda of the Respect Tow Truck Drivers Project, to photograph HER toes in nylon hose, and send that pic to me to feature in our hot toews contest?

By the way , the web site for Respect Tow Truck Operators is up, likewise the revised Highway Hooker web site will be up by end of the month, between now and then all you good looking ladies out there, want to win $500.00? Send us your best pic of your toes in nylon hose so we can post it on our site and feature on our TV show.

Where to send that can be gleaned by emailing, and requesting the radio station addy.

Gotta prep for my show tonight, see ya’ll on the flip flop.

Good numbers , we 10-10 on the side.



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6 months to go and counting

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I don’t often say this in public but when I get the bug I howl. Been suffering with the knee problem again.

Seems as though the silicon the surgeons squirted in there needle method in 2009 is wearing thin. Which might mean I need to go to the hospital in Boise to get another treatment. Thank Kahless for my VA benefits.

The club yesterday at our afternoon officers meeting, decided to engage Live365 to get the online radio station going.

Which begs the question, who the hell is going to run the radio station? Let’s see now, from 18:00 Hours to 06:00 Hours is all the time I have to devote to it during the summer. After which during winter between toew calls that always rolls in, early mornings, and from about given the day of the week, variance from 23:00 Hours to again early morning during drive times.

If we’re running the radio station Live 24/7/365, who is going to cohabitate the radio studio cockpit with me to take over if I go to a toew call? Santa Clause? Then of course there is day time hours, from 07:00 Hours to 13:00 hours I try to catch up on sleep and personal care, shower, and all, then from 13:00 Hours to 16:00 Hours its shop time. Given go home hours its back in the toew truck.

From 07:00 to 16:00 hours whose going to run the radio station?

It’s time that some of the rest of this club of ours step up to duty. Ricky, myself, Johnny and Kevin can’t do it all. Rickey is going long haul for A1, Johnny is doing UCSMC duty, Kevin is working at HAFB so that depletes the on air staff. Time for both male and female members to shift it in gear here.

Any mile 6 months to go until launch of HazzardAyre Radio in February. Online for all that cain’t hear us on air over regular airwaves.

More L8R


Quote of the Day:
We are always getting ready to live, but never living.
--Ralph Waldo Emerson
Psalm 46:1“[Psalm 46] For the director of music. Of the Sons of Korah. According to alamoth. A song. God is our refuge and strength, an ever-present help in trouble.”

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