Wednesday, May 27, 2015

We thought we had a Jessica, Do or Don't , no try

There's a line from oda to young Skywalker in the Star Wars Trilogy that goes Do or Don't no try or maybe. I thought we had a gal, who was perfect for much of what we needed for the radio werx here, but no show. If someone doesn't want the job, thinks its too off center or whatever it is that turned em off, a simple phone call, facebook post or email covers it, just say I don't want to do this.
Finally got a call from the Office people, for the kinds of money we're talking here, if I can't get enough on air's as well as Production Assistants, to fill jobs we need done, and I have to do it myself, then might as well do just that, do it myself, scrub the office keep the radio gig here in the Kat House, and save the money.
I feel really let down by this Jessica, as well as a few others, but we will keep going. Too much hardship bringing this to boil now to just throw up the hands and say take me out Sarge. 
These same people, will be back, once they see the ad's on TV, for the radio net, once they see and hear the buzz, they'll come running, but it by then may be too late. 
Beth Ann said it best, the next gen youth to be adults have one kind of job, not careers, her thought is simply a society where the career of choice, is one that the employees just say, " Want Fries with that?" 

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