Friday, May 22, 2015

Getting the word out about getting the words and music out

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Getting the word out about getting the words and music of HazzardAyre Radio out.

It takes a lot to rebuild. Even if you were once the hottest ticket on standard airwaves and online it takes your best efforts just to stay current. But then came the idiotic concept of moving things from Woods Cross Utah where we hotter than a Saturday night special, to going colder than Jack Frosts testicles here in Evanston Wyoming. The coldness started when one in fact the only line of site wireless Internet provider service NGL, lets us on in December, and even when I had paid the bill because I complimented one of the lady clerks there on how poised and efficient she was, they decided to unplug me. So it took until March just to get the equipment back, get on AllWest and get back on some sort of airings. Then came a storm that took out the big stick on the Mountain for us and it took a bit to get us back on the terrestrial airwaves. So any mile. There’s quite a few that don’t even know we are back up, and so this involves spending some extra cash out of the stash to get us in gear here. Over the next few months you’ll hear ads on such places as CsC Talk Radio, you’ll see ads on FoX 13 News in the morning, METV and other outlets which is why we have been trying to find some snazzy skirts in hose and heels to tell you where to find the best online radio for those that groove to 6 and 18 wheels. But some folks think that I need to find a personal SheWolf here, let me inform those that are working with a stripped timing chain. If I needed to get laid that bad, my LiL truck, even with a slight oil leak, two tanks of fuel and $400.00 and I’m in Wells Nevada at the Sugar Shack. For the none queer male corpuscles needing what we do for you overnight as you move the loads and those who tow on that open road, getting a local gal to pitch the gig, on those TV ads, and trade and enthusiasts magazines will be quite keen. And to have her be a local gal from here in or near Evanston would be so dear.

Rebuilding HazzardAyre back into the power house we once was is going to take time, but its happening. BTW, we are going to be going to a new service, and leaving Livestream in August. A service that supplies the streaming for CsC Talk Radio can do it quite affordably, so be watching for the news on that groove real soon.

We’ll be off air until Saturday at noon, on there we’ll be back Saturday at 13:00 with Highway Hooker Radio the only show on radio for us who tow, at and Saturday evening we’ll be on and then back on Sunday morning at with HazzardAyre Radio. Samcro Radio will be on Sunday evening starting at 18:00 at . It’s all a rebuild and reboot. But its getting there.


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