Friday, May 8, 2015

No Ticky no Laundry, don’t spit in the face of the Knytes of Anarchy


There’s an old song from that went you don’t take the mask off the Lone Ranger, You don’t take the cape away from Superman and in this case you never ever spit in the face of the Knytes-of-Anarchy. With 100,000 members coast to coast 500 right here in Wyoming, spitting in the face of the club, might put your town on the blacklist of the club, and the money we generate for that community. Yet I see where that has happened twice here, and there are many now regretting that action, but wont admit it just yet. The heart of Wyoming’ charter is not in Evanston but 50 miles east of here, however that being said the 250 members in this area are growing very impatient on the slow progress of the projects we had in mind here, mainly the radio station concept project. You’d think that the town and many that say they are all for it would put up some green or at least stand up for the club doing its best against many odds to get us there. Who knows what the AM side of the radio project will do, we are waiting for some very stubborn people with primary interest in the AM here to get off the commode and say yes, if all it is , is some minor legalities and licensing bullstuff of which the club will pay for. Then what’s the hold up? We are proposing to remove from all responsibility all prior events and legal problems that the old AM here endured, and bring back Evanston’ and This community called I-80 a serious radio station, that would create a few jobs, but also be the main if not only station currently licensed to the city of Evanston. Additionally the TV station would create more jobs in broadcasting here, and at least Evanston could be known for more than being a hub for Union Pacific and a Chinese tourists center. More over be known more as a progressive community, that other major firms decide they should be here, rather than the community that drowned due to its own conceit and greed. Sure the oil fields here broke the back of this town, but rather than be arrogant and ignorant if some body or a group is throwing you a life line, you don’t just toss it asside. At least people with common sense. The Knytes have plans for this town to lift it up. Look at just one of them, The Hazzard Nationals a week long celebration of everything Dukes-of-Hazzard and southern culture, here would increase this towns to about 200,000 plus put the town on the map, this would get the attention of company executives looking for a place to invest money in. The owners of the old Lotty’s that was aimed to be the next Reapers Club, have their heads in the clouds if they think they would bring in anybody who would rent that place for $4,000.00 a month, plus have to go in and do a bit over $700k worth of remodeling and reconstruction only to find they can’t get a liquor license for the place, it just wont happen. Add to that the fact that we’re trying to assist this town. Sure some jackass came here long before we did and soured the milk so to speak, but we ain’t he. Can ya dig that? Looked in on the old Sonic location as a maybe spot for our nostalgia style drive inn . $600k, talk about greedy. Guess the City council member here that wants this place to be another Park City is getting his wish. Problem is the state of this town wont support that. 80% of Evanston is on a fixed income, or working for really crappy wages. The cable TV system needs an overhaul, but they too are to arrogant to admit it, and its take it or leave it. I’m just about to the point of leave it. But I’m waiting on my rides to be brought to over the road condition and see what happens with this last run at the AM to go with our FM. If that goes sour, so do I, and this sub charter of the Knytes will go with. And that will mean another black mark on Evanston.



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