Sunday, May 24, 2015

The Wyld and not so Wyld One’s


There are some people that truly need to read this blog I carve out before they bother me with an interview. Especially on an early morning Sunday. Glad I was not out brewing last night, but rather on air. Even then, I love a brew or two and maybe some Shine during a show would be a groove I get into.

Being a bit loose in the mind makes great radio.

But so this guy, calls wants to be on the station. Well ya’ll can’t say I just want to hire women. So I invited him up to the Cat House here for a chat. So He showed up I showed him some of what goes on, and he says his Mom might be interested. Fine, groovy, so she calls yesterday night and wants to run up this morning. Oops Did I say; MORNING? I don’t do mornings EVER! I do afternoons , maybe but seldom before 14:30 . I need my sleep. I’m getting older, I’m stuck in my ways , and they are GENUINE SOUTHERN KOUNTRY ways, not idiotic Yankee ways.

So I get’s up, as they are tapping at the door at 09:00, I stagger out and they expect me to be bright eyed at that hour after doing radio until 07:00 . I got an hour of sleep.

During the interview, of the theory of this outfit and the station being that of a biker club, and the frequent socializing that occasionally has boobs, booze and bikes involved the booze side turned em off, so I wasted my half day yesterday , and got up too early, so I’ll see you after church. I should have put in as I always do, if you don’t ride and can’t accept our two wheeled culture you should not apply to work at HazzardAyre Radio. I’m sorry that’s what it is.

On this gig, while we are growing, maybe we’re trying to grow, the crop in a field that just might be filled with lye. In other words, and I’ve heard it before from way too many people, this village does not want new business’s , or at least ones out of the normal, nor does it like advanced progress.

Gotta ask the Bishop, today about helping with my rent for June, since I need to get the car fixed.

I didn’t want to, but with things the way they are, days like now, make me really want to just say oh poo, with Evanston and say hello Burley, I’m coming home.

Once I get the car fixed, I can then get over to Burley, find a place to hang my hat, and just get out of here.

Let you know the results after church. That’s why I love online radio, it can move where I do.

So in closing, if you, any of you, read or cruise across our help wanted ads, for on air help at HazzardAyre or any part there of, if you don’t ride, don’t truck and are too Yankee, don’t apply here.

Read this blog first.



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