Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Maybe Tomorrow I can go fetch milk and groceries

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Maybe tomorrow I can go fetch Milk and groceries. Stayed on station most of the day, its not that I don’t have any money, got plenty, trouble is finding time to do other things in normal life. The sacrifices I make goes way beyond the normal life. I spend 80% of my time doing the club’s business, then try and squeeze in time to do SteeleEagle Toewing’s business and still try to find an hour to go take care of things like fetching food, and such. Hey I love the club, would lay my life down for any of them, and all would do the same for me, trouble is 80% of our membership are still deployed fighting those idiotic, Taliban and others mid east. So I do domestic chores here for the club. Building a radio station is one thing doing the on air chores and duties is another. What gets me many times is here in Evanston, is as many people that say they support the station project, as well as our online operation, on we can’t seem to even get one much less two, gals to be on air personalities(DJ’s). Even at the mere $15.00 an hour we pay, I hear many complaining about a lack of jobs here, but put up a notice for on air anchors nobody calls, put up an ad for pin up girls, no calls, put say your opening a bar, and the whole town calls. I had to drop out of that project for many reasons, mainly as drinking or working at a liquor bar, goes against my LDS teachings, so I can’t do that. I’m working towards temple recommend so can’t even go near the stuff, now days, even beer makes me sick, even the smell of it. So the idea on that as of now has been changed to more of a Nostalgia Drive Inn, to be located where Sonic was here in Evanston. Complete with cruise nights, and weekly car shows during the few summer weekends we have here. But getting back on track we need help at least employees yet one can’t find any. Seems like few people are into what used to be called Greasers, or hot rodders.

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