Thursday, May 28, 2015

Yes Autumn The job is still available, but only serious need apply

I think there are a few people realizing that its best not to doubt this old Wolf, but time is drawing near that decisions have to be made and those decisions are very serious. The events over this past week, of getting someone on air of the lady gender and even that of a Production Assistant, that said she'd be here on time, but that I had to can her even before she started, which she never did. Okay I dig having ANY lady show up at ones home is a bit spooky, considering the crimes against nature that only Yankees do, and from which us southern rebels would not think of, could be why some gals get skidish. I always say if their guy pal, wants to they can sit in the front room, read and all if they just shut up while she's on air. Many can't and are to distracted for that kind of thing, my thing is this, its a job, no its a career, you step in with us, we get full fight the establishment cred, then $50.00 an hour is more the normal of those who get paid here. Club members don't get paid since we usually have outside business' ourselves, mine is towing and building Harley's , the list goes on, but judging from an initial interview is not the way to judge what goes on here. For that, its show up while we are on air, watch and participate get the real vibe, then back out or stay, just don't think the first impression is the only impression. 
Guess Miss Jessica thought herself too good for us, plus she got a guy who now will support her so why does she need a job? That's my impression of that situation, but it would have been a courtesy if she would have called and said I'm not going to be there. As it was I had to wait around for 3 hours, past the time she was to report to duty here. She now has a black mark on the record for any business owned by one of the club members, that she's not dependable. What all too many don't understand and don't comprehend is this. Just on the west side of Wyoming, there are 500 members of the Knytes, in this Charter. All have business's besides being a Knyte. Thus if you don't show at a club job, why should a club member hire you for something else? 
Closing here. Guess that Blogger and/or Google and a few that use WLW Windows Live Writer to carve out blogs on their own, have ran into a big mess. The authentication program built into WLW, to GOOGLE's Blogger has went sour. No worries we have put things together to relaunch on Word Press, but it sure has people from around the world really upset. The only solution I can see is for someone to roll down to Mountain View California in San Fran's queer bay and have a face to face. My question to the club, Anyone up for a road ride to  Mountain View California? 
So to answer Autumn's question, yes the job is still open, but you need to come out to the house here at 96 East Hayden aka Wentworth Apartments # C202 and lets talk. You can call before hand 307-679-7209 but face to face is best.
See you all on TTYLY