Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Show ended early Tuesday morning due to High Council meeting

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The SHOW CLOSED EARLY BECAUSE; The Knytes High Council called an online meeting and with the narrow bandwidth I have here, can’t do both radio and club teleconferencing and the Council bizz is always number 1.

Some penciled in decisions were being made, some I agree with, some I think is a mistake and some I sort of agree with. All will involve myself, but to what degree I yet do not know. The one that the club is circling is the acquisition of the race park near Tooele/Grantsville Utah. That if ya’ll remember was our idea in the first place. Although we envisioned a different design. Since we were after to build a NASCAR short track similar to Magic Valley SpeedWay near Twin Falls. Have ours compete with teams from Twin, and have the big boys up here from Vegas on occasion. Its way too early to plan a departure for me, but if the project of a race track does come, I’m outta here, partially why the push to recruit, hire and get into operation employees for the radio station here. We’ve come way too far and went through way too much to bag that now. Tooele Utah too, has an open channel and fixtures for a radio station there. If your wondering, the club does not want this to slip through our fingers like Teddy Bears did a few years ago, near Grantsville. We had that in the bag for $200.00 , only by ignoring it for a few clicks did we loose it. The race track holds much in anticipated money income for the club to ignore it. Lets not forget the Wolf-Pack either here. Near to the race track is Tooele County’ airport. We lease the track, and airport. Can you say airshow? Rather AyreShow? Can you say Ayre restoration? Think radio station, there as well, plus race track, b=plus a working arm of the Wolf-Pack. Talk about not only saving face, but a serious aha moment.

Put a thing up on Evanston Employment Classifieds. On both pin up girls and radio co-anchors , production assistants etc. Let’s see if it goes anywhere. Most likely not but we’ll see.

More in the AM, and on air Tuesday afternoon.


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