Monday, June 1, 2015

Wearing Nylons or at least stockings to our interviews are a plus

I always say that if a lady on air or model person wants to be in our mix of employees or otherwise, the real plus is if they wear nylons and/or stockings to the first interview. Its not a must, but its the musk scent, and the attention to detail and following instructions that pegs the meter to getting the job, which is more of a career than just a job.
It all started when our over the air station in 1976 took on the role of being the first and still only radio voice of the American Towing industry. At the time, the word Wrecker was used much more , and few could pronounce let alone understand what was meant. So with our then newly acquired call letters of then KTOW, a legendary radio person, could  not wrap his jaw around the word TOW, so he pronounced it like COW, so one of our sweet people Emme Lee, said why not scrunch the letters together so we came up with the word TOEW. That got the word right, but then with such shows as Highway Hooker Radio, the only show on radio for those that tow, oops toew, so for those illinformed we started doing anything we could to show off the female as male toes are all too hairy for the gist of the concept, and thus the start of the advancement of toes as in toews began. Its funny that would be brought up. As this morning the station committee chair and I had coffee and he reminded me that the original location of the station here in Evanston was the same office complex, as where the foot doctor is where Fireside Janitorial service is now. Foot, toe and so it goes, so we focus on toes as in toews and such so a plus in our book for all things is women in nylons showing off their toews. oops toes.
Transmitter is now on order, and KNAK FM is on tap to hit come July 1st, the shop is inline, things are moving forward.