Friday, June 12, 2015

This Town deserves saving

A few weeks even months ago, if someone was to have told me I'd be writing about doing something to help this arrowgant , stubborn, stuck up village they all call Evanston Wyoming, I'd be telling them, that they might have drank a bit too much sacrificial wine. Thing is though, we are here. I did not come here to build out a humungus toew service or Harley shop, I came here to this town to build the ultimate online and over the air radio station dedicated to preservation of all things southern and all things Hazzard County. Reasons are too many to go into here, but suffice to say, with the tribulations I can see some hope. Now this does not mean I'm sinking all the clubs eggs in one basket, but just because of greed the club did not redux Lotty's into the Reaper, much of that is due to the greed of the people that own the building and booze laws here, does not mean project numero uno that being the radio can't be done. Even though we're busting balls on the Wells Fargo building, there's two offices at the shop. That could easily be converted to studio space. So the radio station can be done there. Plus when we go TV , as well we have space there that can be used for sound and video stages. But why. 
Utah has just given the green light along with tax breaks for three TV series' and that means much work. All of that, like the Winter Olympics will spill over to Wyoming, mainly Evanston. Post production, pre-production, voice over production, the concept is if we're here built here, guess whose going to get the work? Guess whose going to get the financial benefit? 
Evanston is not such a bad place. Sure when it comes to real estate its a bit pricey, but outside of that, the none church and even the church people here are good, friendly people. Does that mean we're slyding into being this communities radio station? No. We will continue to be the radio voice of all things southern/Hazzard-County, and of course that black ribbon community called truckers, bikers and I-80. The idea as it was in the beginning , build the station here. HCC/Highway Hooker Toewing, Montpelier Idaho, me in Burley with Cooter's Kustmz & Toewing.